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Subject: West By Southwest ch 3 This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males and females older and younger than 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law. This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person’s living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author. In addition, do not forget to donate to Nifty. Help keep these stories free and available! Support Nifty! Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real, encouraged, or condoned in real life. Its just a story kids. I hope you enjoy it. West By Southwest � Chapter 3 Previously: There was an awkward pause as Sam looked at me. A devilish grin spread across his face that made my cock twitch. Logan finally realized the situation too. Then I heard Olly and Logan start to giggle. We looked at the giggly boys as they looked at us. The four of us all started laughing at the absurdity of the moment. The realization that everyone at the table shared a secret. A perverted, dirty secret. This was going to be an interesting dinner. **************************************************************************** I smirked, “Well, I guess you heard us then?” Olly grinned at his dad,”Yeah, we did.” Sam looked at Logan who was blushing hard, “And we both enjoyed listening to you.” Olly leaned forward and whispered to Logan, “Is he THE Garret Rush?” Logan whispered back with a goofy smile, “Yeah, he is.” “Cool.” Olly said as he stared at me in awe. I asked the beaming 9 year old, “You play soccer?” stunned that this boy knew who I was. “Yeah! I play forward! Dad’s taken me to a few Northwestern games, we watch you play!” The boy blurted out excitedly. “Do you play too?” Olly asked Logan excitedly. “Yeah, its the reason why I’m heading to California. I’m going to attend a soccer camp.” Olly asked with a curious grin, “Are you with Garret?” Logan stammered, “Yeah, I mean… no… uh… well… ugh, we just met.” as he blushed harder looking at me for help. The boy leaned forward and whispered, “Does he have a big cock?” Sam replied sharply, “Olly!” glaring at his son for being so bold. “What?!” Olly replied with a bemused look. Logan leaned forward and whispered with a grin, “Yeah, he does.” I started blushing as Olly looked at me with a wicked grin. The waiter saved the day as he arrived with our drinks. He then took our orders and walked away. “So, you two just met?” Sam asked as he took a sip from his beer. Me and Logan looked at each other, “Yeah, it sorta of just happened, but I’m glad it did.” Logan smiled warmly as I felt him rub his leg against mine. Sam smiled, “I see you two have something special. Just like me and Olly.” as he stroked Olly’s hair then ran his thumb over his son’s lip. Olly let the thumb dip into his mouth and sucked on it briefly. Watching Sam and his son caused my cock to throb. I looked at Logan, “I think we do.” as I ran my hand up Logan’s thigh until I felt his bare erection. The little nymph still had his cock out! Sam winked, “You know Olly likes meeting new people, if you catch my drift?” Just as he said that, I felt something brushing against my hand. Logan let out a stifled groan as I looked down and saw Olly’s bare foot was now massaging Logan’s bare erection. Olly had slumped down in the booth, and had a wild look in his eyes as he molested Logan’s boy cock with his bare boy foot. Logan placed his hand on Olly’s foot, holding it in place as he also slumped down in the booth. Logan’s body started to slowly undulate up and down as he humped his cock against the boy’s massaging foot. I looked down again and could see the younger boy manipulating Logan’s leaking erection with his toes. Olly’s head slowly slide down below the table, out of view. Logan suddenly gasped as his eyes grew heavy as I felt something brush against my hand that was on Logan’s thigh. I glanced down and caught sight of the top of Olly’s head just under the table cloth. He had his face buried in Logan’s crotch. Logan shifted in the booth and whispered, “He’s sucking my… oh…” Sam grinned as he watched Logan’s changing expressions, “My son is very gifted.” Logan panted, “Oh fuck… oh fuck…” as he squirmed in his seat. Logan reached under the table cloth and grabbed Olly’s head, then started pumping into the boy’s mouth. The younger boy was pushing Logan closer and closer to another orgasm. Logan’s head tilted back as he tried to stifle a moan. His body jerked several times as his cock erupted into the 9 year old’s mouth. I started to hear wet slurping sounds from under the table as Olly licked Logan’s cock clean. I glanced around the dining car. Amazingly, no one paid attention