Wife and Collegue

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Wife and CollegueCredits to the author this is just another one of my favourites.. cheers*******************************************************************************WifeAUTHOR: Sameer EDITOR: Admin By-SameerPROLOGUEOne of the partners in my firm had gotten in early on a condominium development in SW Florida. By the time the building was complete, Mark and a few of his wealthier clients had parlayed their initial investment to the point that they now owned the entire six condos on the top floor of the prime beachfront unit. He had offered me the use of his place on numerous occasions, expounding upon the private, white sand beach, beautifully landscaped grounds, local upscale shopping (for my wife), and abundant golfing opportunities (for me). After my daughter’s junior year, my wife and I decided that it might be nice to take an extended vacation before she went of to college in the fall, so I blocked off two full weeks for the first time in my career and took my partner up on his offer.If anything, he undersold the place. His unit had four spacious bedrooms, my 12 and 15 year old boys were estatic that they wouldn’t be sharing a room, and was expensively decorated. His large kitchen had granite tops and teak wood cabinets, the living area was plushly furnished and it had a huge balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. I played at least 18 holes a day while my family lounged on the beach. We ate great seafood almost every night at some fantastic local haunts and soaked up tons of sunshine.Midway through the second week of paradise, one of my partner’s clients and co-investors came down to his place. Nicholas Pavlos, or Nico as he liked to be known, was the only son of a Greek immigrant who founded a chain of home electronics stores across the Midwest. When his father passed away, Nico found himself a millionaire several times over even though he had just (barely) graduated from college.My partner had told me that Nico was burning through his inheritance at an alarming rate. Raised primarily in Europe, he had an unquenchable thirst for good wine, fine art, hard-bodied females and illicit d**gs. Mark had pulled his nuts out of the fire on more than one occasion but he didn’t seem to be slowing down and at age 26, still felt the invincibility of youth.I had met him at the office a few times, so when I ran into him at the condo he insisted that my wife and I join him for cocktails at a party he was throwing. Knowing his reputation, I expected there would likely be some interesting characters in attendance and an unparalleled spread of food and drink. After talking it over with my wife, Andrea, we decided “what the hell” and I called to accept his invitation.When I climbed out of the shower, Andrea was finishing her make-up. Although she had just turned forty-five, she had the body of a woman half her age. A petite woman with a trim waist, tight ass and slender legs, she had asked to get her boobs done when she turned forty. After three k**s they had fallen a bit, so I gladly paid a top plastic surgeon in LA to restore them to pre-marriage form. She and I were thrilled with the results; perfect D cups, they looked completely natural and my daughter constantly complained about my wife borrowing her clothes.She was wearing a black lace camisole with a shelf bra over a pair of white capri pants. The pants were wonderfully snug over her great ass and a thin strip of her taut, tan tummy showed above her pants. Her light brown her was cut just below her neck, then swept at a downward angle over her shoulders. She was wearing it straight down in a manner I always found incredibly sexy. Her brown eye-shadow had the smallest hint of glitter which added to the sparkle in her green eyes. As I toweled off, she was applying a thick layer of shiny lip gloss to her pouty lips in a soft, red shade.”Jesus . . . You look fantastic!” I told her, drawn to the lovely swell of her breasts which were bursting atop the camisole. “Maybe we should stay home.” I added with a wink.”Thank you sweetie!” she smiled “But I really think we need to go. He is one of Mark’s biggest clients.””You’re probably right. If it gets too crazy, we can always leave early.”As I was giving last minute instructions to our k**s, Andrea walked into the living room, now wearing a pair of thong sandals with 3 1/2 inch heels. As we walked down the hallway to Nico’s corner unit, I was thinking that I didn’t know how my wife could have been any more attractive.THE PARTYNico greeted us at the door and it was clear that he had started the party early. Just over six feet tall, with the lean V-shaped physique of a swimmer, his long wavy, black hair was pushed back from his face. The sun had deepened his already dark complexion and his long-sleeved white silk shirt had a few extra buttons undone revealing a smooth, muscled chest.”Scottie!” he exclaimed in greeting “Glad you could make it.” Then turning to Andrea, his eyes passing admiringly up and down her sexy form “And this must be the lovely Mrs.Laine!” he asked taking her hand in both of his, his eyes alight with interest.After introductions, Nico procured a superb Shirah for me while finding a Chardonnay for Andrea which she said was incredible. There were about a dozen others present, most of them much younger than my wife and I, but, I have to admit that Nico knew how to throw a party. I was having a great time and Andrea and I were drinking much more than usual. Nico collected art and he showed us several pieces that were quite impressive. He said he had just gotten a new painting for his bedroom, but before we could see it, he was called away by one of the other guests.We watched a gorgeous sunset from his spacious balcony as I lit a Cuban which Nico had given me earlier. Nico joined us at our table and removed a long, dark cigarette from a silver case, before offering one to Andrea. She giggled and looked at me, her eyebrows arched in a questioning manner. Although I had never known her to smoke anything in our time together, I told her “Go ahead. I don’t mind.”She smiled and reached for a cigarette, bringing it to her wetly shining lips to accept a light from Nico. Sensing that he was working with a rookie, he advised her “Draw real slowly, until you get the hang of it.”Andrea took a slow drag, coughing slightly, before exhaling up into the ocean breeze. After a few more drags, she seemed to be getting quite comfortable, mimicing Nico’s thin exhales and tapping her ashes into an empty cup she shared with him.Nico was quite drunk, but still very charming, telling humorous stories and always making sure our glasses were full. Later, as he was lighting another cigarette for my wife, I excused myself to find the bathroom. After answering the call of nature, I was feeling a little light-headed, so I slumped down on a huge leather couch and tried to find Sports center on his flat screen. Everyone else was out on the balcony, their voices and laughter muted by the thick glass of the hurricane doors.Several minutes later, Nico came in and collapsed in the chair next to me, his long legs extended in front of him, his eyes glassy from alcohol.He looked at me for a few moments, then smiled saying “I’m going to fuck your wife.”I sputtered and laughed in response, not sure if I heard him correctly “What did you say?'”I said ‘I’m going to fuck your wife’.”At this I laughed harder, playing along with him, recognizing that he might be even drunker than I realized.”No . . . I’m serious, man!” Nico responded much more seriously “She is the hottest woman here.””Well . . . I appreciate that.” I told him, thinking that maybe this was just his way of giving me a compliment since in fact, there were several very attractive women in attendance, all of them much younger than Andrea and who clearly had designs on Nico.”You think I’m k**ding, don’t you?”I started feeling a little uncomfortable about where this was going, and not wanting to piss off my partner’s drunk client, tried to play along.”No . . . Not at all. I’m sure you’re serious. But she might have a say in this, you know.””Damn right I’m serious.” he added as if he didn’t hear me. “I’ll tell you what . . . I will bet you $1,000 that I fuck your wife. Are you in or out?”Now I was pissed, drunk or not, this was getting ridiculous. Getting to my feet I told him” Allright . . . You made your point. I’m in! Now I think we’d better get going, it’s getting late. Thanks for the invite.”I went out on the balcony to find my wife talking with a group of young men, a wine glass and cigarette in one hand, the other holding the blacony railing. She seemed disappointed that we were leaving, but after saying goodbye to her new friends, accompanied me inside.Nico walked us to the door, I thanked him again, his mood seemed to have improved. Maybe he had already forgotten how he had acted, he was awfully drunk. We shook hands and he kissed Andrea lightly on the cheek before we left.As we got ready for bed, I thought about what Nico had said as I watched my wife slip into a white, silk nightie. He was right, she did look fantastic. When she slid into bed next to me, I kissed her reaching between her legs.She laughed and softly returned my kiss “Sweetie, it’s late. We’re both tired. How a bout I give you a quick hand-job. Would that be okay?”I groaned in disappointment, but her hand quickly found my cock and with a firm, practiced grip she started in on me. Rolling over on my back, she raised up on her elbow, smiling beautifully at me as she brought me quickly towards my happy ending. She had never given me a single reason to doubt her faithfulness in our over twenty years together. It was silly to let a drunken trust-fund idiot to get under my skin.As I came, I knew my bet was safe.THE NEXT DAYI had a late tee-time and Andrea was fixing my lunch. The k**s were already on the