Whitewash High Ch.10

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Whitewash High Ch.10For the students, the rest of the day went by without by without a problem. The police took Seth off to jail after taking witness reports from Nik and Suzy. More and more students gossiped about what happened. Unintentionally, Mr. Knight had taken down the top gang leader and one of his lieutenants in only a couple weeks. The power vacuum being created was immediately felt by the students. Ambitious gangbangers tried to stamp their authority over the vacant positions, while others tried to muscle in on other’s territory. But just as Suzy thought, Mistah Cracka-man’s actions put a buffer around her crew.Word got around she was protected, and accident or not, few wanted to cause shit with the person who did in minutes what others couldn’t do in months.“Your plan worked, Suzy,” one of the girls said in the washroom. “No one was hassling me today. I can’t believe you offered yourself up to him. You really were serious.”“Shut up. I never did anything with him. All he did was save me from Seth.”“Still, you should be happy. You got his protection, and kept your legs closed. Win-win.”“We didn’t win anything. We bought time, nothing else. He turned me down. Seth’s stupidity was only luck.”“You need to lighten up and enjoy the win for what it is. So what if it is only temporary? A few days of peace is better than nothing.”“I can’t afford to lighten up. Don’t be a stupid cunt. I’m trying to think of how to turn this situation permanent.”Suzy took a toothpick from her mouth and flicked it at the toilet before popping another into her mouth. Her ho was just that, a ho. No brains, just a large set of tits who did as she was told. Except for her friend Sammy, none of the other girls had any brains. They were all losers who were destined to repeat their mother’s lives as cheap whores on the streets.“Maybe we should make an alliance with one of the bigger crews, Suzy?” Sammy said as she counted up the morning’s totals. “It can’t hurt to put out a feeler, especially with our shield. It might give us a better bargaining position.”“I don’t want us to be swallowed up by one of the other gangs. It does none of us any good when we get out of here. All we’ll be remembered for is one in a long list of crews who helped a bigger crew meet their destiny. I want us to be remembered when the next intake walks through those doors in a year. I want my name on the bathroom door, emblazoned as one of the gangs to remember.”“We need to ally with someone though, Suzy. Even great leaders had allies. If it won’t be one of the top dogs, it’ll have to be the smaller gangs,” Sammy said.“Why not just take over?” one of the hos commented.“What?” Suzy replied“I’m not much for all this glory talk, unless you mean me kneeling in a gloryhole, but it sounds like you want to take over, so just do it. What is stopping you?”“It is more complicated than sucking a cock through a dirty hole in the wall,” Suzy scoffed.“I don’t know, Suzy, sounds like you’re overcomplicating things, but what do I know. I just suck cocks in a bathroom stall every break time.”“Speaking of which, don’t you have an appointment?” Sammy interrupted.The ho checked her watch and dashed out of the bathroom. She was indeed late for a cash infusion. The others left as well to snag one last customer before classes started again.“She is right, maybe we are overcomplicating this whole situation. It’s a power vacuum. Even though Jimmy Jack is working from a jail cell, his gang is not at 100% without him. And besides, he got taken out at the snap of a finger by your Crackerjack love. Jimmy Jack could have been all bluster and no one took a chance at finding out,” Sammy analyzed. “I’m not in love with Mistah Cracka-man.”“Please, Suzy, it is me. We’ve been friends for a long time. When have you ever spent so much time talking about a guy before? And the nickname? It is not like he is the first white man to walk through the halls. We get subs all the time. They don’t stick around but he is not unique.”“Mistah Cracka-man is just a means to an end.”“See, you said it again…oh, Mistah Cracka-man, you’re so handsome, you’re so strong.”Sammy pretended to swoon against the wall. There was no one else in the bathroom but the two of them. Suzy stared icicles at Sammy but the plain looking girl still smiled and joked around.“Can we please focus on the problem at hand?” Suzy said.