When I was a lil boy.

15 Kasım 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


When I was a lil boy.Read this when you have time it’s a bit long. I commented on this girls profile and it kinda got into a part of me life story “I said” , I like your favorites , I don’t like watching black guys with white women , the fantasy doesn’t work for me , when I was 6 I ate my first pussy and it was black istanbul escort , so now that I’m old it’s my fantasy to go all the way with a black girl. “She said” , Ummm.. So wait. The first time you ate pussy you were 6? Are you sure you weren’t avcılar escort m*****ed or ****d?? That’s a little too early to be engaging in sexual activity. I’m glad you share the same fondness for black women like me but .. Yeah, that’s not really right. “I said” , She Was like between şirinevler escort 6 or 8 I don’t know what her c***dhood was like but we lived in a bad hood In Aurora IL so who knows what was going on in her life , but for me mom did her best but I would walk in on her having sex and that played a big influence , so at 6 with this lil girl when I was a lil boy I got head ate her out and tried to have sex but I didn’t know how that all worked so no penetration just humping , it’s weird when I think about it I can still taste her pussy , but that wasn’t the only girl I tried to have sex with when I was that age she was only the first.