beach, my wife kuşadası escort intending to meet them later after I was gone. She was wearing a black, string bikini with side ties that I had never seen before. Her full breasts were barely contained by the thin material, her tight tummy on glorious display.”Is that swimsuit new? You look great.” I asked taking a bite of my sandwich.”I got it yesterday at Sak’s when Katie and I went shopping. Do you like?” she asked sweetly, turning and looking over her shoulder at me.”I like very much.” then added “Maybe I could be a few minutes late for my tee-time.”Andrea laughed “You’re so bad! No . . . You get out of here. This is our last day, and I want to get some more sun before we go back to boring Middleton. Maybe we’ll do something tonite” she offered with a twinkle in her eye.Later that evening after the k**s were asleep and we had turned in, Andrea surprised me by pulling back the sheets and taking my cock into her mouth. I usually had to ask for oral sex and although she never turned me down, the blow jobs she gave me were usually brief and only as a prelude to intercourse. But, I never complained.After I was hard I expected her to roll over on her back, but she suprised me again by sucking one of my nuts into her mouth. This was completly new to me, the pleasure was exquisite and I inhaled sharply. She worked on my other nut, licking and sucking my ball sack as she stroked me with a hand that felt like warm silk.Licking up the length of my shaft, she took my engorged head back into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked me, moaning softly. She pulled her lips away with a pop, smiling at me with look of self-satisfaction.”You like that,Darling?” she asked in an innocent voice.”OH Yea!” I groaned “Keep doing that!!”With a sultry laugh, she lowered her head, kissing my cock all over before sucking my balls again. With my shaft back in her mouth, her head began bobbing a rapid rhythm, one hand working my wetly shining cock.With a shout, I came in her mouth, again a first, and she swallowed each pulse, never removing her mouth until I was completely spent. Looking up at me she smiled, and kissed my stomach, then up my chest, before kissing me hard on the lips.”Thank you for a wonderful vacation.” she sighed before laying on my still heaving chest and drifting off to sleep.After we got back home, she suprised me again by buying me an expensive set of irons that I had been looking at. Clearly, I had scored big points on our trip.ONE WEEK LATERSeveral days after our return, my secretary brought me a manila folder marked “Confidential.” In my line of work, this wasn’t unusual but as I inspected the package I noted that it had no return address.Inside I found a mini-cd and a piece of folded paper. Opening the paper, I discovered a handwritten note stating simply “You owe me $1,000.”I put the disc in my lap-top and clicked the mouse on “Play”. The video began by showing a large bedroom that I didn’t recognize until Nico walked into the room . . . leading my wife by her hand. I stopped the video and picked up the phone calling my secretary “Tina . . . No calls, please.” Hanging up, I clicked “Play” again.After watching for a few moments, it was became obvious that Nico had at least five different cameras hooked up in his bedroom. The pictures and sound were crystal clear, the audio/video equipment must have been the top of the line from his chain of stores.Andrea was wearing the black two-piece I had seen her in our last morning in Florida, but she had slipped into her high-heeled thong slides that she had worn the previous evening to the party. She had also applied the light brown eye shadow with glitter and her lips glistened in a soft, red shade. Nico was shirtless, wearing only a pair of long, baggy swim trunks.He led her over towards the large painting next to his bed, and then stood directly behind her, both holding tall champagne glasses.”Oh . . . Nico!” my wife exclaimed “It is beautiful . . . I love the colors he used . . . They are so vibrant . . . vivid really.”As she spoke, Nico placed his hand softly on my wife’s bare midsection, just above the gentle swell of her hip. I saw Andrea’s eyes dart down to his hand when she felt his touch, but she did not move away or voice any objection. Instead, you could see a thin smile start to form on her lips.Still standing behind her, Nico slowly slid his hand across the front of her tight, tan tummy and down between her legs. Andrea spread her legs slightly as he began to gently rub her pussy on the outside of her suit. Her eyes closed, now leaning back into his broad shoulders.With a groan, Andrea turned into his arms, her face inches from his. Looking up into his eyes, she said softly:”I really shouldn’t be here.”Nico took her glass from her hand and placed it on the bedside table with his own. He put both his hands on her hips, my wife responding by resting her hands lightly on his tanned and corded forearms.”You are free to leave if