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Subject: “where ravens roost part 39” gay adult youth Nifty is a wonderful resource and needs to be funded to continue. I ask that you please donate if you fty/donate.html Contact me at jravencroft@protonmail, I welcome any feedback and would love to hear if you are enjoying this story. There is a lot more to come, so stay Tuned ! There is a website created for this story! The aim is simply to give readers a more dynamic experience. New content is being added all the time, and new chapters will be available on the website before anywhere ess/ Please give it a look “You ready to go?” Bobby asked as he sat in the 69 Camaro with Charlie and Cheryl, “Yep!” Charlie replied which made Bobby chuckle as he cranked up and left out of the barn. “This really brings back the memories” Bobby said, “That makes for two of us, I never thought I would be in this car again” Cheryl said as they left out of the gate and on to the main road. “So this was your car?” Charlie asked, “Yes my uncle gave it to me” Bobby replied. “Then you gave it to mommy because you loved her” Charlie said, “Yes, I wanted her to have it when I left the states” Bobby said. “She must have taken good care of it too” he added as he began to pick up speed, “She did, Michelle loved this car” Cheryl said softly. “So you and mommy were boyfriend and girlfriend?” Charlie asked, “We were, we loved each other very much” Bobby replied. “So.. it’s kind of like me and Olivia” Charlie said, “Oh is she your girlfriend?” Bobby asked. “Yep” Charlie replied, “I didn’t know you were a little Casanova” Bobby replied with a chuckle. “Oh he is, they remind me of us when we were kids” Cheryl said as she joined in the chuckle, “Oh yeah you did sex stuff with mommy and mommy Cheryl when you were kids like me” Charlie said. “This just got a little awkward, but yes” Bobby said as he adjusted himself in the seat, “You know he was the boy on the home movie right Charlie?” Cheryl asked. “Really?!” Charlie exclaimed, “Wait you showed them the home movies?” Bobby asked. “Oh yes indeed” Cheryl said with a smile, “I saw your peepee” Charlie said with a giggle. “I’ve seen it as a kid and adult” he added, “What did you show him?” Bobby asked shocked to Cheryl. “Oh just the tame ones” Cheryl replied, “I’m pretty sure my parents burned the ones we made ourselves” she added with a laugh. “Is there anything you would like to know about your mommy Charlie?” Bobby asked, “Everything” Charlie replied which made Bobby and Cheryl look at each other. “You know Michelle and I grew up together from infancy” Cheryl said, “Yep, how did you meet Bobby?” Charlie asked. “Oh now that’s a story” Bobby replied with a laugh, “Oh tell me” Charlie said. “Yes let’s hear your version” Cheryl replied with a smirk, “Get this, so there I was seven years old riding my bike and I see these two girls playing in the front yard, now I didn’t know the first thing about girls” Bobby said. “But I didn’t have any friends so I figured why not, how bad could it be right?” he added, “So I pull up in the driveway and they ran up to meet me, Cheryl and Michelle, sweetest little girls you can imagine right?” he further added. “Not thirty minutes later they had my pants and underwear around my ankles examining me like a science project” he continued. “We were curious!” Cheryl said, “Oh that’s like what John did to me, he pulled my diaper off and started playing with my peepee” Charlie said. “It must run in the family” Bobby said with a laugh, “Excuse you” Cheryl said. “Now I hadn’t never done anything with my..peepee besides pee up till that point” Bobby said, “Yep it was scary but then I liked it” Charlie said with a giggle. “He did too” Cheryl said, “You got me there, I learned a lot that day” Bobby said with a chuckle. “The birth of the three humpeteers” he added, “Oh don’t bring that up” Cheryl said. “Humpeteers?” Charlie asked, “It’s a nickname bestowed on our trio by Bill and Roy” Bobby replied with a laugh. “But in all seriousness they quickly became my best friends, and my only friends for quite a while” he added emotionally as he and Cheryl looked upon each other warmly. “That’s like me and John, he became my first real friend” Charlie said, “Daddy never would let me have any” he added