“Just get your white knight to take out the trash for you.”“He refused. He won’t do it.”“He never said he wouldn’t do it,” Sammy said. “He said he wouldn’t protect your gang. He took out Jimmy Jack because the nigger was stupid enough to pull a shiv in class, and Seth got carted away because he tried to **** you with him around. So just focus him in the right direction. Set him up so he has no choice but to clean up the trash.”“Has anyone every told you you’re a genius, Sammy?”“All the time.”X“How was the chink?” Michelle asked at the dinner table. Tired of sitting on the living room floor she got one delivered. “You better not be too drained for me, Massa.”“She drained me good, babe. I’ll be honest, she was tight like a personalized fleshlight. I was cumming within a minute.”“That I’ve got to see,” Valerie commented. “I thought she was all bluster and no action.”“She is giving you girls a run for your money,” Nik said bluntly.“No one can outperform the duo of Wonder Negress and Oreo Girl,” Michelle boldly stated. “I’d drink your piss for a week if she topped us.”“You would anyways,” Nik said, winking.“You know what I mean, Massa. You’re such a bad boy, making us all jealous,” Michelle replied. “But more importantly, Valerie, what’s the word on that cunt lawyer?”Valerie put down her fork and smiled brightly. It was hard not to keep her intuition from spilling over.“My Massa senses went off whenever she was in Nik’s line of sight.”“You’re ‘Spider-Negress’ now?” Nik joked.“I’m being serious, Nik.” She playfully slapped his shoulder before continuing. “I could see subtle clues about her feelings that betrayed what she said. She acted pissed at you but I could smell the lust in her. She wants you, badly. I don’t know why. If she was a born Oreo like us, she’d not be in cahoots with her lawyer husband. I think her hubby is not getting the job done. Micro cock, or just doesn’t want sex.”“Maybe he is fucking someone else?” Michelle interjected.“I don’t know, either way she is desperate and seeing a real man on display in the office triggered something in her brain. The question is the proper speed to corrupt her. She also had a hard time remembering my name. Kept calling me Miss Schwarz. I never corrected her, but I don’t know if it was a simple mistake or something else.”“Maybe she can’t handle having a black girl with a white name? Considering how indoctrinated some of hubby’s law firm partners are, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was that deep,” Michelle commented.“Talk to her more, Valerie. Get in her head. If just me being around her is getting her cunt dripping, maybe making off-handed comments would push her further,” Nik ordered.“She did ask me how it was to have a white man under my thumb.”“If only she knew who was under whose thumb,” Michelle joked, rubbing her stocking clad foot along Massa’s bulge under the table. “We can’t say no to our Massa. Are you going to be mean and fuck the chink in front of us?”Nik spread his legs open wider to let the soft foot do its kinky magic.“You can bank on it, and the three of you will be making out in front of me like good bitches.”Michelle giggled while Valerie scoffed at the idea. Nik reached over to stroke her long, straight hair. Not a single curl could be found.“Jealous?”“No, what do I have to be jealous of?” Val shot back.“I think it is cute you and Gale fight over my affection. I can sivas escort only imagine the looks on your faces when I have you both suck me off at the same time, kissing each other over my cock.”Valerie took Nik’s hand and began to kiss it. “I’ll make sure you’re only looking at me, Massa. The chink won’t get any of your precious cum. Wonder Negress is a greedy nigger. Can you forgive her, Massa?”“I think I can be convinced to forgive you. Gale drained me dry earlier but I recover quickly, especially if Michelle makes it her mission to keep me hard 24/7,” he said, referring to her foot rubbing him.“I’m just being a good nigger, Massa.”The trio laughed at the lewd talk, eating dinner together in a jovial environment. Even after a stressful work day, they could put it all aside and focus on what mattered most to them: each other.Both Valerie and Michelle stayed the night. Michelle didn’t turn her nose up at sucking off Gale’s juices from Nik’s earlier escapade, as the group snuggled together in a romantic threesome. No harsh words, no racial kinks, just romantic petting, kissing, and slow fucking. The duo couldn’t help but feel happy being with Nik. They got the best of both worlds; a man not afraid to harness their racialized kinks but also a sweet, loving man who took care of them inside and outside the bedroom.Nik kissed along Michelle neckline, letting his tongue dance along the edges of the collar. He found each sweet spot that sent her body into orgasmic convulsions. Nails dug deep into his back and shoulders as she tried to keep her body from shaking.