what we want

3 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


what we wantWe are EU couple and live in AU.Sex which we like is not about vanilla sex, in-out, in -out…in dark room…We try to make sex more interesting then average in-out vanilla sex.With simple experiments and exploring we discovered that we like to be fucked side by side on the same bed.Also, we would like to be verbally humiliated and used as sluts or toys for your sex desires.Pose like doggy stile on tempobet giriş my knee on the floor with upper body on the bed.Ok, it is very shameful situation, but situation where we are abused and used for somebody else sex desires make us hornier then standard sex.On other word, we will be happy if you treat us without respect and fuck us as sluts. Holding hair and pulling head backwards while tempobet yeni giriş you fuck us from behind or slapping bum is good idea. We do not like pain and verbally humiliation is the most important….Pointing on our shameful situation where we are fucked side by side on the same bed by unknown man and using the word what will insult, will make what we like.It is a debauchery what make tempobet güvenilirmi humiliated situation…. Married couple is kneeling beside the bed with the upper body on the bed and an unknown man fucks them alternately.They hug each others and wait in that position to get a dick.It is scandal and perversion. ……It is “taboo”Debauchery make humiliation, humiliation make scandal and scandal make taboo…all that are very strongly associated with each other… and that make people very horny.It is great humiliation for a couple; but that humiliation makes taboo bigger and bigger….and again…bigger taboo is bigger exciting.It is all like a chain which is connected and have no end.