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Subject: What I Saw 21 C Soooo sorry for the wait…I got my ten emails but life interrupted and I got busy. Here is another part of the story-there is more to come…we’ll see if I get emails asking for the last installment of the Lane saga The blond was standing there, his chest heaving and struggling to get himself under control. Lane was breathing like a locomotive and looked back at him, “Keep fucking me…please.” I heard someone in the bathroom groan, “HOLY SHIT” and the blond guy called out, “Someone shove another cock through…now.” A shadow crossed the hole and both the boy and the blond guy watched as first a plum sized purple head eased through the space, followed by ten and a half inches of thick, roughly ridged black shaft. The man attached to this magnificent cock was clearly extremely aroused as the head was smeared with a large amount of precum and the dick was throbbing rapidly. “oh shit Kid…It’s another fucking huge cock for you…you little whore…begging for big cock…He’s already fucking close…look it’s dripping…aww suck it…get him off…let him shoot all over your face.” He said and let out a hiss and gripped tightly to the kid’s hips and forcably reinserted the bloated apple sized head into the kid’s slick asshole. He began to brutally fuck the entire length of his cock into the kid in long hard strokes as Lane bent down, gingerly gripping the black cock with his hand and proceeded to swirl his cum coated tongue all around the shiny glans. The man was so over excited by listening to scene that it was clear he wasn’t going to last long. He was moaning and gripping the partition in overload already. Lane stared at the enormous dick and then slid his mouth down over the dripping purple head and just kept going until his lips were buried in the man’s wiry pubic hair. The black guy groaned, “Shit kid…I’ cumin already…ahhhhh” , Lane pulled back and let the erection slid from his mouth, holding it by the base. The cock jerked and cum immediately erupted from the head. Lane pumped the shaft aiming it at his sweaty face just like he was told. “Ohhh fuck…he’s shooting already…ahhh all over you face…put it in your mouth cum whore…taste it…awwww…fuck!” He moaned as Lane captured the spasaming head in his lips just as a heavy jet of cum flew out and filled his mouth. This tipped the blond over the edge. His legs shook and he gripped a sweaty handful of the kid’s shirt, “I’m gonna cum…right inside you Whore!” His balls contracted and the underside of his shaft pulsed. He rocked his hips forward and glided the shooting head deep in the kid’s ass. Lane was still milking cum from the black cock but pulled his mouth off long enough to groan, Ohhhh…shit…I can feel you shooting in me…oh fuck…yeah…more.” This was too much for the men out in the bathroom and you could almost see the stall rock as several pushed forward. One guy went over to the door and rattled it, trying to get in, failing that he peered through the crack in the partition as another man bent down and put his eye to the hole. Both men groaned bursa escort seeing the big blond guy pulling his long, super thick cock slowly from the kid’s ass as Lane used one shaking hand to wipe a streak of cum off his cheek. The kid’s underwear were still pulled up over his cock, the front pouch positively soaked in his precum and his glowing white, beautifully round ass was fully on display. His smooth chest was heaving in the undone shirt and his eyes were clouded with lust. The blond had fully retracted his cock and it stood up straight, slick and dripping, covered in cum. It was still impossibly hard and semen smeared his sleeveless shirt along the stomach where the head was throbbing against his body. H grabbed the kid by the hair and spun him around to face him, “Liked that? Did you cunt?” he asked. Lane moaned and stared at his erection. The blond pulled the boy’s head to the side and called over the wall, “He’s ready for another cock…put one through…make it big…right boy?.” In a matter of seconds a shaking tremorring cock emerged through the hole. It was definitely another oversized organ, arching ten inches into the stall. The guy was uncircumcised and his shiny tight looking cock head was almost purple “Back yourself onto that dick and fuck yourself while you blow me. ” The blond guy said. The guys in the bathroom groaned and one said “Fucking A…what a whore…!” Lane looked over his shoulder at the huge cock jutting from the wall. He made a motion to slide his underwear down but the blond stopped him, “NO…leave them on…I want to see you fuck yourself and shoot in your underwear…ahhh…now sit on that hard-on and put your mouth on my cock.” Lane used a shaking hand around the shaft to guide his dripping asshole onto the head. He moaned when he felt it slip past his tight anal ring. His thighs shook as he slowly slid the hot slick sheath of his hole all the war down until his cheeks were pressed against the partition and the cock was all the way in. His dick jumped and throbbed, trapped in his underwear. “Now put my cock head in your mouth…jus the head.” The blond said through gritted teeth. Lane’s mouth fell open in pleasure as he used his quivering thighs to pull off the dick in his ass a few inches and forcefully fuck himself back onto its length, the stall wall shaking. He leaned down and opened his mouth wide. I could see from above at the window that he still had traces of semen on his tongue. He extended the tip of his tongue flicked it out and lashed against the super bloated head of the blonde’s dick. His shaft jumped and swayed in reaction.”Ohhh…fuck yes…tease that head…you fucking pig.” He moaned and put one foot up on the closed lid of the toilet and leaned back against the wall, his hips tilted to give the kid full access to his eleven inches. Lane bowed his head lower and used more of his tongue to lick the remnants of sperm off the shiny head. He made long hard swipes around the huge glans while the guy peeking through the crack in the stall rocked against the partition and said,” Ohhh yeah…you bursa escort bayan little pig…lick that cock…oohhh fuck…open the door…let me in.” and he rattled it harder. The guy had already undone his jeans and had a big nine inch cock out, with smears of clear fluid all over his fingers. He was older…in his forties maybe and had dark hair and glasses. The guy pressed his face harder to the crack trying to see as much as he could. Lane now used his lips to capture the swaying cock head in his mouth and began to lightly suck on it, all the while he was still shakily rising up and sinking back down on the cock coming through the glory hole. His dick was shaking in the underwear and I could see he was getting really close to cumming. The blond guy was panting as he watched the kid suck on just his huge engorged head and sweat dripped off his face, “Christ Kid…fucking yourself while you give me head…I `m close already…I’m gonna cum again for ya…wanna let these others see…huh? Let them watch you eat my load?