“Fuck, Massa, your tongue is divine. Yes, yes, right there. Please, keep licking me there!” she screamed out.Valerie looked on, rubbing Nik’s back softly, soothingly. Hot oil soaked into his muscular back as the black woman gave him a tender massage. Fingers slipped along each muscular contour, each groove, finding every knot to knead out.“Is Massa happy with his massage?” she asked.He did not answer with words but with groans. Her hands were magic, getting all the stress out of his system. Michelle got to be the target of his renewed vigor.“So naughty. You need to tag in for me, Valerie. You’re going to orgasm once Massa finds your pleasure spot,” she cooed. “You’re too good to me, Massa. I should be doing this to you but you’re taking care of me first.”Nik kissed her to shut her up. His tongue delved deep into her mouth, marrying the naughty tongue that laid within. As they made out, Valerie changed positions, moving down his lower body. She purred while rubbing down his thick, tree trunk legs. So much power was generated from them and his hips, so much power that shoved his cock deeper into their holes.“Massa is a good provider, Michelle. We’re lucky to have him.”Valerie leaned over to kiss along the backs of his legs. First a kiss, then a rub, a kiss, then a rub. Back and forth she rotated this way along each centimeter.Michelle wiggled out of Nik’s grasp, gently stroking his hair.“I saw something I always wanted to try. Just lie there, close your eyes, and don’t think about anything, Massa. Relax and enjoy yourself,” Michelle commented, walking over to the table to grab a bottle of body lotion.As she squirted copious amounts all over her toned, fit body, Valerie sat next to her man and stroked his hair in a motherly fashion. She smiled at the show Michelle was staging. Nimble, ebony fingers rubbed in the lotion all over her body. Dark skin shone brightly under the lamp light.Crawling on top of her man like a cat, Michelle rubbed her body all along, from legs to shoulders. Her giant tits rubbed the lotion into his skin, using her body like a cloth. As she snaked along one of his legs, an adventurous nose poked into his butt.“Wow…that feels wonderful. There…right there.”Michelle smiled at hearing her Massa give directions. Her tongue licked along the ring of his butthole, teasing him, before slipping inside. It was slow, methodical, but most importantly loving. Two firm hands spread his cheeks apart to allow her as much room as possible. There was not any spit or lewd, nasty dirty talking. Just quiet licking and the pleasurable moans of Massa.“Is Massa happy?” Valerie asked.“Yes, Valerie, I’m very happy. Thank you, girls. You’re both everything a man could ask for.”“Such a sweet talker, Massa is,” Valerie commented, giving his head a gentle kiss.Michelle continued to snake her way up Nik’s back, using her tits to rub the same muscles Valerie did with her hands. He smiled at the feeling. They had the perfect amount of squishiness and firmness.“I want to go to the gym with both of you next time. I feel more powerful, stronger when I’m working out with you Valerie. But I want Michelle to join us.”“Going to show off your girls to the world?” Michelle joked.“I’ll be happy the day we don’t have to keep this secret hidden, that we can be open about our relationship. Call it our special date night.”