you want.” Nico told her.Andrea quickly responded with a sexy smile “Oh no . . . You misunderstood me. I said I shouldn’t be here. I didn’t say anything about wanting to leave!”With that she lifted her arms up over his shoulders and pulled his face down to her hungry lips. They kissed softly at first, Andrea’s tongue darting into his open mouth, before Nico pulled her into his hot embrace. His lips pressed hard against hers, her hands sliding down to cradle the sides of his face as their tongues dueled. Nico cupped one of my wife’s firm breasts in his hand, his thumb lightly gliding across and already stiff nipple.Andrea moaned softly into his mouth as they kissed passionately, his hands now on her tight ass cheeks, pulling her hard against his bulging crotch.They continued to kiss for several minutes, my wife’s hand slid into the the waistband of his swimsuit, fondling his cock. Nico pulled away from her luscious lips leaving her panting. He took a step, a smug look on his face, and put his hands on Andrea’s shoulders applying slight downward pressure. My wife, clearly recognizing what he wanted, eagerly got to her knees pulling his suit to his ankles with a firm tug.Nico’s cock sprung free and Andrea quickly grabbed it, her eyes wide in a mixture of suprise and delight. He appeared to be at least 9 inches long, with a thick shaft that my wife’s hand could not completely encircle, and large heavy balls in a nut sack that looked to be shaven.My wife brought his cock to her lips and lovingly kissed its bulbous head, her tongue snaking out to lick its tip. She dropped her jaw and took him into her mouth, slowly bobbing her head as she stroked him with both of her tiny hands.Nico started talking to her “Oh . . . That’s it! That feels good . . . But you gotta suck it harder . . . I like my girls to suck it real hard!!”I saw my wife’s cheeks hollow as she did as she was told, and you could hear her slurping and slobbering over his thick member. Nico groaned loudly, clearly approving of her response. Andrea pulled her lips away with an audible pop and looked up at Nico panting.”Is that better?” she asked eagerly “Does that feel good, Baby!?””Ahh . . . Shit! Fuck yeah! That’s much better!” Nico laughed in response. “Now I want you to work on my balls! Lick my ball sack!!”Andrea lowered her head, as she lifted his long cock upward, her tongue darting out to lightly lick his smooth sack.”AAAhhhh . . . Fuck Andrea! That’s it! Now . . . Suck my balls! Put them in your mouth and suck . . .!”Nico’s eyes closed, his head arched backward as my wife slurped first one, then his other heavy nut past her wetly shining lips, sucking har. She continued to stroke his hard shaft as she sucked him, the diamonds in her wedding bands sparkling in the bright Florida sunlight that illuminated his bedroom.Nico spread his legs and continued to guide her “Now . . . I want you to lick right behind my balls!” My wife bent further, her head now between his legs. “Oh Fuck! . . . That’s it . . . That’s . . . OH Fuck!!”After returning to sucking his balls, Andrea licked slowly up his hard shaft and took him back into her mouth, her head bobbing a steady rhythm.Nico pushed her hair back from her face and whispered “Look at me, Baby! I want to look at you with my cock in your mouth!”Andrea stopped and did as she was told, looking up at Nico from her knees, a pleased smile on his face.”Aaaah Fuck! . . . You are so beautiful!! I wanted you like this from the first minute I saw you! Do you like sucking my dick? Does it taste good?!”My wife started to pull her head back to answer but Nico quickly stopped her.”No . . . Don’t move! Do you like sucking my cock?” he asked again in a firm tone.Andrea’s muffled response sounded like an enthusiastic “MMMMmmmmm HHhhhmmmmm!!!!!”Nico smiled “That’s better. I want to hear you while you suck me! I want you to show me how much you love my dick!”Andrea began moaning loudly as she sucked him, her head now rapidly bobbing over his length. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t cum yet.Nico pulled his wetly shining shaft from my wife’s lips and held his cock away from her. When she reached for it with her open mouth, he pulled it further away. “Wait!” he instructed “Sit back. Now . . . Open your mouth. That’s it! Stick your tongue a little bit!” Andrea did as she was told.Nico smacked his thick cock against her lips and tongue several times, occasionally also smacking her nose and cheeks.”You want this? You want this big cock?!! You gotta beg for it!! Lemme hear you beg!!!””I want your big cock!!” my wife quickly panted in a husky voice “Please . . . Let me suck your big dick!! I’ll make you feel real good!! I promise!!”With a harsh laugh, Nico slammed his cock back in my wife’s mouth, his hands now holding her head as he started to fuck her face. Andrea put her hands on his thick escort kuşadası thigh muscles and tried to hang on as he continued to drive his long shaft into her