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Subject: When Andy Met Jack-4 (M+/t, oral, anal) All the usual disclaimers apply. The following story is entirely fictional and contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between adult males and a teenage boy. READ NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen or offended by such material. Please consider donating to Nifty fty). Let’s keep this site up and running! When Andy Met Jack – Part 4 It was pouring down when Bill unlocked the hut door and led me inside. I shut the door behind me and, swallowing hard, couldn’t believe what I saw in that warm and cosy hut. “Hiya, Bob,” Bill said to the park keeper. “This is Randy Andy, a good friend of Jack’s. We’re here to get naked and fuck.” “Greetings to you both.” Bob said, who was sitting in a chair with his legs fully outstretched. “This is young Gary, my new cock-sucker.” The naked boy, who was on his knees and between Bob’s legs, didn’t stop sucking the man’s cock. Apparently, he was use to Bob’s friends dropping in from time to time, unannounced, for sex. “He’s got such a light touch with his tongue,” Bob continued. “And those fingers of his are truly awesome.” I was still gobsmacked at the sight of a naked boy, down on his knees in the park keeper’s hut, sucking cock. Gary had short, dark-brown hair and looked to be eleven or twelve years old. His cock was rock-hard and appeared to be some three-inches long. “If only Dave knew what was going on in the hut,” I thought. “But knowing Dave, he probably did; and he probably knew Gary and Bob as well.” “You have a lovely body, boy,” Bill said to Gary. “I’m going to love fucking your arse, you sexy tart.” Gary clearly liked the sound of that – he, like me, liked such lewd compliments. “Okay, son,” Bob said to me. “You need to get naked and take over from Gary. His services are obviously needed elsewhere.” I stripped off in double-quick time, and was down on my knees before Gary could stand up. I then opened my mouth and Bob rammed his cock deep inside, forcing my nose into his pubic hair. “Suck on that, son,” he said. “I’m gonna make you my slut; my bum-boy; my sex pet.” I sucked and licked the man’s rigid stem, and then his cock-head, and then his ball-sac. I just couldn’t get enough of that hard-standing length. I was clearly becoming addicted to cock-sucking. “Where’s the Vaseline, Bob?” Bill asked, who was now completely naked. “Gary needs his hole lubricated. And then he needs to be well and truly fucked.” Yes, the boy was about to be fucked by a complete stranger: a man he had only known for some ten to fifteen minutes. And as he bent over to accommodate Bill’s todger, I doubled down on Bob’s stem. “That arse of yours looks so-o-o inviting, boy,” Bill said to Gary. “I love humping young whippersnappers like you. Ain’t that right, Bob?” “Yes,” Bob replied. “And they never forget it.” “Hold up, Bob,” Bill said. ‘I’m no ruffian. I just get a little carried away at times.” Bill put a greasy finger in Gary’s arsehole, and moved it in and out real slow. “Just you take care with this one,” Bob said. “He’s only been fucked a few times, and I don’t want you scaring him off.” “Heaven forfend! O wise one,” Bill said, smiling. “I’ll do my best to hump him like the gentleman I am.” Bill pushed abidinpaşa escort his cock into Gary’s arsehole, and it clearly made the youngster squirm. The boy whimpered, and then asked for a short respite. “No way, boy,” Bill snapped. “I’m going to fuck you up hills and down dales. And then I’m gonna fuck you some more.” “No, please stop, mister,” Gary begged. “It really hurts!” Bill didn’t take any notice. He was now using the boy’s arse for his own pleasure. He carried on thrusting away until he shuddered and climaxed inside the boy. “Take it all, boy!” he snapped. Gary gasped for breath as the rigid stem slipped out of his battered arsehole. “Great!” Bob snapped. “Some gentleman you turned out to be. Bully-boy thug, more like.” “Okay,” Bill said. “Let’s try again. Andy! Get over here and take Gary’s place. I’ve fucked him before, and he didn’t make a fuss.” I was sweating profusely by the time Bill had finished filling my hole with spunk. The man really enjoyed pounding away at my arse as Bob and Gary watched. I was truly knackered by the end; however, I knew I would be back for more – I liked this new kind of exercise, it was far better than playing football. * * * I can’t remember how it happened, but Gary and I became a double act. Bob teamed us up and I eventually said goodbye to Jack and his friends, and Paul and his friends. Mark was a home-study teacher, and liked to help struggling pupils with their English and History on Saturdays. He was our first try-out assignment, outside the park keeper’s hut, and was one of Bob’s like-minded friends. When Mark opened his front door, he gave us a warm smile and invited us in. There was no pretense of a lesson that afternoon. He led us into the living-room and told us to undress. We began taking off our clothes right there and then, without any hesitation. It was exciting to watch Gary strip off in front of me, especially when our cocks began to twitch and grow in unison. When we were both naked, Mark suggested that we give him “a little show.” We walked over to the leather sofa as he stripped naked and sat in his favourite chair. “Nothing too fancy,” he said. “Just some cock play and cock-sucking at first.” Gary told me to lay on the sofa, on my back, so that he could mount me. He straddled my body, with his head hovering over my stiffy. His cock was inches away from my face, and it looked so-o-o sexy. He took hold of my cock and began squeezing and stroking its uncut length. He then took it into his mouth and sucked on it real hard. I reached up and touched his cock, before caressing his drum-tight ball-sac. I was now looking up at his arsehole, and just couldn’t resist fingering it a little. Gary moaned as Mark told me to keep at it. “He likes being finger-fucked,” Mark said to me. “He’ll be your friend for life if you play with his anus a bit more.” I pressed the tip of my finger against Gary’s puckered anus, and then forced my finger into his arsehole. I finger-fucked my new partner for several long minutes, as he sucked on my rigid length. Without warning, Gary squirted his seed over my belly. However, in my case, it took a long time for me to release my seed into his mouth. “Excellent show, adana escort boys,” Mark said, as he slowly stroked his own cock. “Remind me to film your next show.” “What do you want us to do now, sir?” Gary asked, smiling. “Right,” Mark said, “kneel on the sofa, side by side, with your arms resting on the back of the sofa. Quick now.” As we complied, in double-quick time, Mark used some sort of lubricant to grease up our arseholes. He then applied a generous amount of lubricant to his hard-standing cock. I quickly guessed what was going to happen next, and it really excited me. Still, Gary was to be fucked first, so I could see how the wimp coped with Mark’s hard-standing stem. Mark stepped forward and spread Gary’s arse-cheeks apart with his hands. He then moved around until his cock-head was in line with the youngster’s anus. The cock-head eased the boy’s anus open as it slowly entered his inner sanctum. ‘Good boy,’ said Mark. ‘Now begin making a fuss, like I’ve taught you.’ When Mark’s pubic hair touched Gary’s arse-cheeks, he began fucking the boy like there was no tomorrow. He clung onto Gary’s hips and fucked him good and hard. “No, sir,” Gary whimpered. “It hurts too much. Please stop.” So, the bully-boy fuck in the hut, with Bill at the helm, was all an act. Gary could easily take a seven-inch cock, but he chose to play the helpless victim: the boy being fucked by the school bully, or the dominant teacher. I must admit, he was very good at it. But did Bill know that Bob had set him up with a fake wimp, or was it all an act for my benefit? “No, please stop,” Gary begged. “It really hurts!” “Could I pretend to be a sissy,” I thought. “Nah! I was no Laurence Olivier. Besides, I like being fucked, and I liked all that moaning and groaning.” “Shut up, bitch!” Mark snapped. Gary fell silent, and after the rebuke, just grunted with every inward thrust. Mark fucked Gary for a good long while, he then pulled out and moving over to stand behind me. “Right now, Andy,” Mark said. “Just relax and take it like a man.” Mark’s hands were warm and slippery as he spread my arse-cheeks apart. I did my best to relax, but I was ultra-excited. Gary moved to sit right next to me, so that he could reach between my legs and take hold of my cock. Meanwhile, Mark aimed his cock-head at my anus, before