“I’d like that too,” Valerie agreed. “Now turn around. We’re going to do something else for you.”Doing as he was told, he laid his head back on the pillow to enjoy the show. The two ebony Amazons began fondling each other romantically, softly. They alternated looking at each other and looking at Nik. Lust and affection were apparent in their eyes. Lips touched, slowly sliding over each other. They kissed so slowly they could feel each crack, each crevice.Both girls reached down with a single hand, stroking Nik’s thick, veiny cock. Their dark skin contrasted with his, as they stroked him up and down as a single, cohesive unit. From head to base, they stroked his shaft with gentle caresses. No firm grip as if they were in the throngs of depraved passion, but a seductive touch. Nik was about to make a comment but Valerie immediately put a finger to his lips. He quickly got the hint. Turning around, Valerie rubbed her toned butt up against his cock. Not between her cheeks but against them, letting him feel the hot, burning fire of romance as their skin caressed each other. Michelle soon joined, smothering the large cock in a butt paizuri.Nik wanted to cum so badly but a part of him said to hold back. As if Michelle read his mind, he could see in her eyes they wanted him to cum any time he felt like it. She bit her lip suggestively, rubbing her tits, and moaning in passion.Both girl’s pussies were on fire. Their man made them feel like goddesses with how his eyes soaked in every inch of their body without shame or judgement. Both of their toned, hard bodies were worthy of being cover models for elite fitness magazines but so few people thought them sexy. They were not roided up she-males. Their faces, tits, ass, everything still kept its femininity, but was compact and firm.In unison the three started groaning. Quicker, higher pitched, they all knew their climaxes would be coming soon. Reaching out, Nik held their hands. With each spasm, each wave of pleasure that sent shockwaves through their bodies, their hands gripped tighter. Sperm shot straight up into the air and landed somewhere. They were not paying attention. Their entire focus was on each other, showing with their eyes everything that needed to be said about their relationship.XWaking up in the morning, Nik slipped out of bed. u*********sly, both of the girls filled the void between them by cozying up closer to each other. His cock got hard at the sight of their perfect, naked, ebony bodies with his dried semen covering various body parts. Checking his email, the message he expected was waiting.“The deal is in place. The boss was happy to hear from you. She thought you’d never come back to us. The contract is attached. Just make sure the woman signs it. Let us know when you get the first recording and tekirdağ escort we’ll post a press release. I’m sure your adoring fans will be salivating at your return. Come say hi the next time you’re in the country.”Nik closed the email and sighed. He wanted to get out of the life, to settle down and find happiness. Maybe this was a sign that he shouldn’t run from what he truly was, or run from what he was good at? Leaning over the girls, he gave each of them a soft kiss on their hair before going to shower. He had a gut feeling something would happen today.XWalking through the halls, people hushed up their normal rowdy speech and gestures, staring down the white teacher. Some stared daggers, some were in awe, and a few of the more sexually open girls licked their lips. Two thugs taken down like flies and his rep was rising. Nik knew part of it was luck they didn’t have any guns. As tough as he was, a bullet between the eyes would end it all.A girl screamed, coming around the corner of the hallway, and ran right into Mr. Knight. It was Suzy. Her clothing was torn, and tears ran down her eyes.“You’ve got to help me, Mistah Cracka-man. Some of Seth’s friends want payback,” she pleaded.A few gang members turned the corner, looking serious and angry. One of them flashed a pair of brass knucks in his hand.“Bitch, we told you never to come into our part of the building again,” one of them said, pointing aggressively at her.“Cracker ho needs to be shown her place. No whites allowed,” another said, punching his palm with brass intent.Mr. Knight pushed Suzy behind him, shielding her from the gang members as onlookers began cheering. All means of egress were cut off by the crowd.“There is a price on your head, honky. You don’t think Jimmy Jack forgot what you did to him? We’re going to take you down and have ourselves some fun with your whore.”“Aren’t you going to let me take off my jacket first?” he asked, not bothering to wait for a reply.He slid it off gracefully, exposing his tight dress shirt. Muscles popped out, and thick, veiny forearms were uncovered as he rolled up his sleeves.“You sure about this?” one of the thugs asked his leader.“He just got in lucky shots, nigger. He can’t take three on one,” the leader said, advancing.Once the first of the thugs advanced, Nik didn’t wait and turn this into a movie showdown. He struck fast and hard. Deftly dodging the teen’s punch, he shot a hand out to grapple his face. With a swift kick, the thug fell onto his back, head smashed into the hard floor.