When Moans become Music to the Ears

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I’ve always had kinky thoughts whenever I saw a “desirable” older guy — with specs, square jaws, six feet tall, the usual stuffs. However, “old” didn’t actually mean people aged 50+ years, but guys who were around 18-20 years older than me.

However, I never had any incestuous thoughts (let alone experiences!) until last winter.

I was 20 then.

It was a Friday morning. My parents were out and I was alone at home. While I was doing my homework, I heard a knock on the door. I checked out through the peephole and saw a man, around 35 years, in his formals. And he looked pretty hot.

Leaving behind my childing infatuated thoughts, I opened the door and the man grinned, “Hey B! You remember me?”

My nickname was B, but how did he know that? And who the hell was he anyway?

I shook my head and responded, “No, but who are you?”

-“B, I’m your uncle! Isn’t your mommy at home?”


-“Oh, but, can I come in?”

-“Sure”, and I let him in. I still couldn’t recollect any event where I’ve ever met him. Noticing my suspicion towards him, he smiled and took out his smartphone, and showed me a photo. “Look B, that’s you, 10 days old, your mommy, daddy, and me!”

I could pretty much recognise my parents there, and realised that the kırıkkale escort photo was testimony to his claim.

I accepted it and smiled, “Hi Uncle! What’s your name?”

-“Bob it is.”

-“Ok, what are you here for anyway?”

-“Well, I wanted to meet you”, and shifted close tome on the sofa.

I was taken aback, but I was enjoying the moment — well, you can call me a lusty slut, craving to have my ‘V’-wish satiated — especially when I saw the bulge on his trousers and his line of eyesight. I looked down and realised that he was staring at my cleavage, visible under my pinkish white nightwear; well, I did have a heavy buxom altogether.

After a long pause, I asked him, “Would you like some coffee or juice?”

-“Juice will do.”

I rushed to the kitchen, out of the heavy beating of my heart. I’ve never felt so turned on.

I had just opened the fridge and was taking out a bottle of orange juice, when I felt a pair of hands holding my hips and a long mini rod getting rubbed on my crack. I got up and was about to let go off his hands, when he took my hands and tied then behind me.

Everything happened so fast, but I wanted it all in slo-mo. He turned me, dropped me on the floor, took that bottle and kırıkkale escort bayan drained it all over my boobs. He knelt and began lapping my tits like a cat. Then he sat on me, and asked, “Which tit did you touch today?”

Of course, I used to touch myself while bathing.


He ripped my nightwear and my bra, and sucking my left tit hard and rough. After that, the only thing coming out of my mouth was, “Ah ah ah ah…” He didn’t ignore the right one at all.

Out of overwhelming ecstasy, I whispered to him, “Tame me, uncle. Tame your slutty niece.”

-“Of course I will, you little whore.”

He took me to my parents’ bedroom, which had been a witness to that wild lovemaking moments of my mom and dad; and today, it was to have two different guests there.

He tore my panties and sucked my clitty like a vacuum cleaner. Though I felt uncomfortable with my hands tied, it couldn’t rival with the pleasure I was having.

-“I never thought you would be such a submissive whore. But I’m glad you are.”

-“Uncle, is this the reason why you are here?”

-” Yeah! I ran into your dad last week. He showed me a few family pictures, and there I saw you in one of them. Your busty torso and big ass escort kırıkkale gave me an instant hard on.”

These words were like honey to my ears. Uncle dropped his shirt, trousers and briefs and I gasped as I saw his 9″ dick hanging between his legs.

-“Time to drill a little hole in you, pumpkin”

And he instantly pushed his beefy cock between down my pussy. And he wasn’t soft at all; he liked it rough, so did I. He pounded me hard from the beginning. His pounding caused my boobs too sway up and down, up and down. He suck them, slapped them, then again sucked them. I fingered me while fucking, and I “ahh”ed out of painful joy. Suddenly, he withdrew his dick.

-“Get your dick back in my cunt, you perverted fucker!”

-“Of course I will.”

Then, he let my arms free, pulled my hair and made me sit on my fours.

My lubricated pussy didn’t let me feel any pain when he pushed it back in my pussy.

My uncle pulled my hair and I arched my back.

My parents’ bedroom echoed the sounds of the creaking bed, my “ah ah ah ah ah”, and my uncle’s respond to my moans, “Uh ah uh ah yeah..”

Without a warning, my uncle drained his seeding my cunt. But contraception was way out of my mind then. Instantly, I came too, for the third time in our intense fuck session. I lay on my back, and my uncle got up and began dressing up.

-“let me suck your dick!”

-“not now pumpkin, next time.”

-“when are you gonna be back?”

-“soon. Very soon.”

And we were back in the same place 24 hours later, with me sucking his dick and him fucking my mouth.