to what was going on at our table. But then again I got the feeling things were going on at those tables as well. Olly’s head suddenly popped up on the other side of the table. There were clear signs of Logan’s cum around his mouth. The boy smiled proudly at Logan, “You taste good.” Sam grinned at Olly, “I bet he does son.” Before anything else happened the food arrived. All four of us jumped, trying to act casual as if nothing was going on. The two boys started giggling as the food was placed in front of us. Sam laughed, “Thank God for that, I thought you two would end up under the table fucking.” as we started to eat. Olly grinned at Logan, “I wouldn’t mind.” as he started to eat. Logan smirked, “I wouldn’t mind either.” as he took a bite of his food. I could feel the lust in these two boys as they eyed each other through dinner. Sam asked quietly, “So do you share my interests?” as we ate. The boys were too caught up with their own conversation to pay attention to us. “What do you mean?” I asked, not sure where he was going. “You know…” as he nodded at Logan and Olly. “I… I’m not sure, this is my first time… I mean… I’ve never…” I was having trouble finding the words, or maybe trouble admitting I was into an underage boy. Sam noticed my conflict and grinned,”They are sexy aren’t they?” I had to think about it. I remembered an incident that happened a little over a year ago. It was with a teammate’s younger brother. The boy was 14 and we just hit it off in more ways than one. I glanced over at the boys who were totally engrossed in their own conversation. I looked at Olly, and I started to wondered how tight his boy hole would be. To hear those sounds I had heard earlier, only it would be my cock making causing them. Then I looked at Logan. The way he smiled. How hot he looked when I was fucking him. How good it felt to hold and kiss him. Feeling his smooth young body next to mine. I realized my cock was painfully hard from what I was thinking. Was I a boy lover? Like Sam? I finally replied with a smirk, “Yeah, they are… sexy.” “I understand, sometimes its difficult to admit certain feelings at first.” I challenged, “You mean being a perv? A boy lover? A… pedo?” as my defenses started to go up. Sam grinned, “Yeah, if you want to put a label on it,” then added, “Its like a whole new world opening up to you when you finally surrender to it.” “I’m still not sure how I feel about it.” I replied as my moral side clashed with the pervy thoughts in my head. Sam whispered so the boys didn’t hear, “Would you like Olly for dessert?” I paused at his offer, “I… I’m not sure…” I felt I was about to take a step in a direction I wasn’t expecting. Sam smirked, “He likes an adventure, especially if its with one of his heroes.” Worried where this was headed, “What… would you like in return?” Sam replied with a deadpan look, “I would love to fuck Logan, but that would be up to you.” “No, it would be up to Logan. He would have to make that choice.” I retorted as a sense of protection welled up in me. For some reason I wanted to keep Logan safe from anything crazy. Not that what we did earlier wasn’t weird, illegal, or taboo, but I was starting to feel possessive of Logan. Sam replied, “But of course.” There was a long pause as I glanced over at Olly. “I can tell what you’re thinking. You’re wondering what it feels like to fuck a boy so young. A boy who can take a fuck.” I was stunned Sam could be so forward about all this. But the fact the father of this 9 year old was proposing a boy swap made my cock throb in anticipation. Was I really this perverted? “I’d… I’d have to ask him first, before we could make that decision,” “I wouldn’t harm him, if that’s what you’re worried about.” I smiled sheepishly, “Still, it’s up to him.” “How about we skip dessert, and meet back at our rooms. Then let the boys decide what we should do?” My mouth had suddenly gone dry as I choked out, “Okay… I… I have some special gummies back in my room.” Sam replied with a raised eyebrow, “Really? Olly’s never had one of those. Could be interesting.” Olly ears suddenly perked up, “Had one of what?” as he heard his name mentioned. Sam smiled at his son, “Just never you mind,” Just then, the waiter came up and asked, “Any dessert tonight?” “No, I think we’re good.” I replied. The waiter nodded, placed out checks down and moved on to another table. Olly looked at his Dad with a disappointed look, “We’re not having dessert?” “Garret has some special izmit sınırsız escort bayan desserts back in his room.” Logan suddenly blurted out, “Oh Crap! I need to call my parents and check in!” “Okay, lets go take care of that right now,” I replied as I stood up and quickly