“You guys can come quietly, or you can end up like your friend.”The two remaining thugs smirked, not moving. Nik didn’t sense anything was wrong until it was too late. Suzy yelped as she was pushed aside, and cold steel was thrust into Nik’s back. He grunted in pain, but kept enough composure to kick behind and strike the man solidly between the legs. The unearthly wail unhinged the onlookers as the punk toppled over in agony, puking up his guts. “Got any more surprises?” Nik said with bravado, leaving the knife in. “One, twelve, I’ve dealt with tougher punks than you. You want that bounty, come and earn it. You’ll need it after I break you like the peasants you are.”He was pissed. All he wanted was a calm, normal life, but trouble kept finding him. Fiery eyes stared down the school punks. His muscular chest heaved up and down, trying to catch his breath and not go into shock. One of the punks backpedalled, scared at the scene.“I told you this was a bad idea. No normal honky would get involved in a school like ours,” he said. The crowd was too thick and pushed him back into the fray. His buddy rushed forward, only to be met with a harsh kick in the sides. The crowd cheered at the sound of bones cracking, and the youth hunched over in pain.“No, please…I’m sorry…I like white people. You’re cool. Don’t hurt me.” He looked at Suzy. “I’m sorry, Suzy. It was just a joke, yes, that’s it, a bad joke. Please don’t hurt me.”The thug began tearing up, afraid for his life as their plan backfired. Three of his friends were laid out u*********s or wishing they were, while the white teacher stood valiantly with the knife in his back.“What is going on here?!” Valerie screamed out, pushing through the crowd.Behind her was Amanda. They were in the middle of another meeting when word reached the office of fighting in the hallway. Valerie immediately went over to tend to Nik.“Mr. Knight, are you okay?”While her words sounded professional, Nik could see the concern in her eyes. He reached out to wrap an arm around her shoulder for support. The walls began to spin, and his vision started to blur.“I need an am…bu…lan…,” he slurred before passing out in her arms.XMichelle paced the hospital hallway. The school got closed down for the day as the cops came in full force. No longer was it a minor scuffle that annoyed them on a daily basis, but something more serious: attempted murder. All the thugs got taken away in cuffs, along with a few more rowdy students who thought it smart to mouth off to cops in riot gear. The media also showed up, with footage of Nik being carted away in an ambulance all over the nightly news.“He will be okay,” Valerie said, sipping a cup of coffee.“Of course he’ll be alright. Don’t think otherwise!” Michelle paused, tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Val. I’m just so worried about him. The doctor said the knife wound was deep.”“What are you crying over?” Amanda said, appearing out of nowhere. “You act like you never saw a stabbing before.”“What did you say?” Michelle spat out.“The racist pig got what was coming to him. He probably said something insensitive to those young, impressionable students, and brought it upon himself.”“Those students are a bunch of a****ls,” Michelle said angrily. “If anything they deserved to get the shit beat out of them.”“I can see the contamination has spread to others in your staff, Miss Schwarz.”“Her name is Weiss.”“No, that word is not politically correct in the current white supremacist climate. How do you think your students feel when their proper, respectable, black principal has already been colonialized with a white name?”“Okay, okay, we get it, Amanda. What are you even doing here?” Valerie asked, trying to remain neutral and keep to Nik’s plan.“I’m here to serve him papers.”“Papers?” both women said in unison.“Yes, I’ve been retained by the boys savagely beaten today to sue him for hate crimes.”“Wait, won’t the cops just charge him if that is true?” Michelle asked.“The white man’s system of justice takes too long. Besides, a proud black woman like you should be thanking me. One less oppressor at your school.”Michelle was about to clock the lawyer but Valerie shot up in front of her.