sadly. “Now John’s my brother!” he further added brightly, “Yeah Cheryl and Michelle became my sisters” Bobby said. “Sounds like you two have a lot in common” Cheryl said with a smile, “I guess we do” Bobby said emotionally. “She absolutely loved music, I remember her and I listening to it for hours” Cheryl said, “Hey you remember how obsessed we were over David Cassidy?” she added as she glanced to Bobby. “Don’t remind me” Bobby said with a sigh, “I think I love you! So what am I so afraid of?” Cheryl sang. “You love him?!” Charlie exclaimed, “It’s a song Charlie, and yes I love him but as a brother” Cheryl replied. “You had to choose that song to bring up?” Bobby asked, “Well it seems appropriate” Cheryl replied. “Charlie Bobby sang that song to Michelle when he asked her to be his girlfriend and become exclusive” she added. “It was so corny” Bobby said with a sigh, “I thought it was sweet, so did Michelle” Cheryl said. “She said yes didn’t she?” she added, “Yeah she did” Bobby said emotionally. “Me and Olivia just did kissy stuff” Charlie said which made Bobby and Cheryl chuckle, “Michelle was very smart, loved science and math” Cheryl said. “She wanted to be a vet and own a farm when she grew up” she added, “She got the farm, but quickly realized that what she wanted to be more than a vet was a mom” she further added emotionally. “I’ve told you this before but Michelle loved you Charlie, she was the proudest to be your mom” she continued. “I love mommy too” Charlie said as he began to get emotional, “But we also love you Charlie, Bobby and I both love you” Cheryl said. “I love you too” Charlie said, “Is there anything else you would like to know about your mommy honey?” Cheryl asked. “Not that I can think of” Charlie replied, “Well if you ever do you can come talk to us, I know Roy has a hard time talking about her” she added. “Yeah poppa cries if he talks about mommy” Charlie said, “I know honey, it’s hard for all of us” Cheryl said. “I think we should head back” Bobby said as he looked to Cheryl and she nodded, they continued to talk as Bobby drove them back to the plantation and drove up to the manor. “I’ll go park the car, you two go ahead and get out” Bobby said, Cheryl got out and then helped Charlie out. “You run along inside honey, I want to talk to Bobby” Cheryl said, “Ok mommy Cheryl” Charlie said and hugged Cheryl before he went inside the house. “You sure you want to come with?” Bobby asked as Cheryl got back in the car, “Yeah let’s go park the car and we can talk” Cheryl said and they drove back to he barn to park the car. They both got out and leaned up against the car as they began to talk, “Charlie is such a sweet kid, and god does he look so much like Michelle” Bobby said, “Uncanny isn’t it?” Cheryl said. “So what did you want to talk about Cheryl?” Bobby asked, “It’s your role here Bobby, and what these boys truly need from you” Cheryl replied. “My role?” Bobby asked, “It’s like you said yourself you got out to reunite with Henry and found so much more” Cheryl replied. “Every boy here has a story, each different, but a common denominator is that none of them have a father” she added. “Don’t get me wrong, dad and Roy make excellent grandfathers, but the boys konyaaltı sınırsız escort need someone who could better keep up with them in ways they can’t” she further added. “Do you know anyone who could fill that role?” she continued with a smile, “Me?” Bobby asked. “Oh Cheryl I don’t know, I’m not sure a guy who just got out of prison is role model material, much less father material” he added. “I’m not really sure you have a choice in the matter” Cheryl said with a chuckle, “These boys are rapidly falling for you Bobby, for me and Katherine I can’t tell you how much it has touched us seeing you with John and Henry” she added. “Mike was a monster Bobby, it was ok until John was born, he was sick and needed a lot of attention and Mike became jealous because I had none to give to him so he turned to drinking” she further added. “He became emotionally, physically, and verbally abusive to the both of us, and I put up with it for far longer than I should have” she continued as she started to cry and Bobby hugged her. “I’m so sorry Cheryl, no one deserves that” Bobby said as he hugged her, “I finally found the