“Who Are You Going To Please With That Little

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“Who Are You Going To Please With That Little[ For any, and all, men who didn’t get a big dick, and who may have felt ‘inadequate’, and disappointing to girlfriends or wives because of that…take heart! Pussy is only one way of ‘having sex!’ ]About a year before my first wife and I divorced, we’d been to a picnic with fellow employees from where she was working at the time, when somehow she and I got into a thinly veiled argument about our sex life. We probably shouldn’t have been talking about that in such a context, but we were. I’d been alluding to the fact that she didn’t seem all that interested in sex these days, and that embarrassed her. I could see her face turn slightly red. There was a brief pause, and then she replied: “So—who are you going to please with that little thing?!” Meaning, of course, my cock! That caught me a little off- guard, but I rallied by retorting: “ME, I guess!”There was a brief, nervous chuckle from those who had overheard our conversation, and that was the end of that.Fast forward now two years (this would be 1983)—At the time of the picnic conversation I alluded to above, I didn’t know that my wife was involved in fucking someone else. That only came to light about six months after our divorce. I’d met the guy she was fucking, too, but I didn’t know it. He was a slightly younger black guy by the name of Duane, who worked in the bursa escort shipping-receiving department where my wife worked; and though I maybe should have been angry about that…strangely enough, I wasn’t! In fact, rather than angry, I found myself very sexually aroused by it!Our marriage was over. I didn’t try and fool myself into thinking it wasn’t, and yet, in spite of the fact that we were no longer married, I would have gladly gone back to her…even if she kept fucking Duane, or whoever else she might have fucked besides him; but she’d made it perfectly clear that there was absolutely no way that she wanted back together with me! Nevertheless, I carried a torch for her for a long time; and I began to find that the thought of her fucking that young black guy—excited me, sexually!I can’t begin to count the many, many times I sat alone in my apartment in the evenings after work, or on the weekends, jacking off while picturing my ex-wife fucking Duane—it had to be many hundreds of times; and over time, I recalled the thing she’d said that afternoon at her company’s picnic, when she’d replied: “So—who are YOU going to please with that little thing!?” The answer, of course, was the same one I’d replied with then: ME!I eventually came upon a whole genre of porn called ‘interracial cuckold’ porn, and once I’d begun watching bursa escort bayan it, I was immediately hooked!I couldn’t get enough of it! With my small, pale white ‘penis’, I began to indulge in what was now my only form of sexual pleasure, or release, namely—masturbation! Watching interracial porn, I was so amazed at how much BIGGER these black guys cocks were compared to mine; and it seemed far more appropriate to use the word ‘penis’, rather than ‘cock’, when I compared mine to theirs. ‘Penis’ somehow sounded more fitting for me. The word penis conjured up the idea of sexual ‘inferiority’; MY sexual inferiority. After all, my wife had divorced over that very fact, hadn’t she? Yes, she had.Rather than feel angry over my apparent sexual inadequacy, and small cock, I felt something that can best be described as a curious sort of exhilaration; that came only after I’d begun to admit to this growing sense of my sexual inadequacy! As such, I suddenly enjoyed masturbating (and watching interracial porn) with a greatly increased sense of pleasure that is difficult to explain.In a fairly short amount of time, I was becoming increasingly settled to the idea that I may never again have successful access to women; and not because I didn’t think I wasn’t outwardly good looking enough, but because I wasn’t sure I wanted to! I loved escort bursa my sessions of porn and masturbation so much, that I doubted that I’d meet another woman I’d really want to try and fuck.It was just so much easier, and way less fraught with ‘performance anxiety,’ that I’d always had before my wife and I divorced. I even came to like my small penis more than I had before. It hadn’t been my choice to have a small cock. That was strictly genetic. So, rather than turn frustration on myself for it, I decided to accept it; and masturbation was what helped me do that so successfully!Before the divorce, I’d never been able to last for more than a few excited moments before I ejaculated—but after the divorce, and after I’d begun to settle in to a life composed mainly of porn and masturbation, I found it way easier to go for much longer periods of time! Thinking of my ex-wife fucking other men (and black men like Duane) became the primary motivator for ever-increasing periods of highly enjoyable sessions of jerking off. There came a point where I really no longer thought of fucking another woman. Not then. Not ever, really. Masturbation and porn were more than adequate enough for me if I wanted some deeply satisfying sexual pleasure; and that’s the way it has remained ever since.No need to pity me, though! I’m now perfectly content to be pussy-free. It feels right and proper. Let the Duane’s of this world have all the pussy. I don’t need it. In fact, I’m not sure I’d avail myself of it even if it was offered to me! It’s been too long now, and I know, and have experienced, that there is an alternative to it, and a very satisfying alternative at that!The End