adjusted my erection so it wasn’t as noticeable. Sam stood up, “How about we meet up in my bedroom in a few minutes?” as he eyed my bulge. “Sounds good.” I replied as Logan and Olly scooted out of the booth and stood up. Thank goodness Logan had stuffed his cock back in his shorts. His bulge was still very noticeable. I noticed Sam watching Logan as he glared lustfully at the 13 year old’s impressive bulge. Olly took the lead heading back to the sleeping car, Logan hung on to Olly’s shoulders to steady himself. I followed behind Logan and Olly with Sam behind me. He got close and whispered, “Yeah, we better get out of here before I throw your hot boy on the table and fuck him right here!” I forced a laugh at the man’s crude comment, but I felt a twinge of jealousy. Why was I feeling like this? “We’ll see you in a few.” as we got to Logan’s roomette. “Alright, we’ll get things ready.” Sam replied as he and Olly kept heading back towards their bedroom. The bed in the roomette was already made up and ready, so I had to stand in the doorway. I looked at my watch and it was just after 8:30. Al was a very prompt attendant. Logan dug around in one of his bags and pulled out his phone. I laughed, “Surprised you’re not glued to that thing like everyone else.” “Yeah, I needed a break from it.” Logan replied as he sat on the bed and checked his messages. Logan’s face grimaced, “Mom’s already called once,” then he looked up at me with a worried look, “Do I look high?” My honest response would have been a resounding “YES!” But I lied and said he looked fine. Boosted by my response he returned the call using Face-time. After a few beeps a beautiful women’s face popped on the screen. I could see where Logan got his looks from. She laughed, “Well, its about time you called.” “Ha Ha, I was going to call.” Logan replied with a scrunched up face. Then a man popped up behind the mother, no doubt his dad. Logan’s dad chuckled, “How’s the trip so far? You bored yet?” Logan smiled, “No, guess who I met.” as he looked at me. “Oh god! I’m going to meet his parents.” I thought. Logan beamed, “I’m with Garret Rush!” Mom kidded in reply, “You mean Garret, your crush?” I could see Logan’s face blushing hard, “He’s not my crush!” “Sorry, is he standing there?” Mom replied trying to stifle a laugh. Logan replied with daggers in his eyes, “Yes…” He then turned his phone on me. “Hi.” I waved, not sure what to say. I hope they didn’t notice my blushing. “Hi, I’m Gayle and this is Bob, Logan’s parents. We’ve taken him to see you play. You’re very good.” “Thank you.” It was all I could think to say. “Has Logan been bugging you?” Bob spoke up. “No, he’s been great. We just finished having dinner.” Gayle smiled, “That sounds romantic. Dinner in the Diner, nothing could be finer.” I could feel myself starting to blush harder, “Uh, no, it was just dinner.” Logan turned the phone back to him. “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!” “Did you tell him about the giant poster of him on your wall?” Logan said firmly with a bit of anger in his voice, “We have to go now mom.” “Okay, I think we’ve embarrassed you long enough. We’ll check in tomorrow. Take care of him Garret, and keep him out of trouble, we know he likes to cause trouble.” “We gotta go now, love you.” Logan groaned. “We love you too, no hickeys.” Gayle said right before the call ended. I immediately sat down on the bed next to Logan, then closed the door and pulled the privacy curtain closed, sealing us off from the hallway. Logan knew something was up as I sat next to him on the bed. “What was that all about? And what’s this about a giant poster of me?” Logan was blushing, “I… I had a photo of you blown up, its on my wall.” “Logan, do they suspect something between us?” Logan replied sheepishly, “No…” then he looked up at me blushing. “maybe… she knows you’re my… crush.” “You mentioned earlier you thought you might be gay?” “I… I am gay. I came out to my parents last month on my 13 birthday. They caught me with one of my teammates and we had… `the talk’.” Logan emphasized the talk with air finger quotes with his hands. “So they think you probably came out to me?” Logan replied unsure, “Yeah. Cause you’re openly gay.” trying to gauge my response. I smiled as I stroked his face, “I’m glad you did.” “What do you mean?” “Before, when we first met, I got the impression you weren’t sure. Now you seem sure. My only problems is that you’re underage.” Logan grinned, “I didn’t mind,” as he rubbed his face into my hand like a puppy. I replied in a serious tone, “I do, I could go to jail for a long time for what we did together.” Logan furrowed his face with concern, “I’d never tell anyone.” “What