“I think it’d be for the best if you leave it with me, Amanda. I am his boss. Besides, these walls talk. You wouldn’t want the press to know you served a lawsuit to a man as he was in the middle of surgery now, would you? It’d sway public opinion against you.”Amanda smirked at Michelle before nodding her head in agreement.“You’re right. My lust for social justice clouded my judgement. Give it to him when you feel it is best…and Miss Oreo, you better realize you’re on the wrong side of history with an attitude like that.”Amanda walked off with a saucy sway to her steps. Her butt jiggled with each click of the heels, barely contained by a skirt too tight for its own good.“I swear, Valerie, I am going to cunt punt that nigger the next time I see her.”“You and me both, sister. But ignore her. She is just an ignorant nigger,” Valerie said, gently cupping Michelle’s face. “We need to remain focused on Massa, okay? When he wakes up he’ll want to see his women doting over him like an emperor. We need to escort bayan show him we’re both confident and concerned for him.”Michelle nodded her head. The sound of clicking heels broke up their huddle. A woman walked out of the emergency surgery doors towards them. blood covered her surgical greens, and when she took off the surgical mask, the two black women looked shocked.“It seems our fates are woven together.”“You’re a surgeon?” Valerie asked in shock surprise.“Guilty as charged.” Dr. Rai took off her bloody gloves and stuffed them in her waistband. “Want the good news or the bad news first?”“The good news,” Val answered.“The good news is he’ll live. The knife missed any vital organs. Just a mess of a wound. The bad news is he’ll need to take some time off, real time off. I don’t want his stitches to tear and cause another mess.”Both women looked gleeful at hearing the happy news.“You sure picked a winner, ladies,” Rai said, crossing her arms.“What do you mean?” Michelle asked.“He has had some primo plastic surgery done to his skin…I mean expensive. You’d have never know this was not his first rodeo with a knife. I only know one or two doctor’s with the reputation to handle the level of ink draining required to clean a…”“We know. He is our man after all. He told us.”Dr. Rai licked her lips.“So, you three are still hot and heavy. I kept your card, Michelle. I’ve just been too busy with plugging bullet holes and knife wounds to call you.”“Your card?” Valerie inquired.“I wanted to invite her over for some fun with Massa. They already had fun together so I thought it’d be a nice surprise one night for her to show up like a slutty nurse.”“It’d be a big pay cut and I’d be overqualified, but those uniforms are too hot to pass up sometimes,” Rai commented.“When can we expect him out of the hospital?” Valerie asked, bringing the topic back to more immediate concerns.“He will be in observation for a couple days. Better safe than sorry. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of all his needs personally,” Rai winked at the pair.“You better,” Michelle commented, more rudely than intended.“Has anyone said how cute you two are when you’re upset? Nik must be happy to have a couple of loyal house niggers like you. Feels like I’m in the 1800s. But who am I to judge? He is the White Rajah after all,” she playfully smirked.Dr. Rai left the two women alone. A huge sigh of relief washed over them. Massa would be okay. Everything else would be easy compared to if they lost him. They also felt good that Nik told them about his past. They did not know how they would have reacted about his surgical exploits if kept in the dark until now.“You can go home now, Michelle. I’ll wait here until he is moved to his room,” Valerie said.“I’m staying too.”“Won’t your husband be wondering what is going on?”“Fuck him. Nik is more important. I’ve never felt more sure about anything in my life than right now.”Michelle rubbed her collar. The busty, ebony Amazon never took it off, even in the shower. It was a source of great pride and strength to her, and was a powerful symbol. If she left now when he was to open his eyes, not to see her doting over him, it would be a slap in the face.