When it turned.Chapters 1 and 2

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1. She knew something was up when she went through the garage.   There were lights on that shouldn’t have been.   Coffee cups on the table.   Two of them!   There was music coming from the back of the house.   Her first instinct was to run out and call the police.   But her curiosity got the better of her and tipped toed into the back of her house.   Halfway down the hall, she heard grunts and squeaks of pleasure, groans.   She reacted on two levels.   While her reality state told her that she didn’t really want to see what she knew she was going to find,  her naughty little girl side made her want to see it.   She could see through the partially opened door, two sets of feet.   One set attached to two hairy legs she immediately recognized as her husband’s.   On the other set of feet, she noticed a rose tattoo on the right ankle.   She stared at it with a sickening feeling, she knew that particular tattoo really well.   Then, like a sledge hammer between her eyes, it dawned on her that the tattoo looked familiar because it belonged to her very best friend.   Her kindred spirit.   Her confidant.   The fact that she lived next door to her made it sink in deeper.   She continued to inch towards the door until it was all laid out before her.   Haaa, she laughed to herself.   Laid out before me!   Here was her BFF Evette, straddling her husband’s hips, rising and falling on it.   She şişli escort could see the glistening juices of her pussy sticking to his cock.   She stood transfixed at the sight.   In all of her years of sexual activity, she had never so much as looked at herself having sex in a mirror.   She was no prude, not by a long shot. But the sight of these two people just having at each other, while enraging her, also fascinated her.   She couldn’t help feel all the feelings of betrayal, and at the same time, that familiar tingling in her moist, now dripping, twat.   She felt dirty but continued watching while her husband’s joint emerged and re-entered Evette’s dripping cunt.   Her husband, Doug, yelled out he was about to unload.   Evette, like a ballerina, sprung from her position and grabbing his shaft at the bottom proceeded to engulf his stiffness directly into her mouth.     She felt herself stop breathing, how could she get that all in her mouth, she thought, I’ve gagged halfway down his dick.   Evette worked her mouth and hand in united movement until she recognized Doug’s arching movement as his usual precursor to an orgasm.   She waited a second longer and decided the time was right.      She burst into the room screaming,   “Doug!!! Doug!! You fucking two timing scumbag!” Doug’s eyes, closed tightly just milliseconds before, were now wide with terror. escort şişli “ Dee !..oh shit… Dee !!!   Wait …ummm…you don’t understand!” At that same moment, Evette’s head raised off of Doug’s manhood and she too had the look of someone caught in a terrible act of deception.   She screamed out the same name.   “ Dee , oh Jesus Christ!! I’m sorry …I’m so sorry.”   At that moment, that exact moment, with two wide eyed, naked to the world people staring at Dee ’s rage, Doug’s penis erupted in a huge orgasm.   Splattering Evette’s tits and thighs, as well as Doug’s pubic area with the splooge Evette, who just seconds before, was working towards delivering into her mouth or whatever part of her body she was deciding on to deposit his seed.   For a second, Dee looked at the actions and almost laughed at it’s absurdity.   The rage returned to her, full force.   “You fucking two timing fucks!” “I’m busting my ass on the night shift and you guys have been busting each other’s nuts!   How long has this been going on for?   I can’t believe this! I just can’t fucking believe this!” “We’re done, you hear me fuckface? Done!   Finished!   I’ll let you know where and when our lawyers meet!” “ And as for you” her anger now turned on Evette, “you little fucking twat, you couldn’t keep your own husband, so you had to come after mine?   All this time I thought mecidiyeköy you cared, you were just looking for the fucking opening weren’t you?   Weren’t you!” Dee knew it was getting away from her.   The fact she repeated every question twice was the clue.   It was also Doug’s clue to know that it was going to get ugly, uglier, in a moment. He grabbed Evette’s Budweiser t-shirt and began wiping off the residue of the ill timed ejaculation.   First him and then Evette. Looking like a dog waiting to get beaten for soiling the rug.   Cleaning Evette’s generous tits, but looking sideways at Dee waiting for the inevitable onslaught.   Evette actually got pissed at her shirt being used as a cum rag.   And shot Doug a filthy look. For the second time, Dee had to suppress the urge to laugh.   She turned to Doug and told him, “you’re gone! Got it? Fucking gone! Maybe she’ll take you in…” pointing at her former friend.   “The Real Estate sign will be in the ground tomorrow.”   She stormed out of the house, got into her Miata and squealed the tires down the street, with no idea where to go.     2.   He opened his eyes to the darkness. “ Jesus Christ!”   he thought to himself.   He leaned over the pillow to check the alarm clock .   4:17 AM it screamed in it’s lighted display.   Why did he even bother setting the alarm for 7.   He couldn’t remember the last time he slept that long.   He swung his legs over the end of his bed and felt his bare feet hit the soft coat of his trusty golden retriever.   She rolled to her side as he began to massage her ample belly with his feet.   Her mouth opened and her eyes rolled into the top of her head.