about your parents? What would they think?” Logan smirked, “I think they suspect I’d try something.” as he brought his face closer to mine. “You already accomplished that.” I laughed. “Are you mad at me?” “No, far from it. It’s just… well…” I paused staring into his beautiful eyes, “it’s going to be complicated… for both of us.” Logan leaned forward and teased, “Do you want to break the law… and kiss me?” then he brushed his lips against mine. I cooed, “You’re evil you know that.” right before I ran my tongue across his lips. Logan opened his lips allowing my tongue to slip in. My tongue met his as we tenderly kissed. We embraced each other as our mouths opened further. Then, as if a damn burst, we hungrily kissed, our mouths mashed together as I hugged his body into mine. At that point I didn’t care he was 13, I wanted him! I wanted him to be with him so badly! We pulled back, both of us gasping at our shared lust. I tried to regain my composure, “We better get back, do you need anything from your room?” “Just my toothbrush, and maybe some clean clothes.” Logan dug through his Duffel bag, pulling out some clothes and his toothbrush then we headed back to my compartment. When we entered my bedroom, the bed was down, and ready. Al even left two chocolates on one of the pillows. I think he knew what was up with me and Logan. With the bed down, it took up the majority of space in the room. Logan threw his stuff on the chair in the corner then hopped on the bed. I closed the door and crawled across the bed and spooned up behind him. This was the moment of truth. I had to find out if Logan really wanted to push his boundaries tonight. “Sam made a proposal to me over dinner.” “Oh…?” Logan replied. “He said he wanted to fuck you, and in exchange I would fuck Olly.” Logan replied, “And… what did you say?” trying to hide his interest. “I said it was up to you.” Logan was quiet for a moment then asked, “How do you feel about it?” I answered truthfully, “It sounds like Sam and Olly would really be into it. But I’m not sure I would,” “Why’s that?” “I’m don”t think I want to share you with them, or anyone.” I could see a smirk forming on Logan’s face, “Oh? And why is that?” “Cause… I think… I… uh…” Logan turned his head and looked at me with a shit eating grin, “Cause you like me?” “I… uh… before the trip… I didn’t think I would fall for someone so fast. Especially a hot boy like you.” “You think I’m hot?” I laughed, “Don’t be such a flirt, you know you’re hot.” Logan replied smugly, “That’s true.” There was a long pause between us, as if we were gauging what our responses should be. I hesitantly asked, “So… what do you think?” Logan still didn’t say anything as he thought about. The boy looked up at me with a shit eating grin, “I wouldn’t mind.” “You know what’s going to happen if we go over there, right? We don’t have to do this is if you really don’t want to. I could make some excuse.” I babbled, worried I was forcing Logan into a situation he wasn’t ready for. Or maybe I was worried that I wasn’t ready for it? Logan flipped over on top of me and kissed me, “No, Garret… I really wanna to do it. But if you don’t want me too…” “No, I do, but… doesn’t Sam give you a creepy feeling?” I asked. Logan smirked, “Sort of… but I also find it kinda hot.” I ran my hands over Logan’s butt and gently squeezed it, “You’re just as pervy as they are, aren’t you?” “I think it’s hot they’re father and son… is that weird?” “At this point, I really don’t know. If you had asked me that a few hours ago I would have said yes. But now…” “You fucked me twice today. So its not that weird now, is it?” Logan’s logic was strangely accurate. I chuckled, “Yeah, I guess I did molest you.” Logan smirked, “You didn’t molest me, I pounced on you.” I laughed, “Oh really?” Logan got a dead serious look on his face, “It’s what I wanted…” then he kissed me passionately. Logan definitely had a hidden devious side. I pulled back from our kiss, our faces almost touching. I whispered, “You’re Mom did warn me about you.” Logan smirked and whispered back, “I know what I want.” as he reached down and squeezed my erection. His gentle squeezing caused me to moan, “Uuugh… okay, fine. But if you start feeling uncomfortable let me know, and we’ll get out of there, alright?” Logan smiled, “Okay,” then added, “I think you worry too much.” “Sam definitely evinde görüşen escort has the hots for you.” “Are you jealous?” Logan said with that devilish smirk. I replied coyly, “Maybe… yes,” Logan grinned, “Do you have the hots for Olly?” as he leaned in for another kiss. I whispered, “Maybe…” before we started kissing again. Logan draped his leg over me and started grinding his hard cock