pressing forward. I felt the man’s cock slide into my rectum, and then felt it fucking me slowly. “You’re real tight down there, Andy,” Mark said between gasps. “I’m going to enjoy taking you for lessons on a regular basis.” “Just relax, Andy,” Gary said. “Mark’s been fucking me on a regular basis. I really like taking his lessons.” “That’s right,” Mark said. “Gary’s one of the best bum-boys around. Everyone is lining up to fuck his bare arse.” Gary laughed as Mark grunted and groaned, and then flooded my innards with his seed. I tried to pucker my anus as Mark withdrew his shiny length; however, I felt the spunk dripping out and coating the back of my ball-sac. “You look real swell,” Gary said, as he used a paper tissue to clean me up. “We’ll be able to corner the market in no time at all. Two boys are always better than one.” * * * “When are we going to bend over again, Andy?” Gary asked, adıyaman escort as we walked away from Mark’s house. “Mr. Carr wants us to pose for him in the nude. Bob told him all about you. We’ll get paid to strip off and suck cock. So, how about it?” “Keep your voice down,” I snapped. “We’re in the street, dozy. And who is this Mr. Carr anyway?” “He’s another friend of Bob’s,” Gary replied, in a whisper. “He pays good money to take pictures of horny sods like us. Bob knows lots of nice, arse-fucking men, so what you say?” “Yes, pictures of you and me sucking cock,” I sneered. “What if they get seen by someone other than Bob’s friends?” “Don’t be stupid,” he snapped. “Bob and his friends will get locked up, so everything stays private. Besides, we’ll be seen as two innocent schoolboys, corrupted by dirty old men. It’s a win, win situation for a couple of bum-boys like us.” “Okay,” I said. “Tell me more about Mr. Carr.” * * * When Mr. Carr opened his front door and saw us standing there, his face lit up. He was a tall man in his early fifties, with a military-style haircut. “Hello, Gary,” he said, smiling. “Come in and introduce me to your new friend. He looks very photogenic.” I followed Gary into the flat. The old man seemed friendly enough, so I decided to go with the flow and see what developed. “John, meet Andy,” Gary said, as the man ushered us into the lounge. “John is Bob’s official photographer, and he’s also a tip-top pervert.” The lounge was neat and tidy, and very well furnished. The man was clearly a fastidious soul, and very house-proud – everything was just so, with lots of ashtrays and coasters on hand for untidy guests. “Nice to meet you, Andy,” John said. “Gary is an uncouth youth, so ignore his crude comments about my hobby. Yes, I enjoy taking photographs of naked boys being fucked by horny men. Unfortunately, when I was a boy, there was no photographer on hand to capture me being humped by my uncle and his friends.” “Nice to meet you, John,” I said. “I bet you look real nice in the nude,” he said. “He sure does,” Gary said. “He looks tip-top in the nude. C’mon, Andy! Show the man your naughty bits.” “Just me,” John added. “No camera, no pressure …. And I’ll still pay you for your time and effort.” I smiled. The man had won me over completely. I so wanted him to see me naked. “C’mon, Andy,” Gary said. “Strip off for the old pervert. Let him see all those sexy assets.” “Not so much of the ‘old’, Gary,” John said, smiling. I giggled, and then complied with Gary’s request. John sat down on the sofa and watched me undress. * * * An hour or so later, John’s camera was clicking away and capturing the sex-romp in the spare bedroom. I was a little tipsy from the Tizer cocktail I’d been given earlier – it was just to help me relax, apparently. And I had been assured that the photographs would remain in John’s private collection – I could be so gullible at times. “That’s it, Andy,” John said. “Get those legs up higher.” Gary groaned with pleasure as he shot his load into my arsehole. The cock-sucking had been great, but Gary’s cock seemed to prefer the tight grip of my anal ring. After a short respite, I was positioned on my back, with my legs held up and apart by Gary. John inched forward, so that he could get a close-up of my anus with his camera. “Excellent! Excellent!” John said. “That’s a great shot. Now hold his ankles tight, Gary.” It was then that the bedroom door opened and in walked two teenage Rockers. – – – All comments welcome