courage to throw him out but the damage was already done for the both of us” Cheryl said. “John seems ok, he’s a really great kid Cheryl” Bobby said, “He’s ok now, he wasn’t for a long time, really Henry is the one that helped him more than I did if I’m being honest” Cheryl said. “That’s why when those two became boyfriends it didn’t surprise me a bit, they have been there for each other since the moment they met” she added. “You know my dad found his own demon in the bottle, so I can relate, no one should ever have to go through that” Bobby said, “I never knew that” Cheryl said. “That’s why I was so blessed to have found your family” Bobby said, “So what happened to Mike if I may ask?” he added. “No one really knows, after the divorce I’ve never heard from him again” Cheryl said, “It caused some problems with my parents for a bit because I hid it from them, but everything is alright now” she added. “But John’s never known what it’s like to have a real father, and I would be grateful if you would at least try to be that for him” she further added. “Of course Cheryl, I’ll be there in any way he needs” Bobby said, “I don’t expect you to start calling him son, and him call you dad to start off, let things happen naturally but if he wants that with you, please Bobby” Cheryl said emotionally. “Katherine feels the same with Henry, you know better than I how Tim was” she added, “Yeah not father of the year material that’s for sure” Bobby said. “You’ve always thought of him like your son, here’s your chance to have that” Cheryl said, “And then there’s Charlie” she added. “Yeah it’s so weird you are talking about this, in the car I found myself wishing he was my son with Michelle and not Kevin’s” Bobby said. “He can be, Kevin was no father to him” Cheryl said, “Yeah Roy told me, made me sick” Bobby said. “As far as Hudson, Ian, and JJ that’s a little more complicated but they would benefit from you being in their lives” Cheryl said. “You can do a lot of good here Bobby” she added, “I’m overwhelmed Cheryl, I don’t know what to say” Bobby said. “Not much to say… daddy” Cheryl said with a chuckle, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves” Bobby said as he joined in the chuckle. “Just open your heart to them, and take it one step at a time, you will do great” Cheryl said, “Daddy, I like the sound of that” Bobby said emotionally. “We’ll have to get you one of those worlds greatest dads mugs” Cheryl said with a grin and Bobby started to cry, “Now there you go” Cheryl said and embraced him tightly. They continued to talk for a while about the boys and their individual stories until, “I guess we best head back, they might start to wonder what’s happened to us” Bobby said. “Maybe, hey we get to drive one of the new golf karts” Cheryl said, “Or I do anyway” she added with a grin. “Hop in” she added after she jumped in the drivers seat, “Do I need a helmet?” Bobby asked with a laugh after he sat in the next to Cheryl. “Please” Cheryl said as she started to drive them to the manor, “This has been nice Bobby” Cheryl said. As they walked in the front door the boys ran about the house engaged in a game of hide and seek tag, except for Ian who stood with Roxanne in his arms. “Just how many kids do you have exactly?” Bobby asked with a chuckle, “Now cut that out” Ian replied as he pouted playfully then chuckled. “This is my sissy Roxanne” Ian said, “We’ve been introduced, I didn’t know she was your sister though” Bobby said. “Say hi Bobby” Ian said softly to Roxanne, “Hi Bobby” Roxanne said with a smile and a little wave. “She is a gorgeous little girl, I dare say Ian one day you will have your hands full when the boys get a look at her” Bobby said. “Oh no not her too” Ian said with a mock sigh, “Her too?” Cheryl asked. “Hudson boyfriends with Dwight, now JJ is making goo goo eyes at Pablo” Ian replied as he shook his head, “Got to peepee” Roxanne said. “I’ll take her” Cheryl said as she reached for Roxanne, “It’s fine, I got her sissy” Ian said as he turned to walk away. “At least let me come with” Cheryl said, “Alright” Ian said. “It’s getting late in the day, let’s take her upstairs and you can help me give her a bath” Cheryl said. They started up the stairs but Cheryl stopped at the foot when she heard, “Alright boys I want to