against my thigh as our tongues dueled. This hot 13 year old was clearly in control of me. I knew I was suppose to be the adult in this situation, but this boy’s primal lust was clearly overruling my better judgment. And I had to admit, I wanted to see just how far down the rabbit hole Logan would go. This boy definitely wanted to test his boundaries tonight. I smiled, “Okay you little deviant, lets go then.” Logan rolled off me and scooted himself closer to the door. I grabbed my bag and pulled out four weed gummies. We scooted out of my compartment and went next door to bedroom B. I knocked. Sam pulled back the privacy curtain and opened the door. He was wearing a dark green bathrobe as he gestured us in, “Welcome to my parlor, its a bit cramped but I think neither one of you will mind.” Both the sofa bed and the upper bed were pulled out, leaving little room to maneuver. Logan scooted past Sam and sat on the lower bed next to the window. I followed as Sam closed the door and locked it, then he pulled the privacy curtain closed, sealing us off the outside world. Sam crawled past me and sat down on the chair across from us next to the window. I re-positioned myself so I was sitting on the bed. My legs barely fitting in between the bed and the sink. Olly’s little head poked out from the top bunk,”Hi!” said excitedly, “Did you bring dessert?” I smiled to the smiling boy, “Yup.” as I laid the gummies on the fold out table, “I brought one for each of us.” Olly grinned excitedly, “Oooo! What are those?!” “Magic gummies.” I replied to the wide eyed boy. There was some shuffling from above, then Olly’s smooth naked body dropped down from the upper berth and right into my lap. I held the boy by his hips as he grinned at me. I glanced down and noticed his little boy cock was rock hard. Logan looked captivated as he stared at Olly’s naked 9 year old body sitting on my lap. Sam rolled his eyes and smiled, “He WAS wearing his PJ’s when he climbed up there.” as he poured some kind of red liquid into four disposable cups. “Special gummies go well with a good bottle of Portuguese port wine don’t they?” Sam chuckled as he handed each of us a cup, “a perfect wine with dessert.” Then he handed each of us a gummie. Sam grinned, “Whatever happens in bedroom B, stays in bedroom B.” right before the four of us popped our gummies in our mouths. Considering both me and Logan had taken one before this, I knew we both would be flying in an hour. Half way through chewing, Olly asked, “Why are they magic?” “They have weed in them.” Logan replied with a grin as he chewed his gummie. “Ooohhh.” Olly smiled as he kept chewing, “Mhat’s myaw iff taff phoney.” “Olly, don’t talk with your mouth full.” Olly swallowed then grinned, “Sorry, that’s why it tastes funny.” We finished eating our gummies and washed it down with the wine in one swig. I knew it would take about 30 minutes for the pot to kick in, but that port would have an immediate effect. Sam poured us all a second round. Sam chuckled, “Easy with the port, Logan. It should be savored.” Logan took a sip, “I like it. I’ve never had port before.” Sam smiled with a leering look, “You have good taste boy.” Then he raised his cup and announced, “A toast! To trains that pass in the night,” then we all sipped our wine together. There was a pause as we sat and took in the moment. Sam asked, “What happened to your foot?” as he spotted Logan’s ankle brace. “I tweaked it during a game.” “Do you mind if I take it off for you?” Logan gave a tipsy smile, “Sure,” as he lifted his braced foot up and put it on Sam’s lap. Sam carefully removed the brace, then reached over and grabbed a bottle of baby oil and coated his hands with it. Then he started to gently massage Logan’s foot. Sam asked, “That feel good?” Logan moaned, “Yeah…” with a distant stare as he watched the man expertly massage his oily foot. Sam leered, “You have beautiful feet… and legs…” as he ran his oily hands up Logan’s calf muscle. Sam dribbled more baby oil on Logan’s coltish leg, then scooted forward in his chair, continuing his massaging up Logan’s smooth leg. Sam’s forward shift had caused Logan’s foot to press into Sam’s robe covered crotch. Logan leaned back on his elbows as he watched Sam’s oily hands massage his leg. The wide grin on Logan’s face was a definite sign he was enjoying the feeling of the wine and the gummies. I suddenly felt Olly drape his naked body against my back as he circled his arms around my chest. His face was resting on my shoulder as we watched his dad’s hands massage Logan’s thigh. As Sam’s hands reached the bottom of Logan’s shorts, Logan spread his legs wider, signaling Sam to keep going. Sam didn’t hesitate as he