mouth, groaning like a crazy man.He stopped as abruptly as he started and told Andrea to take off her top. Learning from her earlier mistake, she kept him in her mouth as she reached behind her back to untie the string, pulling the suit off her shoulders and casting it on the bedroom floor. She continued to blow him as Nico peered down at her.”Fuck,those are some nice tits! Push ’em together for me!!”Andrea pushed her full, firm tits together as her mouth continued to hungrily work his cock, moaning as she did so. Nico pulled his cock away with a pop and my wife looked up at him, still cupping her breasts, her face flushed, her eyes filled with lust.Nico ran his cock over her upraised boobs, her nipples swollen, my wife still kneeling in front of him clothed only in her tiny bikini bottom and high heels.”I want to fuck you now.” He said matter-of-factly. “I need some pussy! Get on the bed!!”My wife got quickly to her feet and walked towards the king-sized bed. She started to kick off her heels but Nico told her “Leave those on.” They make you look even more slutty! I like that!!”Andrea undid the side-ties allowing the suit to fall to the floor, revealing a closely trimmed triangle above her moist slit.”Lie down and spread your legs. That’s it! Now . . . I want you to finger your pussy!! Show me how you finger yourself when you get horny!!”My wife reached between her legs and started to rub her pussy in a circular fashion, her hips grinding against her hand, Naively, I never even suspected my wife of masturbating. To my knowledge, she didn’t use a vibrator and I was under the impression that our monthly sessions were enough. Clearly, given the manner in which she was working her clit, I was, once again, terribly mistaken.Andrea began to moanas she fingered her clit, Nico grinning at the sight of my lovely wife working herself towards and orgasm.”Are you wet? Lick your fingers . . . I want you to taste yourself! Am I gonna like your pussy?” he prodded.Andrea daintily licked at her finger before plunging it into her mouth sucking it clean.”Oh God!! . . . I’m so wet! . . . So fucking hot!! God, I want you so bad!!”Nico strode towards the bed, his erection bobbing proudly in front of him. He kneeled between my wife’s outstretched legs and stroked his cock as she continued to finger her pussy.”What do you want me to do, Andrea? Or should I say, Mrs. Laine?!!””Give me your big cock, Baby! You have no idea how badly I need this!!” she pleaded with him.”What about your husband?” he mocked as he leaned forward rubbing the head of his cock over her swollen pussy lips causing her to shudder.”Don’t . . . Don’t talk about him.” Andrea moaned, clearly unsettled that he had mentioned me. “Just do me! Now!! . . . Don’t tease me like this!!!!””But your married, and your k**s are out on the beach below us. Are you sure you want to do this?!!”Nico pushed the bulbous head of his cock into her pussy but quickly withdrew it.”OOOhhh . . . Jesus!! Please fuck me!! I want you to fuck me, Baby!! Please . . . Just give me your big cock!” Andrea was squirming beneath his bulk. “Just fuck me, Baby! . . . I want . . . . OOOOOHHHHH SSSHHIITTTTT!!!!!!”Nico caught my wife off guard as she was begging to be fucked, sliding is long, hard shaft deep into her married pussy. She inhaled sharply as he began to slowly saw in and out of her, his ass cheeks flexing. My wife’s head rolled on the bed, her hip driving off the mattress to meet her young lover’s thrusts, a smug smirk on his lips.”You like my cock in your pussy?!!” he asked as he drove into her “How’s that feel?!””AAaaaahhh . . . Fuck! . . . So Good! . . . So . . . so good!! Fuck me,Baby!! Just keep fucking me!!!!!”Nico lowered his lips towards hers and my wife reached up to grab the sides of his face, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth, as she ground her hips against him. The wet slap of their bodies mixing erotically with her moans and the creak of the bedsprings.Nico buried his cock to the hilt in my wife, his head arched back, his mouth open.”AAAaaahhh Shit, Baby! . . . I love your tight pussy! You are so fucking wet!!” He started fucking her more slowly, rolling at the bottom of his strong thrusts, my wife wriggling eagerly beneath him.After grinding slowly against her for several minutes, Nico raised himself up on his arms and picked up the pace of his fucking, his hips driving furiously between my wife’s outstretched legs. Andrea’s hands grabbed his tight ass cheeks as he slammed into her, pulling him hard against her as she lifted her hips off the bed to meet his thrusts.”OOHHH BABY!! Don’t stop fucking me!! Fuck me, Baby!!!! Your’e gonna make me cum!!!”Nico continued his assault, slamming his long, thick rod deep into my wife’s pussy, her heavy breasts bouncing with each hard thrust.When her orgasm hit, Andrea inhaled sharply before shouting “OOOOOHHHHHH MMMMYYY GGAAWWDDD!!”Her body shuddering beneath her young lover, her thighs noticably twitching, her