play, who’s it?” Bobby asked. “You’re it!” John replied, “Oh? Then you best run from the tickle monster!” Bobby exclaimed. “Hah! I’m not ticklish” John said, “No? What about the bottom of your feet?” Bobby asked with a smirk. “Oh no” John replied, “Mom’s a traitor!” he added which made Cheryl giggle to herself. “Rawr!” Bobby exclaimed, the sound of giggles and shrieks rang out as the kids took off, “No tickle me!” Hudson exclaimed. “He’ll do just fine” Cheryl said to herself with a smile and ran up the stairs to join Ian in the family bathroom. “I put her on the potty” Ian said as Cheryl walked in, “I’m making peepee” Roxanne said with a giggle. “All done” she added after a minute as she leaned back and looked down, “Good girl!” Cheryl exclaimed which made Roxanne smile. “Good job sissy!” Ian exclaimed after a nudge on the arm from Cheryl, “Easier than what I had to do for Hudson” Ian said with a chuckle. “Oh yes the infamous suckies reward system” Cheryl said with a grin, “My jaw would hurt some days” Ian said. “I swear the little varmint would drink more liquid on purpose” he added with a laugh, “You won’t have that trouble with Roxanne” Cheryl said as she joined in the laugh. “Though that’s not to say you can’t give her a reward every now and then” she added with a grin, “Gosh sissy” Ian said as his face blushed red. “The main reason I wanted to come in here with you” she added as she picked Roxanne up and laid her on the counter top, “Is to show you about girl parts and how to clean them properly, because I know you want to get more actively involved in her care” she further added. “That’s mighty kind because I do want to help look after her” Ian said, “I know you do honey” Cheryl said. “You do such a great job with Hudson, we just need to go over some things about taking care of a girl” she added as she gently pushed Roxanne’s legs back. Cheryl went on to thoroughly explain to Ian about his little sister’s anatomy and the proper way to care for her with gentle touches. “Just make sure you konyaaltı türbanlı escort wipe her this way ok?” she concluded with as she demonstrated, “Ok sissy” Ian said and hugged Cheryl. “Now let’s get her in the tub” Cheryl said, they quickly prepared Roxanne a bath and sat her in the water. “Go on, I’m just here supervising” she added with a laugh, “Oh right” Ian said with a smile. “Brothers going to wash you now ok sissy?” Ian said to Roxanne, “Yeah brother” Roxanne said and Ian began to wash her. “Now what is this about JJ making goo goo eyes at Pablo?” Cheryl asked, “Oh JJ likes Pablo” Ian replied. “And how do you feel about it?” Cheryl asked, “Well we just met him, I don’t know if he’s right for my little brother” Ian replied and Cheryl laughed. “It’s not funny sissy” Ian said, “That’s not up to you honey, JJ will like who he likes, you just have to be the amazing big brother you are and support him” Cheryl said. “I know you’re right it’s just..” Ian said, “And now that Hudson has someone he likes and JJ has someone he likes, maybe it’s time you find someone you like” Cheryl said and Ian looked at her. “Have you thought about it?” she added, “Wait let me use my sissy powers to read your mind” she further added as she pressed her fingers to Ian’s forehead, “I can’t possibly think about finding someone sissy because I have to look after my siblings” she continued. “Now cut that out” Ian said as he pouted at Cheryl, “You know I’m telling the truth” Cheryl said. “Maybe..” Ian said as he began to giggle, “I could sit here all day and tell you how wonderful you are” Cheryl said. “Aw shucks…” Ian said softly as his face blushed, “But the bottom line is you don’t want to wait until they are grown and married to find you somebody” Cheryl said. “You’re still really young but just don’t pass the opportunity up if it presents itself, you deserve happiness just as much as they do” she added as she hugged Ian and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks sissy” Ian said as he cuddled into Cheryl’s embrace, “You’re welcome honey, now let’s get Roxy here washed up” Cheryl said with a smile. When they returned downstairs Ian took Roxanne by the hand, and they began to run around to play with the other kids, while Bobby came with John draped over his shoulder upside down. “Traitor!” John