applied more oil to his hands, then slowly moved them up into each leg hole of Logan’s shorts. As Sam did this he shifted and let Logan’s foot slip inside the loose folds of his robe. Logan’s foot was probably pressed against Sam’s hard erection. Logan let out a soft moan as I watched the outline of Sam’s hands move around inside the horny tween’s shorts. Then the shape started to slowly move up and down. I suddenly felt horny and bold, “Is he… molesting you?” Logan looked at me with tipsy grin and cooed, “Oh yeeaaahh…” His lusty response made my cock ache. Sam groaned lustfully, “Do you like how it feels?” “Yesss…” Sam reached up and tugged on Logan’s shorts. The 13 year old lifted his hips up, allowing the man to slip his blue soccer shorts off his smooth coltish legs. Logan was now naked below the waist, his leaking, 6 inch cock now standing proudly erect for all of us to see. Sam poured more baby oil onto his hands, then gently gripped Logan’s cock and mumbled, “Damn boy, you’re hung.” Logan tilted his head back and moaned, “Ooohhh yeaaahhh,” as Sam started stroking the boy’s oily cock. Olly suddenly whispered in my ear, “I love watching Daddy molest other boys,” as he started to hump his boy cock against my back. Hearing Olly say that while watching the dirty scene before me triggered a dark lust inside. I whispered back, “Do you want me to molest you?” “Yeeeesssss…” Olly hissed in my ear. “Take our clothes off.” I whispered. Olly scooted over to Logan and tugged at his tight compression shirt. Sam kept stroking the boy as Logan sat up and let the boy strip it off, leaving Logan completely naked. Then Olly scooted back and frantically pulled my shirt and sweats off. My throbbing 8 inch cock was ready for the boy’s attention. Olly sat next to me and gripped my erection. He could barely reach around its girth with his little boy hands. Olly whispered, “You’re longer than Daddy, but not as thick.” as he started stroking it. Then he leaned down and engulfed the head of my cock inside his mouth. The boy didn’t rush it, taking his time running his tongue over my sensitive head, then licking the my pre-cum out of my piss slit. After a few moments of this he opened wider and easily enveloped the head of my cock into his mouth followed by a few inches of my shaft. But he didn’t stop there as I felt Olly’s throat suddenly relax, allowing my cock to enter his throat. “Fuck! Is he deep throating me?!” I thought, as I watched the boy’s head sink lower and lower down my shaft until his face was buried in my crotch. He didn’t retreat either, and stayed on my erection for a good minute as I felt his throat milking my shaft. Finally, Olly raised his head up, took a deep breath and went back down again. I ran my hands over his smooth back and down over his butt. This little boy was a sexual being and knew what he wanted. I couldn’t believe how good he was. “How… how old are you, Olly?” I gasped. The boy slipped his mouth off my cock and looked up at me. “I’m 9. I’ll turn 10 in one month.” he said proudly before resuming his sucking. I watched completely stunned as this 9 year old expertly sucked my entire length back down into his throat. I suddenly felt like I was the one being molested. My mind raced, “Oh fuck, I’m being sucked off by a 9 year old?!” Olly definitely had some experience under his belt. I wondered what this father and son duo had done in the past as I sat back and enjoyed the feelings this little nymph was giving my shaft. I noticed movement to my right. I looked over just in time to see Sam move onto the bed between Logan’s splayed out legs. Then Sam leaned down and enveloped the entire length of Logan’s cock into his mouth. Logan let out a soft boyish whimper as he collapsed back on the bed, running his hands through Sam’s hair. The man worked Logan’s entire cock with his mouth, just like his son was doing to me. Logan tilted his head back with a look of ecstasy on his face as he started to repeatedly gasp, “ooohhfuuck…ooohhfuuck…ooohhfuuck…” Olly suddenly pulled off my cock and pushed me back so I was half way reclining against the wall. Then he straddled me, facing away, then bent forward putting his butt right in my face. The boy reached back and pulled his perfect, half-grapefruit sized orbs open. I held the boy’s thighs to help keep his balance. His puffy little anus was clinching and relaxing just inches from my face with cum leaking out of it, no doubt his dad’s cum, maybe others? kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan Olly looked back and desperately moaned, “Please… Garret.” The fact I had a horny 9 year old begging me to eat his boy hole out was something I never would imagine in a