Wilderwood Ch. 02

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I wake up the next morning and the first thing I see is a dark haired babe in black leather, her lips curled in a sexy snarl. I used to fantasise about waking up to Kate Beckinsale, but this morning the sight of the Underworld poster on my bedroom wall just jump starts my memory of last night.

Oh fuck.

I fucked my sister. Last night. On the couch downstairs. I shut my eyes and my mind runs on two tracks.

Track one is the good stuff, like the little moans that Emma made when I squeezed her tits and played with her pierced nipples, and the way her pussy clenched so tight around my cock when I shot my cum into her. The way she smiled.

Track two meanwhile is reminding me that Emma didn’t make the first move, that she might have been drunk, that she acted kind of weird afterward. Also that she’s my sister, and I’m really not supposed to fuck my sister.

Oh fuck.

I go and take a shower to freshen up. My sister’s bedroom is at the other end of the hall and I can see the door is shut. That doesn’t mean much since it is pretty much always shut since she came home from college.

I get dressed and go downstairs to the kitchen. Maybe I could take her up some coffee.

Sure, that’ll break the ice. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to make a girl cool with the fact that her little brother fucked her the night before.

Oh fuck.

= = =

I’m still running through options in my head when Mom and Dad come home. I start counting and get up to nine before I hear my name being called. I go into the lounge and Mom is standing there with her hands on her hips.

“Did your sister have a party here last night?” Mom gestures at the deep scratches Emma’s studded belts left on the coffee table when we were fooling around.

“Sorry, Mom, that was me, ” I say. “I… uh… dropped something.”

Dad walks in from the hall. “So was it you having the party?” He grins. “You bringing girls over when we’re not here?”

Mom shoots him a look. Since I turned eighteen Dad never misses a chance to remind me that I should be dating more, and anyway he rarely shows any interest in Mom’s interior design choices, which annoys her even more.

So Mom goes off on another topic instead. “So where is your sister?”

“She’s still asleep, I think.”

“It’s still early, ” says Dad.

Mom gives him another look. “It’s nearly eleven. I can only imagine how late she was out last night.”

“Actually she was home kind of early, ” I say. I want to get off this topic asap but I feel like I should be sticking up for Emma.

Dad chuckles. “I hope she didn’t interrupt anything.”

I decide the best thing to do is to shrug and look bashful, like I had half of the college cheerleader squad here last night.

“Attaboy, ” says Dad.

= = =

My family is kind of fucked up.

We live in the town of Wilderwood, which is also our family name. The town was founded by my great-great-great-whatever grandfather a really long time ago, but we’re not THE Wilderwoods. That’s my Dad’s Uncle Nathan.

He lives in a big house outside of town and we used to go up there to visit sometimes. It’s a really old house that looks out over the woods, full of books and paintings and cool old stuff, and one time me and Emma got into trouble when we were caught using a couple of fencing swords to re-enact a scene from The Matrix Reloaded.

Emma was kind of a tomboy then, though she did secretly read a lot of romance novels and I’d tease her about that. That was what led to her going all Neo on me. We were just fooling around, though from the way Mom reacted when she caught us you’d have thought that we were really trying to kill one another.

That was six or seven years ago, and we haven’t often been back to see him since. Not because of that. We still get birthday cards every year from him, always with some cash slipped inside and a note not to tell Dad.

I don’t know exactly why they don’t get along now, but it’s not hard to guess. Dad works in real estate and is kind of a big deal locally, but what he really wants is for us to be The Wilderwoods, with the big house and the money and the social position, and that isn’t going to happen until Uncle Nathan dies. Maybe not even then since noone knows who is in line to inherit everything. That’s what I’ve overhead Dad saying to Mom anyway.

They’ve been together since college. They’re both still in pretty good shape. Dad used to play a lot of sports, though it’s mostly golf now I think, and Mom owns a beauty salon in town and looks the part, being tall and blonde and still pretty hot. In public they do the all-american-family act, though we don’t have a dog because Mom doesn’t like hair on the furniture. It’s only me and Emma who see what they’re really like.

They’re not awful people, not really. They’re just not the dream couple they like to be seen as, and the cracks seem to be showing more since Emma came home from college.

= = =

We’re eating lunch when Emma finally comes downstairs. My heart starts racing konya escort when I see her and not just because I don’t know how she’s reacting to last night. She’s all in black, of course, with a hoodie over her tee and leather shorts over dark tights, along with low heeled ankle boots. It’s a casual look, for her, but it still hits me hard.

“Hey, sweetie, ” says Dad. “Come and get some lunch.”

“Hey Dad, Mom.” My sister is already on her way to the front door, pausing to pull on a cropped black leather jacket. She hasn’t made eye contact with me at all. “I’m going out for a bit. I’ll get something later.”

“Sure, sweetie. You got cash?” Dad reaches for his wallet, which he does pretty much every time either of us walk out the door, much to Mom’s annoyance.

“Yeah, thanks, Dad.”

“Be home in time for dinner.”


I’m halfway out of my seat before Emma is out of the door.

“I… uh… I gotta go too.”

“Out?” Mom looks surprised. “Outside?”

“Uh… yeah.”

I can see more questions coming so I reach for something, anything, that will get her off my back. “I’ve got to go and see… Zack… about that summer job I was telling you about.”

“At that comic book place?”

“Yeah, ” I nod.