exclaimed, “Now what did I do?” Cheryl asked with a grin. “You told him about my tickle spot..” John whined as he pouted at Cheryl, “You know that’s top secret mom” he added. “Someone tried to gather all the boys to stage a coo” Bobby said with a laugh, “He had to be..dealt with” he added as he and John looked at each other. “I see that” Cheryl said as she joined in the laugh and started to come around behind Bobby to where John’s feet dangled. “You wouldn’t!” John exclaimed. “Oh I would” Cheryl said as she began to tickle John’s feet which had him kicking and squealing, “Hey don’t kick so hard!” Bobby exclaimed as Cheryl continued her tickle assault until the doorbell rang and caught everyone attention. “Alejandro” Ruth said warmly when she opened the door to see him stood there, “Evening abuela” Alejandro said as he kicked off his shoes and entered the house. When he stepped inside he was quickly swarmed by all the naked kids, “Papá!” Luna and Pablo exclaimed as they ran to their dad, “Niños!” Alejandro exclaimed as he knelt down to embrace all the kids. “Hija you are desnudo too?” Alejandro asked surprised to see Luna naked, “Si papá is that alright?” Luna asked sweetly. “Si, you are beautiful hija” Alejandro replied warmly which made Luna blush. “You still having fun hijo?” he added as he looked to Pablo, “Si papá” Pablo replied with a bright smile. “Are the rest of the niños good?” Alejandro asked, “Yeah” “Yep” “Yes” The kids started to reply. “I think you have your own fan club” Ruth said with a smile, “Come here little one” Alejandro said as he pulled Hudson in front of him. “Hi” Hudson said with a smile, “I hear you are joining mi soccer team” Alejandro said. “I wike soccer” Hudson said, “That is good, we will have fun” Alejandro said. “I will you teach you everything I know” he added. “Ok” Hudson said and hugged Alejandro around the neck, “Oh you are very sweet little one” Alejandro said as he hugged Hudson. “Now hija, Pablo is to remain the night, find Jasper while I call your mamá and we will depart” he added. “Oh I want to spend the night too papá” Luna said and Alejandro looked up to Ruth, “I told you that all of your children are welcome here” Ruth said with a smile. “They all desire to remain at abuela’s house” Alejandro said with a chuckle, “Remind mi of when I be niño en México” he added with a smile. “Where is Jasper?” Alejandro asked, “Right here papá” Jasper replied as he and Roy came down the stairs. “And how be you hijo?” Alejandro asked as he stood up again, “Oh my new papi been taking very good care of me” Jasper replied with emphasis as he rubbed against Roy. “We are on our way to my other papi’s house, where I will be taken care of all night long” he added with a growl. “This papi is hoping to get to join in on the fun with those papis” Roy said with a laugh, “Oh don’t you worry papi, we will all have fun tonight” Jasper said as he grinned wildly. “Love you papá, I’ll be sleeping there so don’t wait up” he added and kissed Alejandro on the cheek, “I’ll take care of him Alejandro, you have my word” Roy said. “Thank you Sr. Roy” Alejandro said, “Come papi!” Jasper said started to drag Roy out the door. “Goodnight Charlie! Love you!” Roy exclaimed as he was dragged from the house by the overexcited teen. “Papa is so silly” Charlie said with a giggle, “Honestly that man, been acting like a teenager all day” Ruth said with a laugh. “They both appear very happy” Alejandro said as he joined in the laugh. About that time Dwight came through the door and all the kids rushed him, “What’s up with Mr. Roy?” Dwight asked as he hugged the kids. “He and what looked like a teen were hauling butt me in a golf cart” he added, “About ran me over” he further added with a laugh. “Dwight allow me to introduce you to” Ruth said quickly introduced him to Alejandro, Luna and Pablo, “You are the most beautiful man I ever see” Alejandro said as he and Dwight shook hands. “Papá!” Luna and Pablo exclaimed as they looked at each other and broke out in giggles, “He my boyfwend” Hudson said. “What is this? You mean he be your boyfriend little one?” Alejandro asked, “Yeah he my boyfwend” Hudson replied. “There be so much yet to learn about you little one” Alejandro said, “You are very fortunate to have one such as this as your