“Alright. But you’re getting sleep first. I have some reading to do.”Michelle was about to interject but Valerie’s stare put an easy halt to any protest. She knew the principal would have no arguments about it.XSuzy sat on her bed, knees to her chest, sobbing. The plan backfired in spectacular fashion. It was not supposed to happen the way it did. He took down the other two so easily without a scratch. Suzy did not plan on Jimmy Jack’s reach being so far in jail that he could put a hit out on a teacher. Rubbing her eyes of tears, the schoolgirl tried to think of a new plan.Her mind was conflicted. One part said she did nothing wrong. She had a gang to lead and people get hurt on the road to success. The other part felt remorse, that she used Mistah Cracka-man like an unwitting pawn. If she didn’t provoke the others then he’d not face a four-on-one ambush.The morality debate went back and forth in her mind. As depressing as it was, it was the lesser of two evils. It helped block out the noise from the bedroom. She hated this apartment, hated her mother, and sometimes hated herself. Some people thought she was a nigger for looking too dark, and others called her a cracker for looking to light. It hurt, every day it hurt. She walked down a dark path, pimping out her schoolmates for survival. No, that was not entirely true. It was not entirely about survival. The part of her soul that hated herself used her position as a way to get revenge on the life she was dealt. As much as she hated her mother and her whorish ways, she hated the blackness that defiled her attractive features. White people might think she was a nigger, some half-breed mongrel, but at least it was only that…a thought. Whites still treated her with a modicum of human decency. The blacks in her neighbourhood made it clear from day one what they thought of her. A cracker, a honkey, some abominable love c***d.Suzy admitted she was a hypocrite because she always called Mr. Knight Mistah Cracka-man, but it was the complicated nature of her soul. She was caught between two worlds, unable to fit fully into either, trying to survive and better her station in life so she did not became what she hated most.The phone rang, breaking up the melancholy mood.“Hello?” she spoke softly.“Suzy, you okay, girl? The school was abuzz over what happened. SWAT cops and everything. We got on the news.”“I’m okay,” she said weakly. “Just tired.”“You’re lucky to be alive.”“Yeah…”“I don’t think Mr. Knight is going to be coming back for a while. Rumor has it there were complications at the hospital.”“Who told you that?”“Just the g****vine.”“I wouldn’t believe any of it. He is a fighter. He wouldn’t let a stupid nigger kill him.”“Are you really okay, Suzy? I know you have a crush on him and everything.”“I said shut up about that. I don’t have a crush on him.”“Look, you don’t have to lie to me,” Sammy said. “Go and visit the hospital. Or come over here. I don’t think you should be alone right now.”Suzy wiped tears from her cheeks.“Fine, I’ll come over. Not like I’ll be missed anyways here…”X“What the fuck do you mean he is in the hospital?” Gale yelled into the cellphone. “If those stupid ghetto punks were not already in the slammer, I’d lynch them myself for hurting Daddy.”She made no attempt to quiet her voice despite drawing attention to herself in the gym.“I need to go. Don’t do anything you’ll regret, Gale, for Massa’s sake.”“I’m not braindead, Valerie. I’ll be a good girl. But don’t expect to hog him all to yourself. I’ll be moving in to help take care of him.”Before Valerie had a chance to argue, the phone went dead.“You know, Michelle, sometimes I wonder about the type of girls Massa attracts.”“You mean are we just as loony toons as Gale but don’t realize it?” she replied, yawning.“Yeah.”“Probably. We’re both Oreos. I’m in a sham marriage, and you gave up your virginity at the snap of a finger, after guarding it for how many years? Face it, girlfriend, we’re all a little damaged and touched in the head. But maybe that is Massa’s appeal. He can juggle all our insanity.”“Yeah…And let us hope this lawsuit nonsense can get taken care of. I’ve read over the papers. I’m not a lawyer, so there might be some legalese I’m not understanding, but their entire case is based on racial discrimination.”“So because he is white he is naturally a racist and hates blacks?”“I don’t see how this will fly in court but I’m not a lawyer. If he was such a racist why would he risk getting killed working at a ghetto school?” Valerie mused.“We can make ourselves loopy trying to figure out what that asshole is planning. What we need to do is make sure Massa’s plan comes to fruition. We won’t have to worry about any of this then.”Valerie nodded. She had all the faith that Nik’s plan would work. What was the worst that could happen, get stabbed?