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WHEN I COME TO KNOW GIRL’S BODY IS TOO HOTHi Guys and Gals,Let me introduce myself first, I am Dirty…..Mr. Dirty.I love this website and i feel i should share some of my fantasy with you all.Hope you will love my stories.Do comment if you like it or not.******************WHEN I COME TO KNOW GIRL’S BODY IS TOO HOT********************I was 22 then. I grandbetting yeni giriş was going to my college for studying engineering in bus. It was winter season. It was too cold that day. I took a seat in middle of bus and then fell asleep. After some stops a girl aged 25 came near me and asks for the seat. I suddenly gave grandbetting giriş her the seat and sit near by to her. The bus was then overcrowded. I have always think about girls in my dreams and do masturbate almost everyday thinking of the hottest girl i met a day before but never touched the body of a girl. Yes i was in bus and grandbetting güvenilirmi suddenly her hands touched my legs. I just got little back but due to absence of space unable to move too much. Ohhh i can feel her soft hands side portion on my legs……she was such a soft girl. Due to pressure behind me i was forced to touch her shoulders with my legs……o god, what a feeling. And the girl also understands that i can’ move due to rush…..She moved her shoulders and adjusted in such a way that it touched my “Penis”. Mama miya…….Friends i can’t explain the feeling of that (first time)……”Will be continued…………………”