boyfriend” he added as he grinned at Dwight. “Now if you’ll excuse mi, I must call mi spouse” Alejandro said, “Let me show you to the phone” Ruth said and led Alejandro to the phone. When Alejandro returned, “Mi spouse be invited out by her chicas, so she ask if no niños if that be ok” Alejandro said, “I say ok, she no get to do it much” he added. “Then you absolutely must stay and have dinner with us” Ruth said, “Be you certain?” Alejandro asked. “Of course, how many times must abuela tell you that you and your family are welcome here?” Ruth asked with a smile. “Alright” Alejandro replied with a smile, “Yay papá!” Luna and Pablo exclaimed. “Dwight will your momma be joining us for dinner?” Ruth asked, “She should grandma, I’ll give her a call to make sure” Dwight replied. Soon after Cheryl, Dwight, and Ruth konyaaltı ucuz escort started on dinner, while Alejandro and Bobby played with the kids, and Katherine took Henry aside to talk to him. “What is it mommy?” Henry asked, “It’s nothing sweetheart, I just wanted to make sure you were ok” Katherine replied with a smile. “Yes mommy I’m good” Henry said, “Alright I just wanted to make sure” Katherine said warmly. “You seem really happy” she added emotionally, “Oh I am” Henry said. “I know Bobby and John will take good care of you, but don’t forget you have mommy too ok?” Katherine asked, “Ok mommy, I love you” Henry said and hugged his mom, “Love you too sweetheart” Katherine and embraced her son. “Your hair is starting to grow like we wanted” she added as they broke from their hug, “Really?!” Henry exclaimed. “Yes, we can start to really style it” Katherine said, “Come on Henry, let’s play” John said as he appeared and dragged Henry off to play while Katherine sighed. Dinner was soon ready and once Christine arrived everyone sat at the formal dining table and had a wonderful dinner together. “Let’s all retire to the family room for a movie” Ruth said once the meal had concluded, “Sounds good to me” Cheryl said. “If you don’t mind grandma, I’m going to take Hudson upstairs for some alone time” Dwight said as he stood from the table. “Go right ahead” Ruth said with a smile, “Thanks” Dwight said as he picked Hudson up into his arms. “Boyfwend” Hudson cooed happily as he snuggled into Dwight, “Oh I’ve missed you all day” Dwight said emotionally as he cradled and nuzzled Hudson. “Goodnight momma” he added and kissed Christine, “Goodnight, love you both” Christine said. “Goodnight everyone” Dwight said and left for upstairs, “Those two are the sweetest things” Katherine said. “I thought the little one make joke about the boyfriend thing” Alejandro said, “It’s no joke, those two are in love” Ruth said. “Si, they seem to have a beautiful bond” Alejandro said, “Let’s go in the family room” Ruth said. The family started to file into the family room and sit upon the extra large sectional sofa, John and Henry dragged Bobby to sit down and then cuddled into either side him. As he wrapped his arms around them Charlie came and climbed into his lap, the little boy leaned against Bobby’s chest as he glanced up and smiled. Christine took a seat next to Henry, “You’re Christine right?” Bobby asked, “Yes, that’s me” Christine replied with a smile. “I apologize, I know we met yesterday but I was so out of it” Bobby said, “Oh don’t worry about that, how are you feeling?” Christine asked. “For the first time in a long time, I can truly say I am doing great” Bobby replied as he and Christine smiled warmly at each other. Pablo dragged Alejandro to sit down and climbed into his lap, JJ came behind them and climbed up to sit next to them, “You desire to sit with us?” Alejandro asked with a smile and JJ nodded his head yes. “Very courageous” Alejandro said with a grin, “Maybe you desire to make good with mi after what you do to mi hijo?” he added with a chuckle and JJ looked at him sheepishly. “Do not tease him papá” Pablo said, “It ok niño, you may sit with us” Alejandro said warmly as he opened his arm and JJ nuzzled in to the man’s side. Cheryl and Katherine sat with Ian in between them, Roxanne stretched herself across the three laps and made herself comfortable. Ruth started the movie and cuddled up with Allison, Luna, and Olivia as a quiet warmth filled the room. As the movie progressed Alejandro looked