thousand years. This was wrong on so many levels. Maybe it was the weed and the wine? But because it was so wrong, it made me want it even more. The last of my inhibitions melted away as I moved in and gave his puffy butt hole a long lick. From his perineum, all the way up over his boy hole, tasting his dad’s cum. The smoothness of his boy butt rubbing against my face felt incredible. Fuck! I needed to taste his hole! I immediately buried my face into Olly’s butt crack, and started stabbing my tongue into his puffy starfish. Olly moaned, “Oh, Garret…” as I felt him push back hard on my face. I felt possessed as I sucked, slurped, and tongued the 9 year old’s sloppy hole, drilling my tongue as deep inside his loose little ass as I could. Olly shifted his feet, spreading his legs wider as he leaned forward. Then I felt him engulf my cock. I groaned into his ass as I leaned forward, letting Olly suck more than half my cock down his throat. The harder I pushed forward, the more I felt my cock slip down his throat until the uninhibited boy was bottomed out on my cock. In no time we were both making short little moans from our stuffed mouths as we pleasured each other in this unusual 69 position. I marveled at this boy’s flexibility and skill as I rimmed the boy while he moved his throat up and down on my shaft, his face repeatedly mashing into my balls as he bottomed out. I suddenly heard Logan make a low guttural moan. I pulled back from rimming little Olly and looked over. Sam now had Logan’s legs pushed back and was hungrily eating out Logan’s ass. Olly noticed I’d stopped, and pulled his mouth off my cock, then sat back so he was sitting on my lap with my throbbing 8 inches sticking out between his small smooth thighs. He mindlessly toyed with my cock as we watched his dad rim Logan’s hole. Then Sam pulled his face out of Logan’s ass, and in one smooth motion, moved up over Logan. The green robe Sam was wearing covered them both. Only Logan’s pinned back skinny legs and feet were visible now. The tops of their heads were blocked by Logan’s knees. I heard Sam mumble, “I’m gonna fuck you good boy,” before the sounds of wet kissing started. Then the green robe started shifting as Sam lined his cock up with Logan’s upturned butt hole. Then the robe made a sharp forward thrust! Logan screamed, “AAAAHHGAAAAAWD!!!” as the two bodies under the robe jerked violently. Sam growled, “Yeeahhhh, I’ve pinned you boy!” “IT’S TOO BIG!” was the last thing Logan yelped before Sam had shoved his tongue into Logan’s mouth, muffling the tween’s protests, “…MMMMPPPHH…” Then the green, robe draped body started thrusting back and forth as Logan legs floundered helplessly on the pervy daddy’s shoulders. Before I could protest I felt Olly lift himself up. He moved forward and sat down on my cock. We both gasped as I felt the head of my cock easily pop past the boy’s sphincter. Then the boy let his weight down, pushing himself down on my cock. I felt several more inches slip inside the boy, his father’s cum acting like as natural lube as the boy kept humping himself down. I instinctively held the boy’s hips as Olly whimpered with each downward thrust. Suddenly, Olly was sitting flat on my lap, impaled on my thick 8 inches. The whole thing took less that ten seconds. I couldn’t believe my cock was now fully embedded inside this young, prepubescent boy. His insides felt so silky smooth as it gripped my 8 inch shaft like a hot glove. Olly gasped, “You’re in… my boy pussy,” as he collapsed back against me. I growled, “Fuck yeah I am!” as I hugged the sweaty boy tightly into me. “Let’s play fuck a boy…” and started humping up into his body. Olly started making high pitched moans as he meet my upward thrusts with small downward thrusts. I palmed his little boy cock and started rubbing it as we fucked. If fucking a 13 year old had not fully made me a perv, I had no doubt I had now met all the qualifications to be a certifiable pedo. The boy just felt so good! Sam pulled back from the kissing, letting Logan moan out as the man kept fucking him. Logan had his arms and legs wrapped tightly around Sam’s robed body as the man relentlessly fucked my tween lover. The moans from Logan were now pure passion. “OH GAWD!! AAAHHHHH! FUCK ME! AAAAHHHHH! AAAAHHHHH! OH FUCK MEEEE!!!!” There was something strangely erotic watching the robe undulate violently knowing this perverted man was fucking my boy underneath. The bedroom was now filled with the sounds of taboo sex. Logan and Olly were moaning like bitches in heat as Sam and I relentlessly fucked them. Olly leaned forward into a squatting position, never stopping his fuck. The kid kept mumbling, “You’re in my pussy… you’re