….ahhhh” he groaned and before Lane could even answer , he reached over and unlocked the stall door. I couldn’t believe it. The door swung open and the guy who had been peeking through the crack groaned as he saw the nearly naked kid pull off the dick he was sucking and looked at him with half closed eyes. As he looked at this stranger he ran his lips lightly over the enormous cock head, and lewdly trailed his tongue around the ridge where the shaft met the deeply red glans. Another man crowed over to watch as the first guy stepped forward. Lane didn’t miss a beat. He continued rhythmically fucking himself on the cock coming through the hole, his legs shaking badly now, and mouthing and tonguing the bloated head and now reached up and wrapped a hand around the man who entered the stall’s severely erect cock. This tipped the blond over the edge. Seeing the kid fucking himself, lapping at his dripping dick and now jerking off a third guy caused his cock to jump so violently that it slapped against his stomach,” Fuck kid…here it comes…ohhhhh!’ he groaned. Lane used his free hand to guide the head to his mouth as cum boiled out of the slit. Lane moaned and closed his lips over the erupting glans, cum poured into his mouth and he swallowed feverishly. His knees almost buckled and I saw his cock twitch and suddenly his underwear began to fill with his ejaculate. Cum seeped through the cotton webbing and plopped to the tile. Lane’s eyes were half closed in pleasure and his whole body shook as he continued to shoot cum into his dripping briefs and swallow the blond guy’s load. He pumped on the slick wet cock in his hand and the guy began to shudder, “Fuck kid…I”m gonna cum too…PIG…ahhhh!” Lane quickly pulled of the blonde’s dick and captured the now shooting head of the other guy in his mouth and deep throated his cock, letting him ejaculate down his throat. The chain reaction continued, the man who was deep in the kid’s ass heard all the going’s on in the stall and reached his limit. Over the stall he called escort bursa out. “SHIT…KID…I’m shooting…right in your hole.” Lane arched up onto his toes and let the cock slip from his ass. A fountain of cum splashed out and hit his ass cheeks and dripped down his balls, dripping into his underwear. Lane wriggled and sank his hole back onto the shooting head letting the guy finish his orgasm deep inside him. The blond and the guy in glasses pushed past a few men to exit the stall as the man outside retracted his spent dick from the hole. In seconds a large black cock, massively erect, with a bloated brownish head came through the glory hole into the stall. Lane sank down to his knees and began to suck on the head and soon was deep throating the entire erection. A big swarthy looking guy with slicked back dark hair stepped over to the kneeling kid, his white dress shirt unbuttoned, his lean body covered with dark hair and his brown slacks undone. He had tucked his underwear under his low hanging balls and his cock rose ten inches from his groin with a slight curve to the left. The fat head was wet and the guy had an intense look on his handsome face. He got down on his knees behind Lane and wrapped an arm around the kid’s sweating midriff. He roughly pushed up the back of Lane’s shirt and looked down the length of their bodies. He gripped his own cock in his hand and lined it up with the teen’s ass. He twined one hand in Lane’s hair, pushing his head further down on the big black dick he was blowing and rammed the full length of his cock into the kid’s sopping wet asshole in one stroke. “Fucking cock slut…take my dick.” He moaned. Lane rocked up on his knees and groaned around the erection stuffed in his throat. The swarthy man placed two big hands on the kid’s narrow waist pushing the briefs down a little lower and began to fuck him in earnest. Lane’s head rocked back and forth with his hard thrusts as he continued to expertly felaciate the cock coming through the hole. He was using the full depth of his throat to constrict and milk the big brown head and soon he was rewarded. I saw the shaft harden and Lane choke a bit and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed the sperm. “You fucking swallowing his cum…fucking WHORE!” The swarthy man said, and pulled his head back by the hair. The black cock sprang out of Lane’s mouth and began to fire cum in a high arch in the air to splatter down on his straining, sweaty face. “Yeah…cum all over the whore…uhh..uhhh.” The swarthy guy moaned and as his lust glazed eyes remained locked on the big black cock unloading right in the boy’s face, he pulled his own dick out of the tight seal of Lane’s ass. He pulled his eyes off the kid’s face and watched as his dick jerked and began to shoot big streaks of thick cum up onto the boy’s shirt clad back. Stripes of semen reached Lane’s shoulder blades and with a powerful flex of his dick spatters beaded the sweaty curls on the back of the kid’s head. Frantically he hiked up the back of Lane’s shirt ,making sure to let the kid feel his warm cum on the bare flesh of his lower back. Lane was covered in sperm, his face was glossy with it. The black cock pulled back through the hole and the swarthy guy got shakily to his feet. Lane licked stray slashes of cum from his hand, waiting for the next cock