White Lace Lingerie

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Grinning, I looked at myself in the mirror of the dressing room. I looked fabulous in this outfit, I thought. The white lace really complimented my tan and the snugness of the whole ensemble flattered my 18-year-old curves well. I wore white stockings, a white lace garter belt, with matching thong and bra. I kept standing there, mesmerized by how grown up and sexy I looked. My large breasts pushed against the bra proudly and the stockings ended high on my thigh, drawing my eyes to my soft pussy, which was covered by the smooth white lace My blonde hair cascaded over my shoulders and my wispy bangs fell a little into my eyes, giving me a sultry look. I turned around and looked at my perky little ass in the thong. I bent over and watched as my lace-covered pussy appeared. God, I want this outfit, I thought. Looking down at the price tag, I sighed. This store was more expensive than my high school student budget allowed.

“So, what do you think?” asked the saleswoman, peeking her head in.

“I absolutely love it, some of the campus guys would die if they saw me in this, ” I said like a little girl staring at candy in a window display.

“You want me to go ahead and ring it up for you then?” asked the petite clerk politely.

Sighing, I thought of how depressed I was going to be when I told the saleslady no, not to ring it up, that I couldn’t afford it. I thought of all my boring panties and bras at home, and sighed again, blowing my blond bangs out into the air. Mischievously, I thought of the credit card in my purse; the credit card that daddy had said was just for emergencies; the credit card I had never even used. Excitedly, I blurt out, “Yes, go ahead and ring it up, ma’am.”

“Will that be cash, check, or charge?” Back in my regular clothing, I tossed the virgin credit card down on the counter and watched as the clerk carefully packaged my delectable new outfit. I practically skipped out of the store, hugging my sexy new lingerie to my chest, thinking of what a reaction it would have on my date this Friday night.

The week went by in a blur; classes were boring and all I could think about was what Gary, one of the boys on the soccer team, would do when he saw me on my knees in this outfit. Finally Friday came and I practically ran home from school, giddy with anticipation, my pussy already wet at the idea of letting Gary fuck me in the tiny white lace outfit.

Slamming the front door, I glided into the house, bumping into the broad chest of my father.

“Oh, sorry, daddy, didn’t see where I was going, I’m a little hyper today,” I giggled.

Daddy stood there, tight-lipped, not responding to my girly attitude. I looked at him and realized that something was wrong, he looked really angry.

“What is it, daddy, did something happen at work, you didn’t get layed off, did you?” I asked quietly. I knew daddy had been worrying about work down at the plant lately.

“Actually, work was fine, but the mail was rather interesting today, ” I listened, confused about where this kırklareli escort was going. ” I received a bill statement from your credit card today, ” I gulped and realized why my daddy was so angry.

“I can explain, daddy, really, its just…well..its just…” I rattled on and on, trying to think of some explanation.

” Two hundred and fifty dollars at some women’s lingerie store, Virginia!! Two hundred dollars! You know work is stressful lately, and you go and charge two hundreds worth of underwear, underwear which probably isn’t returnable. I am very angry, Virginia, what do you even need with lingerie, you’re in high school for God’s sake. I want to see what you bought, what was worth two hundred dollars, and I want to see it now!” daddy roared. I jumped at how loud his voice was, I had never seen him this mad before.

“Did you hear me, young lady, go upstairs and put on your two hundred dollars worth of panties!”

“You want me to show it to you …wearing it?” I asked, nervous and shaky.

“What, you think I’m good enough to pay for it but not to see it? Go put it on!” he thundered.

I turned and ran up the stairs to my bedroom. I slammed the door behind me and threw myself on the bed. I couldn’t let my daddy see me in this outfit, he would go insane with anger, but if I didn’t show it to him, he’d be just as angry. Reluctantly, I began to get dressed. As I smoothed the stockings over my thighs and clipped them to the garter belt, I realized that my pussy was quite wet, and the white lace of the thong clung to it damply. I straigthened the bra on my tits, causing my nipples to harden a bit, and then stood up, looking at myself in the mirror. I guess I won’t be showing this to Gary tonight, I thought. Quietly, I opened my bedroom door and walked down the hallway and then the stairs, to where my daddy sat in the living room. His head was down, reading the credit card statement over again. I cleared my throat as I entered the room, trying to arouse his attention.

Daddy looked up and I saw his breath catch in his throat. His eyes smoldered as he looked over me. He lingered on my tits, which stuck out firmly in the white bra, topped with nipples that grew harder and harder as my daddy stared at them. To my own shock, I suddenly imaginined being on my knees in this outfit in front of my daddy, instead of Gary. His thick cock sliding into my mouth as he admired me in my lingerie. Snapping back into reality, I watched as my daddy’s eyes ran over my pussy, which was now aching under the thin thong. He then looked up and down my long legs, covered by the sheer white fabric.

“Virginia, this outfit is slutty, completely slutty. I can not believe you charged this on the emergency credit card I gave you. This is unacceptable, and I expect you to pay me back, now,” my daddy whispered, his voice slightly low, somewhat raspy.

“But, d-d-daddy, I don’t have any money, what do you expect me-?”

“Now, Virginia, don’t be so naive.” daddy kırklareli escort bayan cut me off, “if you’re buying this slutty lingerie, I’m sure you can figure out how to pay a grown man back,” he whispered, a grin spreading across his face.