breathing shallow and ragged. She tossed her head back and forth on the bed and arched her back, her french-manicured nails biting into Nico’s ass cheeks as he continued to saw his cock into her unfaithful pussy.”AAaahh . . . FUCK! . . . Oh god! . . . Oh my God!! . . . Jesus! . . . Oh . . . OH . . .OH!” she moaned as her orgasm coursed through her lithe body, her eyes screwed shut.When she finally opened her eyes, she was panting like she had just run a marathon, a look of wonder on her face. Nico looked down and smiled, his body continuing to slap against hers.After she caught her breath, my wife reached up towards Nico’s face pulling him down, her mouth open and her tongue extending to meet his. They kissed softly and Nico settled between her legs, his cock bottomed out in her pussy.When he finally pulled away from her hungry lips, Nico started to pound his thick shaft in a deep, steady rhythm, building up his speed. Andrea sensed that he working up to his own orgasm and ground her hips against him, urging him on in a slutty tone.”That’s it, Baby!! Give it to me!!! Fuck me,Baby!!! I wanna feel your cum!!! Your cock is so fucking big and it feels so good in my hot pussy!! Fuck me, Baby!! Fuck Me!!”Nico picked up his pace, a pleased smile on his face. “OHHH . . . Shit!! . . . I’m gonna give it to you!!! I’m gonna cum!! . . . I wanna cum in your mouth!! Let me cum in your mouth!!””Give it to me, Baby!!” my wife pleaded “I want to taste your cum!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!”Nico groaned and continued to fuck Andrea a few moments longer before pulling his wetly shining cock from between her legs amd moving up quickly to straddle her face. Andrea raised her head and brought one arm under his legs to reach for his cock bringing it to her lips. Taking him quickly into her mouth as she frantically stroked his shaft, Nico threw his head back tensing before he groaned and exhaled, his body jerking as he shot load after load of his hot cum into my wife’s eager mouth. Andrea was moaning with lust as she struggled to swallow his seed as she worked his hard shaft with her hand.With a final moan and involuntary shudder, Nico’s climax was over, his chest rising and falling. Andrea nevertheless continued to suck only reluctantly relinquishing his now flaccid manhood when it slid from her lips. She planted a sloppy kiss on the mushroom head of his dick before Nico rolled away. With this, my wife’s transformation was complete. No longer a loving and faithful wife and mother, she had become a wanton slut.Andrea looked at the young man lying naked next to her with a questioning smile on her face. Nico laughed when he caught her looking at him with big puppy dog eyes.”What!” he sputtered, raising an arm so she could cozy up next to him, her head on his shoulder, her hand on his chest.”Nothing!” she responded, a pleased and contented smile on her lips. She squeezed him tightly in her arms, kissing him on the chest.When Nico sat up against the headboard, Andrea did the same fluffing a pillow behind her back. He reached inside the bedside table and pulled out his silver cigarette case. he lit one of his long, dark cigarettes and offered it to my wife. She took it between her outstretched fingers and brought it to her lips, taking a slow drag. She exhaled and watched as Nico lit a cigarette for himself before settling back against the headboard. Nico reached for his champagne glass and drained its contents before handing both their glasses to Andrea.”How about your freshing these up? You made me thirsty!” he added with a sly grin.Andrea grinned back and took the glasses from him. Moments later, she returned with their drinks and sat on Nico’s side of the bed, one slender leg bent and raised, lying against his muscular thigh.As Nico sipped from his glass, my wife took another drag on her cigarette and exhaled a thin stream away from the bed. Nico looked at her with raw lust in her eyes.”Damn . . . You are so gorgeous . . . So damn sexy! I wanted you so fucking bad I could barely take my eyes off you at party!”Andrea laughed in response “I noticed!” I wasn’t suprised at all when you called this morning.””I gotta admit . . . I was a little suprised that you agreed to see me. Have you done this before?””Of course I’ve done this before . . . I’ve got three k**s!” Andrea replied with a sly grin.Initially confused, Nico’s eyes narrowed before he grinned and said “No . . . I don’t mean this . . . ” he lifted his thick cock and pointed it my wife “I mean this!” picking up her hand and directing her attention to her wedding bands.”I knew what you meant the first time!” Andrea teased “And the answer is ‘no’ I’ve never slept with anyone but my husband.”Nico studied my wife closely to determine kuşadası escort bayan if she was joking with him again. “Really? . . . Nothing at all? I can’t believe that I’m your first lover.”My wife shrugged her shoulders and looked away briefly as she took a long draw