Wife story nr.2

3 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri

Wife story nr.2Another one, based on real facts, no fantasy.I allways prefer couples who’s is elder than I; with them is easy to communicate & they are not blaffing.Ok, this couple was real cuckold one (if you know what it’ s mean):) This was a couple what I wish to fuck for a long time. We met each other in local adult site.we were talking & talking,but not real one. It happens gümüşhane escort 2 y. ago.Surprisely we set up a meeting. I came to city, take a hotel & start whaiting. Time goes very slovelly.She calls- we will be after hour, we cant get in time. Knock knock- they were comming. She was nice -dark hairs etc. She is pierced, pircing was directly in clitor. He escort gümüşhane changed the piercing – piercing was from gold & looks like small cock, fall. The husband was talking a bag with them, at 1-st i dont understand why. Then we-bla, bla bla. Then we start. Wife take off all clouthes- & from bag husband give her sexwife outfit (outfit), white stockings, gümüşhane escort bayan purple heels & erotic brass. Husband helps her to dress up. The I start- she was very experienced- sucked cok, balls; fucking in different position, fucking with condoms. First one- i spry on her mouth, then come husband & they started kissing each other.Next spray was on cunt, stomac- husband was lying on bed near (smtm while i fuck her, they kisisng, smtm he hold her legs, & then eaten out cum from wifes body. I ended 5 times on her in 3 hours time.By the way, this yaer we meet each other once again, but in different small party:):) Thats all.