What would it Take??

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What would it Take??What would it take, to entice a nice handsome black man into my life?Maybe if, the first time we met in person, meeting him at the door, dressed in my shortest mini skirt, highest “cum fuck me heels”,toenails done in a bright pink to match my fingernails, advertising my sissy attitude, my tanned legs encased in a pair of thigh high fishnets, and a top that pushed my little A cups up and out. My nipples, hard as steel, straining against the material, wanting to be the center of his attention..With my “sluttiest” make up on.. lips with the brightest red lipstick, outlined to perfection. The sluttiest eyelashes on, with bedroom eye shadow on.As he enters the door, we do a quick embrace. I don’t want to come off too easy yet.. but, I allow plenty of time during the embrace, for him to indulge in my fragrance.. my scent..the scent that fills his nostrils and sets his hormones raging.As I lead him into the dining area, and offer him a glass of wine, I walk ahead of him; displaying my sissy ass for him. I want him to want me as bad as I want him.I go about getting the candle-light dinner that I have prepared for us set up.The lights are dimmed, and we sit down for the meal. The soft romantic music playing in the background seems to set the mood just right. I cut my steak in the smallest of pieces, taking the opportunity to allow him to watch how my lips caress the fork as it slides out of my mouth, imposing subliminal images in his brain for things later to come.As he becomes intoxicated on my sensuality, I lift my leg, and run my foot up and down his leg, and, then, allowing it to pause in his groin momentarily. My advances are working. I can feel his beautiful cock responding… growing.I continue with the meal.. teasing him in between small talk about my boring life and seemingly, taking lightly, his compliments on how good the meal is and how good I look.I am in a state of enhanced sissy bliss!We finish the meal, and, as I get up to remove his plate from before him, I clumsily drop his napkin into his lap. I take advantage of the situation to run my hand across his bulging manhood to pick up the napkin. I hear his breathing stop momentarily, and then a sigh.Another glass of wine is poured for him. I have some left in my glass, and besides, I can use that as an excuse to get more later… allowing him to watch my ass as I go inside the house and return.I take him by the hand, and lead him to the deck to “look at the stars”. Walking in front of him, again, to put my ass on display for him. I walk my sexiest walk… feeling my own freshly shaved thighs rub against each other..moving my hips so enticingly.. so womanly..I set my wine on the banister, and coach him to come up behind me. I take his strong arms and wrap them around my waist holding his hands with mine..positioning myself so once again, he takes in the smell of my perfume..feels my hair caressing his face.. and, he has to bursa escort notice my trembling hands…like a high school virgin on prom night..As we search the night sky for “shooting stars”, he gently reaches up, pulls my hair to one side, and plants a delicate kiss on my neck. OMG… I almost drop to my knees! My legs grow weak..my heart races… my breathingincreases to almost a pant…I feel myself losing control of the situation, and, I LOVE IT!! My hand reaches down behind me and finds his hard, erect cock bulging against his trousers demanding release from the material that imprisons it. The “slut” in me takes control.. the “lady” in me has all but died, and I lose control of all that made me a “lady”.I turn around, drop to my knees, and like a k** opening up her first Christmas present, undo his zipper,releasing his massive manhood.My fingers grasp this huge, rock hard, erect cock, feeling the blood being pumped through the veins that run the length of his shaft. His veins are so pronounced.. so strikingly obvious!I draw my face close, and allow my lips to place several delicate kisses upon he head… my tongue finding the precum oozing from the head, lapping it up like some bitch dog in heat.. I WAS in heat… I WAS a bitch dog… I was HIS bitch dog, and, I was loving every second of it!Unannounced, he takes my head in his hands, and thrusts his hard cock all the way to the back of my throat, making me gag like some little sissy cunt on a popsicle! My eyes filled with tears, causing my mascara to run. I didn’t care.. I was HIS slut now, and, sluts weren’t concerned about their makeup. He thrusts his cock again into my throat.. again… again.. again. With each thrust, my throat was becoming more relaxed, allowing me to take it ever so deep. My throat had become a “throat pussy” for his raging member!! And I was taking as much as I could; I had to. This is what my body craved.. needed; to be a black man’s bitch. A bitch slut with no boundaries!Willing to do almost anything to please her man and make him want to tell all his buddies about his “sissy cunt”.After several minutes off face-fucking me, he ordered me to stand up, with my ass towards him. He lifted my mini skirt and flipped it onto my back,( like it really needed to be lifted out of the way anyway) and began thrusting a finger inside my sissy pussy. I had NO reservations… I had made sure that my sissy cunt was clean before he arrived.One finger… two fingers… then three. His thrusts went deeper and deeper… making my cunt so open.. so wide..so ready to be fucked..I was whimpering like a bitch in heat again,,, almost crying to be taken by this massive cock…Once gain, he aligns his cock with the crack of my ass, and begins teasing my sissy fuck hole. His hands grasps my ass cheeks, pushes them together as if he was titty fucking me..and continues to make my sissy cunt want him more and more. Any whore walking the streets would bursa escort bayan have been proud