off her cigarette.”Well . . . I said I’ve never slept with anyone else . . .”Quickly interested, Nico pressed her. “I thought so . . . C’mon . . . Don’t leave me hanging!” he squeezed her my wife’s slender thigh.Andrea sipped from her glass and smiled at her young lover. “Okay . . . Last summer . . . We threw a big party for the summer interns and all my husbands partners and their spouses were there. It got a little crazy and lets just say I was having a really . . . really good time.” She took another drag of her cigarette.”Anyway . . . I was in the kitchen mixing another pitcher of margaritas when one of the interns came in. I’d caught him staring at me earlier, but not in a creepy way . . . I was flattered really . . . God was he gorgeous! He’d played football before law school and he was big and muscular . . . quite different from my husband. I could tell when he came into the kitchen that he had something on his mind.”Nico was listening intently as my wife took a final drag and stabbed her cigarette out, putting her glass on the bedside table, next to the ashtray. Before continuing her story, she picked up his thick hose that was stirring on his thigh and began to slowly stroke him with both her hands.”We didn’t even talk about it, We both knew what he wanted so I took him by the hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom. I closed the door and he started to kiss me . . . and before I knew it . . . we were lying on the bed and and he had my panties off. I had his cock in my hand but before we could take it any further, I heard my husband downstairs calling for me.””God . . . I was so scared . . . I mean . . . Do you realize how easily we could’ve been caught? Anyway . . . we straightened up and I went downstairs to get my husband back ouside so Aaron could come down. I felt so guilty afterwards I bought my husband a driver that he had wanted for the longest time!””Did you see him again . . . the intern?”Andrea shook her head “He called me several times . . . but I asked him to stop. Like I said, I felt terrible afterwards . . . I mean this k** worked for my husband and we were in our bedroom . . . ” he voice drifted off.She shook herself “But anyway . . . It did get me thinking.””About what?”Andrea’s mouth curled into a sexy smile.”About this!” she whispered.She lowered her mouth to his cock, kissing and licking its bulbous head, before leaning over further, her mouth dancing slowly across his tight abs, before nibbling at the front of his cock.My wife continued “About what it woulod be like to be with another man . . . especially a younger man.” She took him back into her mouth.” About how another man would look like . . . and taste like! . . . and how he would be in bed!” sucking him again, you could hear the slurping.”How his young . . . hard . . . body would feel against my skin . . . and how big his cock would be! MMMMmmmm . . . I never dreamed it would be as big and hard as yours, Baby!!!”With a low moan, my wife began to lustily suck her young lover’s cock, one hand working in unision with her loving mouth, the other cupping his heavy ball sack.It was clear my wife was a quick study when it came to oral treats. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked his thick shaft, moaning and slurping with the enthusiasum of a well paid whore. She took each of his balls into her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue lightly up and down the front of his shaft, finally taking his cock back into her mouth. Nico clenched his ass clearly enjoying my wife’s efforts.She pulled her lips off with a loud pop and studied his wetly shining manhood. Smiling sexily at Nico, my wife rolled over onto her back and spread her legs, one hand sliding across her flat tummy to her pussy where she began to rub her swollen clit.Nico quickly knelt between her legs and eased the thick head of his straining cock past my wife’s pussy lips. He drove the length of his cock deep into her married pussy and began to lustily fuck her.My wife put her hand on his muscular chest. “Whoa . . . Slow down, Baby! . . .Not so fast!” she told him. “My husband won’t be done playing golf for hours. We don’t need to be in any hurry!”Andrea raised her head off the bed to kiss her young lover, her tongue sliding between his lips. She settled back onto the bed and shifted to a more comfortable position.”This time . . . I want to tell YOU exactly how I want to be fucked!!”Nico smiled down at my wife and began to roll his hips against her, an amused smile on his lips. My wife and Nico made love softly and slowly for the next hour or so, her young lover pulling long, strong orgasms out of lithe body, Andrea panting and screaming profanities, writhing beneath his bulk, gleaming with sweat.After he came in her for the third time, Andrea asked if she could use his shower “So I don’t smell like I’ve been fucking!” she grinned.Nico had cameras in his bathroom and I watched as he fucked my wife from behind