What i wished had happenned (cont. from last story

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What i wished had happenned (cont. from last storyNow in my last story i told of my only almost gay experience of jerkin beside my buddy when we were younger. Ive always thought of what i wished had happened and today i decided to write it down. Read my other story first before reading this one :)….So there we were, two drunk teenager but naked jerking off beside each other watching some porn. As we continued to jerk i couldn’t help but watch him stroke his cock. All i wanted to do was touch it. Eventually he looked over and noticed i was staring at his dick. He then asked me if i had ever done this before with other guys. I told him i had but we always had blankets over ourselves, never naked out in the open like this. he asked how i liked it this way, i said it was fine, was nervous to let another guy see me naked tho. He told me not to worry and that i had a really nice cock. I was shocked by this statement, for the first time i actually began to think that this night may turn into something unforgettable. We continued to stroke our cocks but instead of watchin the porn, we were both watching the other pleasure ourselves. This was by far the hottest jerk off session i had ever had. he then asked me if i had ever had a blow job before, i said no but i asked what they were like, knowing that he had had sex before. He said it was the most unreal feeling the first time a warm mouth engulfs your cock and theres no better feeling then cumming in someones mouth. eventually he worked up the courage and said that he would help me out if i wanted.what do u mean i asked. he said that he would digitalbahis yeni giriş suck my dick so i could know wut it feels like, but i would have to help him get off to and we could never say anything about this or he would kick my ass lol he said in a joking way. i agreed but if he would go first cus i didnt wanna get tricked and then he doesnt suck my dick and tells everyone at school or something. but reluctantly he said that was fine and immediately hopped off my bed and got on his knees infront of me. he moved his way over until he was right infront of my hard manhood. i had never been this excited in my entire life, the thought of having my first blowjob and getting to give my first bj almost made me cum right there. He reached out his hadn and grasped my dick and began to stroke. i moaned from the pleasure of having someone else jerk me off. He began to talkk dirty to me asking me if i liked it and stuff like o yeah boy i bet you want me to suck on this know dont ya, i nodded excitedly and he quickly lowered his mouth and took my head in his mouth. The feeling was unbelieveable, his mouth was so wet and warm i could barely take it. he was moving his tongue around and sucking so good it seemed like he had done it before. As he sucked on my cock he was playing with my balls which also felt really good. It only took about 2 minuted of this before i felt it coming. i moaned out ohh man im gonna cum, and the i did and he took it mostly in his mouth and on his lips and face. With out swallowing he stood up, leaned over and began to french kiss me. Between digitalbahis giriş our two tongues we rolled my load of cum around and swapped it back and forth. When he stopped kissing me he said that was so i could get used to having cum in my mouth. As he sat back down on my bed he said alright now its your turn to suck. I was completely prepared to do it to, but then another thought popped into my head, i asked him if he had ever fucked a girl in the ass before and he said no. I said well you helped me out with something ive never tried so i will repay the favour and let you fuck me. He was blown away, he couldnt believe that he was about to fuck one of his best friends in the ass. I layed down on my back on my bed. He turned around and lifted my legs up beside him and pulled my ass back towards him. Hefirst spit on his hands and rubbed them on my asshole. Now that i was nice and wet, he lined up his dick. Before he moved he looked down at me and said are u sure you want me to do this? it might hurt. I said i had fingered my ass before and loved the feeling and couldnt wait for him to fuck me. He began to rub his head on the rim of my hole, i could now feel just how big his girth was. he slowly began to push his way in, pulling my cheeks to the side as he went, trying to stretch my virgin asshole. Wen the head was all the way in i began to moan from how good it felt, he sai o so you like that do you? and i told him to go all the way in as i reached back and pulled his ass towards me thrusting manhood all the way in me. The feeling was beyond beliefe, so much pleasure digitalbahis güvenilirmi mixed with a little pain made for an unbelieveable feeling. As he began to pump my asshole he leaned between my legs and leaned up to meet his lips. So there i was mith one of my best friends dicks all the way inside me and his tongue shoved down my throat. He continued to rail me for about 5 minutes before he said he was getting really close to cumming, i told him to pull out and let me finish him with my mouth. He obediantley listened and pulled out and straddled my body so that his monhood was in my face. I opened wide and took his entire cock in my mouth. I loved every minute of it. I could taste my asshole the same as i had before wen i had licked my fingers after fingering my ass and it turned me on. It only took about 30 seconds of me sucking him off before he let loose a massive load all over my face and in my mouth. Once again i didnt swallow and he laid down beside me and held me tight as we made out with his cum and my cum all over our faces. He then realised my dick was still hard and said what are you still horny. i said that having his big dick inside me had gotten me more horny that i ever had before. Well well have to take care of that he said. So as we laid there and made out, her gave me a vigourous handjob, ending with me blowing my load all over his chest. We stayed in my bed for almost an hour just making out and rubbing our cum all over eachother. Eventually it was time for him to go so he got dressed, got cleaned up and walked home. The next day i saw him at school and he said he didnt regret a second of it and neither did i. Our sexual explorations continued even that day in the boys changeroom showers after everyone else had left. but ill save that fantasy for another day…god i wish that had actually happenned to me, hopefully one day it will :)Hope you enjoyed!