down when he heard Pablo moan quietly to see JJ had grasped the little boy’s dick and had begun to masturbate him. Pablo leaned back against Alejandro’s chest as he opened himself up fully to JJ, and received a kiss on the back of the head from his dad. “You like mi hijo no?” Alejandro asked quietly as he turned to look down at JJ and the little boy nodded his head softly as he continued to masturbate Pablo. Ian gasped when Roxanne grabbed his dick, “I no pull” Roxanne said as she gently squeezed it in her hand and began to copy best she could the motions she saw JJ doing. “What do I do?” Ian asked surprised, “What do you want to do?” Cheryl asked. “She’s just extremely curious honey, has been” she added, “That’s why she pulled on Hudson’s, it wasn’t to hurt him” she further added. “Maybe what she really needs is her big brother to help her satisfy her curiosities” she continued, “Would that be ok?” she further continued. “I reckon I can do that” Ian replied with a smile, “Anything for my sissy” he added. “Allison sweetheart why don’t you take Ian over to our house and maybe you can help him?” Katherine asked, “Yeah I can do that, I want to play with Luna anyway” Allison replied with a smile as she grasped Luna’s hand. As they got off the sofa together they walked over to where Alejandro sat, “Goodnight papá, Pablo” Luna said and kissed them on the cheek, “Goodnight hija, you have fun” Alejandro said with a smile. Ian stood with Roxanne in his arms as Allison and Luna came over, “Bye Bye” Roxanne said with a wave as they all left for Cheryl and Katherine’s house for the night. Olivia saw Charlie and wished for some fun of her own, she got down and went over to where Charlie sat in Bobby’s lap. “Would you like to go play?” Olivia asked sweetly, “Yep” Charlie replied as he hopped down and took Olivia by the hand, they smiled at each other and made their way upstairs to Charlie’s bedroom. Pablo began to moan louder as he writhed against Alejandro’s chest while JJ continued to masturbate him until with a muffled squeak the little boy boygasmed, his body went completely lax and Alejandro kissed him on the back of the head as Pablo cooed quietly in pleasure. “That was..muy beno” Pablo said with a giggle as he recovered and JJ grinned, “Maybe it time for bed, no?” Alejandro said with a smile as he looked to JJ. “Your erección say you desire more?” he added and JJ nodded his head excitedly with a big grin, “Alright niños scoot” he further with a laugh. “Goodnight papá” Pablo said as he turned to look at Alejandro and the two shared a very brief kiss on the lips, “Goodnight hijo” Alejandro said warmly afterwards and Pablo climbed off his lap. “Just be cautious with mi hijo, his butt be small in size you see” he added softly as he hugged JJ tightly to him which made the little boy look up at him and the two smiled at each other. Alejandro kissed the top of JJ’s head with one final hug before the little boy went upstairs to his room with Pablo. “Niños” Alejandro said with a laugh as he watched them leave, “They are something” Ruth said with a smile. “I’m surprised you two haven’t gone off to bed” Cheryl said with a laugh as she looked to John and Henry, “I was just thinking the same thing” Katherine said as she joined in the laugh. “We are happy right here” John said with a grin, “Yes” Henry said as the two looked up to Bobby and smiled. By the end of the movie John and Henry had fallen asleep on Bobby’s lap, the man looked down warmly on them then shared a smile with Cheryl and Katherine. “Do you need us to help you get them to bed?” Cheryl asked as she and Katherine stood up, “I got it” Bobby said and stood up. He picked John and Henry up into his arms as the two boys continued to sleep soundly, “Take care of our boys” Cheryl said with a smile and kissed John’s head. “Yes see that you do” Katherine said and kissed Henry’s head, “Of course” Bobby said with a smile as he glanced to the two boys in his arms. “That’s a good look on you, I knew it would be” Cheryl said with a smile and kissed Bobby’s cheek, “Goodnight..Daddy” she added after the kiss. “Goodnight” Bobby said left for upstairs as Cheryl and Katherine watched warmly, “That was beautiful” Alejandro said. “Is he their papá?” he added, “He is now” Cheryl replied emotionally.