in my pussy…” between gasps as he bounced wildly on my lap. I was so close to cumming inside him. I made one final glance at Logan and Sam. I noticed Logan watching me just over Sam’s undulating shoulder, his eyes heavy with lust. He weakly smiled at me, as if to let me know he was enjoying the feeling of Sam fucking him along with the sight of Olly bouncing on my cock. I returned his lust filled smile as I felt the tingling sensations begin to build behind my balls. “UUUGH… FUCK…!!!” Sam grunted as he made two more hard jabs into Logan before he came to rest. Logan’s eyes shut, his mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as he felt the pervy daddy cumming inside him. Watching Logan getting bred pushed me over the edge as I grabbed Olly and yanked him down hard on my lap. The boy let out a deep grunt as I hugged him back into me, pumping my cock as deep as I could into Olly’s prepubescent body. We both grunted, “NNNUUUUGGHHH!!!” as I flooded Olly’s guts with my seed, mixing with his father’s earlier load. I felt Olly’s body shudder in my arms as I rubbed his boy nail with the palm of my hand. The boy whimpered, his body tightening as a dry orgasm ripple through him. The room grew still. Only the sounds of the train filling the space. Olly was gasping for air, my cock still buried deep inside him. Olly relaxed his sweaty body against me as we stayed connected, enjoying our deviant union. Sam lifted himself off of Logan and slumped back into the chair opposite the bed, his robe now wide open revealing his spent cock dripping with cum and Logan’s anal juices. It wasn’t as long as mine but it was really thick! Thick as a beer can! No wonder Logan protested and Olly was able to easily mount me. Logan didn’t move, still splayed out on the bed. A wet spot had formed under his wrecked boy hole as Sam’s cum leaked out of his ass. Olly slowly lifted himself off of my cock, he gasped as my still fully engorged cock head finally popped free. He crawled over and laid down next to Logan. His boy pussy still slightly open with my cum leaking out. The two cuddled as they recovered from the fucking the just received. The boys intertwined their legs, brushing against me as I moved over and sat on the edge of the bed across from Sam. It really was a small space for four people. Sam reached down into his bag and pulled out four blue pills. He then refilled our cups with more wine and handed a cup to me along with one of the blue pills. “What’s this?” I asked looking at the baby blue pill. “Just something to keep the evening going,” He grinned. I had felt cautious about Sam, but now my admiration for him was growing fast. He may be a perv… but he still seemed a classy guy. Olly sat up and grabbed the two remaining cups and pills and gave one to Logan. “I love a good wine after dessert.” Sam grinned as he held his cup up for another toast, “Welcome to the world of unconditional love.” We both put the pill in our mouths then swallowed the wine like a shot. The two boys followed our lead and quickly popped the pills and drank their cups then laid back down again, resuming their cuddling which quickly turned into kissing. My head was now spinning from both the potent gummie and the amazing orgasm I had gotten from Olly. Sam asked in a hushed tone, “Are you having second thoughts?” as he sat back and ran the tips of his fingers over his thick semi-hard shaft. There was a long pause as we watched the boys make out. I grinned, “No, I don’t think so.” as we waited for the Viagra to kick in. Sam smirked, “I’m sure you figured out I’m a boy lover,” as he looked at me. I chuckled, “I do now.” “I’ll let you in on a little secret, so is Al.” he paused and looked at the horny boys making out, “In fact everyone staying in the sleeping car are boy lovers.” I looked at him, not believing what he was telling me, “What?! You’re joking.” “Serious as a heart attack.” “How were me and Logan able to get a bedroom then?” I asked, my doped up brain trying to punch holes in his theory. “We had some last minute cancellations and we couldn’t get the reservation in time, you and Logan lucked out.” Sam smirked as he rubbed his hardening cock. “So all the boys… and the men I’ve seen…?” “We are all part of a group. There’s a big gathering happening in Los Angeles, sort of like a convention. But way more sexy. But I’m not sure if its your scene.” I looked at Sam with a bemused look. Sam winked, “I can tell you and Logan have something special going on,” “What do you mean?” My brain wasn’t comprehending what he was saying. Sam smiled coyly, “You’ll figure out.” To be box * Please Donate to Support Nifty! 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