I began to breath hard as my daddy stood up and unzipped his pants. I couldn’t believe this, my daddy wasn’t like this, he was so proper, so polite, and now he was demanding that I ..service him? I was shocked, but also strangely aroused, the thought of sucking my father’s cock turned me on immensely and I walked towards him slowly. When I reached him, I dropped to my knees and waited for him to pull his dick from within his boxers. I looked up at him and realized that he was in another world. His eyes were glazed over and his breathing was erratic. He pulled his hard cock from inside his pants and I gasped. His cock was very large and thick, with veins running up and down it. The head was purplish and shiny with precum. I gulped and timidly slid my tongue out from between my lips, letting it flick across the tip of his dick, stretching a line of precum from his dick to my tongue.

“Oh god, Virginia, I’ve been fantasizing about this day ever since you were in a training bra, god, suck it, suck your daddy’s dick good, be a good little cocksucker;” my daddy moaned.

His words aroused me, and I got more bold with my cocksucking. I ran circles around his fat cock with my tongue, producing long trails of precum and spit. Moaning, I wrapped my mouth around just the head of long pole, enveloping his mushroom tip in my warm wet mouth.

“Thats it, Virginia, suck it good, made daddy feel real good,” he moaned, setting his hands on the back of my head and urging my mouth forward.

I groaned around his dick and slid my mouth forward a bit, then back onto just the tip. My tongue flicked over the tip and the underside of his cock, light butterfly licks all over his cock while my mouth sucked him harder. I sucked my cheeks in and produced a lot of spit, sliding my mouth farther down, trying to down his whole cock. His thick prick was wet and slimy now, with my spit, and my mouth slid easily back and forth along the shaft. His hand was now pushing on the back of my head, forcing his cock down my throat. I moaned and moved my head back and forth faster, pulling away every once in a while to look up into his eyes and let him watch a glob of precum stretch from my mouth to his cock.

“Your cock feels so good in my mouth, daddy, I’m sorry for being such a bad girl and charging these slutty clothes, daddy, I promise I’ll make it up to you, ” I whispered, really getting into it now.

I was intensely aroused, I could feel my cunt leaking juice down the inside of my thigh. While I buried my face in my daddy’s pubic hair and sucked his cock hard and fast, I slipped a hand inside my soaked thong and started to stroke my slit. Daddy was moaning and thrusting his hips forward, fucking my face hard, his large balls swinging escort kırklareli and slapping my chin. I slid one of my thin manicured fingers into my cunt and began to pump, matching the rhythm of daddy’s thrusts. I moaned around his cock as I played with my wet twat, rubbing the clit and then fingering my tight hole. Suddenly, daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth and moaned.

“I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop, and I want to fuck your tight pussy first,” daddy rasped.

I gasped. I was shocked enough when daddy ordered me to suck his dick, but now he wanted to fuck me too. I was giddy with the sexiness and insanity of the whole situation. My pussy was throbbing and I was going crazy. Daddy picked me up and pushed me back against the glass coffee table. He pushed my lace bra below my tits and rubbed my nipples, making them harder than before. He lowered his mouth to them and sucked hungrily, nipping a couple of times with his teeth until I shrieked. Then he pulled my panties to the side and stroked up and down my wet slit with his finger. I looked down and the sight of my daddy’s fingers on my wet cunt made me gasp, it was so sexy.

“God, Virginia, I have to fuck you now, I can’t hold back.”

Daddy put my ankles on his shoulders and positioned his cock on my pussy. Teasingly, he slid his cockhead up and down my slit a couple of times, before he suddenly slammed the whole length of his big cock into my tight wet cunt. I whimpered as I felt his huge dick invade my little body. Daddy pulled his cock back out to the head and then slammed back into my tight snatch. I gasped and began to squeeze and rub my own tits as he fucked me. He kept slamming in and out of my cunt. The coffee table was shaking and I was whimpering and panting for more. My eyes were shut, my mouth half open, my whole body covered in sweat. I moaned and looked down at the sight of my daddy’s thick purple dick sliding into my wet shaved cunt. I felt dirty and started urging my daddy on.

“Thats it, daddy, fuck your daughter’s wet little cunt, fuck it hard, stretch her wide, slam into me again and again, fuck me, yes, yes, oh yes, ” I was going wild, and knew I would cum soon.

Suddenly, daddy pulled out of me and turned me over so that my tits were mashed on the surface of the coffee table. He slid his huge pole into my soaked pussy again and started fucking me from behind. I started to breath loud and hard and scream obscenities as his cock pounded my pussy endlessly. He licked his finger and slid it gently into my asshole. That was too much for me. I screamed loudly and with a gush of juices, I came. My pussy spasmed, clenching and unclenching my daddy’s dick. I was moaning and whimpering and screaming as my daddy continued to fuck my cumming pussy.

“Oh god, Virginia, I’m going to cum, too, you made your daddy cum, you little slut, your tight pussy is going to make your daddy cum!!” he screamed.

With that, he pulled out of tight, exhausted pussy and I felt a hot stream of cum splash over my back and in my hair. I heard my daddy grunting and groaning and looked back to watch him shoot his hot load all over my back and ass. After he had finished soaking me in his cum, we both fell onto the the living floor, exhausted and shocked. In the back of our minds, both of us were already planning our next fuck.