of me. My cunt was aching for penetration!!! I yearned for it… I HAD TO HAVE IT!! BUT, I allowed him to tease me… both for his pleasure and to make MY slutty nature even MORE evident! His precum was flowing to the extent that, my cunt was well lubricated. Mixed with my own juices as well as his precum, I couldn’t stand it any longer.”Make me your slut”, I demanded..With that, I felt that massive cock head at the door to my sissy cunt. It quivered with anticipation.. I had a dildo that was a large black cock that I had used extensively in many nights of “fantasy fucking”, but, it wasn’t as big as his cock. I didn’t know if I could take it or not; at this point, I didn’t care if he ripped me open big enough to put in a softball… I WANTED THAT COCK IN ME!!The head went in, and he paused for a few seconds as my sissy cunt clamped down on it,like it was holding onto a handle that would save it from the gates of hell!! And, that’s when he thrust it ALL the way in!!OMG!!!! The world went to spinning.. my vision blurred.. I fell against the banister in painful ecstasy!! I felt as though I might pass out, but, I couldn’t let that happen!! I had to prove to him that I was his slut… made for his cock.. his bitch to fuck, anytime he pleased!He begins to thrust.. slow at first… then his pace increased…harder and deeper!! It felt as though his cock was slamming the bottom of my stomach!!I dropped my top and bra, reached around and placed his hands on my little rock hard nipples. And as if he knew what I wanted, began caressing them. My God, my little sissy clit was so hard and, I almost came from that. My breasts are so sensitive anyway, and, my sissy cunt receiving all the stimulation from the hard pounding as he was driving his black cock all the way into my sissy cunt, made me almost scream in sissy ecstasy!!Harder, deeper and faster his cock went into my eager cunt. Then he began to squeeze my nipples..harder and harder.. then twisting them..invoking a pain that I relished in!Twisting, pulling, caressing them…later grabbing my nipples in a pinching manner, and held on while fucking me. Each thrust brought another pull on my nipples.Never before, had I felt like so much of a slut… being bent over a banister, out in the open, for all the neighbors to see… to see me taken by a black man.. to submit to being a black man’s bitch!! I didn’t care!! My little pathetic sissy clit waving in the night air as the violent thrusts of him fucking my slutty cunt just made it all the more embarrassing!!I was in heaven and never wanted this fucking to end!!He must have been ready to climax… he stopped,pulled out with a suddenness that left me crazy with wantonness.. my cunt gaping.. open.. I could feel the cool night air entering my fuck hole… begging for more.. and he obliged!!”Get on your knees, bitch! I escort bursa ain’t done with you yet”, he ordered..Like a good sissy whore, I anxiously got on all fours with my cunt still open for his rock hard tool to invade my warm, wet, sloppy boi pussy again..His hands grasped my waist, and, drove that large massive cock into my sissy hole again.. but, this time, it didn’t hurt… nothing but pure, unadulterated pleasure!!”OMG, fuck me..fuck that hot boi pussy!! Make me your cum slut!His pace quickened..his thrusts got harder.. he was owning this sissy bitch!!Just when I thought that he couldn’t go any deeper, he mounted my ass in a kneeling position… OMG.. I had never been fucked as hard, as deep as he was going!! I am now bucking against his every thrust, like some sex crazed a****l!! His hands go on the small of my back, pushing my hips lower and closer to the deck. This has a strange effect on me; for some reason, when my legs are spread as wide as possible, it creates a “pressure” inside of me,that,probably only I can explain. And I can’t explain it either. I just know it feels so fucking good!!”Take it all, you fucking black cock sissy bitch!”.. THAT drove me over the edge!! I let out a whore’s scream so loud, that I know the neighbors had to have heard me!!!”Fuck me.. make your cum bitch.. harder… deeper.. make it hurt!” I screamed..A few more violent thrusts, and, I heard his breathing intensify… I felt his balls growing tighter as they slapped against my ass..”Give me that black cum.. own my fagot ass!! Fill me up daddy!!” PLEASE cum in my ass!!And with that, I felt a flood of hot cum filling my insides up! A rush like I have NEVER felt before, while fucking a dildo… in my wildest dreams! And, I could no longer hold my OWN orgasm back… my sissy clit went to spraying cum all over the place!! And, he never let up.. all the while fucking me hard, fast, and deep, while depositing his cum deep inside of my sissy ass!!!After seemingly eternity, he pulls his massive cock from my boi pussy, and orders me; “Clean me up bitch! Show me what kind of a slut and whore you can be…lick your boi pussy juices and my cum off my cock!”In an instant, I turn around to find his cock waiting for my slut mouth, with his hand on the back of my head, once again, face fucking me… violently.. ravaging my sissy mouth for several minutes until, once again, I feel his balls tense up… his cock grow EXTREMELY hard, and, an eruption of hot, sticky cum, flooded my mouth.. like a true cum whore, I never let my mouth off his cock as he was pumping it full of his cum.. I lapped it up every bit..swallowing all of it…feeling it go into my belly.I was a TRUE black cock loving, cum guzzling, sissy bitch now..I was so proud of myself, that I had made a REAL MAN cum twice.. my sissy ass was now opened for black men’s cocks…I am addicted!!!Yes, this is only fantasy… but, if I ever find a black man who would be willing to act out his fantasy on a sissy slut like me, I would venture to say, it will take place VERY similar to what I just described.So, now, what WOULD it take to entice you to have an evening with me?573 247 2504Bobbie