as she braced herself against the tiled walls, her heavy breasts swinging lewdly beneath her.I felt empty as I turned off the computer, slumping down in my leather chair. I barely recognized the woman who had fucked and sucked Nico with such abandon as my wife and the mother of my three k**s. Her story aboout the intern caused my blood to boil anew as I remembered recently writing a letter of recommendation for that bastard Aaron. I went out to my car and sat motionless in the seat.My practice had grown from a two man partnership to a 20 person firm over the length of my marriage. The financial consquences of a divorce would be devastating, not to mention the emotional impact it would have on my k**s.With my options limited, I resolved to somehow move past this, and focus on the future. I was probably playing way too much golf and my billable hours had gotten crazy. I could work on improving both these areas. Plus, I had detected nothing in Andrea’s demeanor that would cause me to think this was nothing more than a one time fling, something she had to get out of her system. Things were great at home, and in bed, and although I realized now where she had picked up her impressive oral skills, how could I complain about getting great head from my gorgeous, sexy wife? The decision made, I drove home.FOUR WEEKS LATER”Who are you going to dinner with?” I asked Andrea as she slipped into her sexy ankle strap sandals with the 4 inch heels. She looked incredible in a navy, scooped neck dress that fit her slim body like a second skin, her cleavage proudly on display. Andrea walked to the mirror and started to apply a thick layer of shiny gloss to her pouty lips.”Just Randi and some of the girls.” she responded, studying herself closely in the mirror.Randi Boehmon lived a few streets over and was my wife’s most attractive friends. I’d caught myself lusting after her at numerous parties, even wondering if I was going to hell for the thoughts that ran through my mind when I would see her at mass. But she had a spotless reputation, a soccer mom-of-the-year type, and was married to a great guy with two beautiful k**s. I was glad my wife seemed to be spending more and more time with her.I walked up behind Andrea and slid my hands across her firm tummy. I nuzzled her neck and took and earlobe gently between my lips.”You know . . . We could send the k**s out for pizza and you could tell the girls you’ve got a headache.””You’re so bad!” my wife grinned at me “Can I take a raincheck? I’ve been dying to try this new tapas place.”I kissed her on the back of the neck “Can’t blame a guy for trying. Hey . . . Will you be needing your checkbook? I need to update our accounts.””No . . . I’ll use my plastic. My checkbooks in my purse.” she told me as I walked downstairs.I opened my wife’s purse and found her checkbook when I noticed a long, rectangular bulge in a side zip pocket. Andrea was still upstairs, so I quickly unzipped the pocket and was suprised to discover a hard pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s and an expensive looking lighter. The thought of my wife smoking took me quickly back to Florida and I got a awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I heard my wife coming downstairs and I quickly returned the items to her purse.Her high heels clicked on the hard wood floor as she walked across the kitchen, throwing a small cosmetic bag in her purse.”Bye Sweetie!” she called brightly as she went out the door.I walked to the front room and watched as her black Lexus convertible came down the driveway. She had her top down and our windows were open on a gorgeous late summer day. Andrea was already on her cell phone and I heard a throaty laugh and then she said “I can’t wait either, Baby! I’ll be there soon!” as she acclerated rapidly down the cul-de-sac.ONE WEEK LATERWhen my secretary brought me the manila folder, I wasn’t the least bit suprised. I ran a letter opener across the top and dumped its contents on my desk. Several mini-discs clattered on my desktop followed by a single, small piece of paper. The handwritten note said simply “You owe me $12,0000”.The discs were dated and found the one from my wife’s recent dinner with the girls. No set up this time, the video began with the image of my wife on her hands and knees, still wearing the dress and high heels I had watched her put on. I recognized Nico, who had flipped her dress up over her tight little ass and was thrusting his thick shaft deep into her pussy as he kneeled behind her on a big leather couch.I also recognized Randi Boehmon as she sat off to one side, her legs crossed seductively, a short skirt riding high up a slender thigh. A glass of wine in one hand, a long, white cigarette between outstretched fingers in the other, she had a lewd smile on her face and you could hear her urging Nico on.I didn’t recognize the other young man who had his cock in my wife’s mouth, her wetly shining lips stretched by his girth.