Mom looks like she can’t decide whether to be pleased that I’m talking about getting a job, or pissed that it’s at ‘that comic book place.’

“Your father already said you can work for him.”

“Yeah, but…”

Dad shrugs. “It’s fine. If he doesn’t get it he can come work for me for the rest of the summer.” He glances over at me. “I see a lot of girls going in there. Girls read comic books now?”

“Sure. Some do.”

“Well, ” says Mom eventually. “At least it will get you out of the house.”

I almost sprint out of the door.

I didn’t see which way Emma went when she left the house, but I go down the hill toward town since there’s nothing much in the other direction except more houses until you reach the highway a couple of miles from here. Unless she went into the woods, which start a little bit behind the houses on our side of the street.

So I follow the curve of the street and see her, not far ahead. She’s stopped, and is standing there talking to some guy on a motorcycle.

I keep walking down toward them, just slower.

I wonder for a second if this is Emma’s boyfriend, Luce. I haven’t met him, only heard a few barbed comments from Mom and Dad. But no, this can’t be him. If this guy showed up at the door for my sister my parents wouldn’t roll their eyes and bitch at each other afterward, they’d call the cops.

He’s in his forties at least, and built like a barrel. As I come up they both look round and his face is mostly beard and aviators under his helmet. Jesus fuck, this guy looks like bad news.

“Oh hey, ” says Emma.


The guy looks at me like he’s trying to decide which part of me to break first. “This a friend of yours?”

“No, ” Emma says, then laughs. “I mean yeah, he’s my little brother.”

“Your brother, huh?”

“Yeah.” Emma turns back to me. “This is Bear. He’s cool.”

He grunts. “What I am is in the shit if I don’t get movin’.” He guns the engine of his harley and nods to me. “You watch out for your sister.”

He says it like it’s an order. I almost salute.

“Come down some time, ” he says to Emma. “We’ll get you in the saddle.”

“You’re the best.”

Emma smiles and gives him a quick hug, then he roars off with enough noise to get a scowl from a guy across the street who is out washing his car. I recognise him as one of the teachers from our old high school.


“He’s actually a really sweet guy.”

I can’t tell if she’s kidding or not.

“So… uh…”

Her smile vanishes and she shoves her hands into the pockets of her jacket. Her shoulders go up and her head goes down like she’s trying to burrow into the leather.

“I don’t think we should talk about this, ” she says.

“I think we have to.”

The noise from the bike has faded away now and the street is very quiet. Other than Mr. Alderney across the street there’s not really anyone else nearby.

Emma bites her lip and looks down. “Okay. Fine.”

“Last night when we – “

“Don’t. Don’t say it.” Emma exhales. “Fuck. You’re my little brother.”

“Yeah, but – “

I go to put my hand on her shoulder but she swipes it away and glares up at me. “I’m sorry, right? I didn’t mean to lead you on but I was horny as fuck and…” She shrugs and looks down again. “I’m fucked up, ” she says, almost to herself. “I’m so fucked up.”

“Hey…” I put my hand on her shoulder again and this time she lets it rest there. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” I pause. “I thought I did.”

“Huh?” She looks up again and there’s the hint of a smile on her lips. “You thought you were putting the moves on me?” She grins. “Seriously?”

“Sure. I mean you are ridiculously hot, Sis.”

She reaches up to her shoulder and tickles the back of konya escort bayan my hand. “You think so, huh?”

I take a step closer and put my other hand on her waist. “Like I would lie to my big sister.”

Emma looks up at me, and we both lean into the kiss at the same time. I feel her breath on my lips again and my fingers stroke the soft black leather sheathing her hips… and then we both remember that we’re standing in the middle of the street and jump back like we’ve just stuck our tongues in an electric socket.

“Oh wow… I mean fuck…” I look around quickly but there’s noone in sight except Mr. Alderney across the street, who is still washing his car but isn’t looking our way. I look back at Emma and she’s trying not to laugh.

“Yeah, ” she says with that wicked grin of hers. “We probably shouldn’t do that here.”

“You think?”

We start laughing at the same time.

It’s starting to rain and Emma pulls her hoodie up. “C’mon, ” she says. “We’ll get drenched if we stay out here.” She cuts in between two of the houses and starts across the open space beyond, half running and looking back at me as I give chase.

By the time we reach the back road that runs behind the houses the rain is coming down hard. I can’t remember how many times we got caught in these sudden summer storms when we were growing up. They come out of nowhere but don’t last very long.

The woods start on the other side of the back road. Emma runs across and in between the trees, and I follow. The rain is still coming down but it’s not as heavy, because it’s filtered through the tree tops, like the early afternoon sun, until it’s almost mistlike.

I hear Emma laughing again and catch a glimpse of her darting between the trees. She beckons me on, dancing through the woods like a mischievious gothic elf.

I’m a lot less agile as I plunge on into the woods, tripping over fallen branches and roots and everything else that covers the wet, uneven, upward sloping ground. My sister’s laugh pulls me deeper into the woods, until the road is far behind us and I finally see her up ahead, leaning back against one of the trees with her arms folded and a teasing smile on her lips.

“You are so slow, little brother.”

“Guess I… better get back… to the gym.”

She smirks. “Yeah, right, like you go to the gym.” She looks me up and down as I come closer. “You’re soaking wet too.”

“So are you.” At some point in our chase her hood has come down and her hair hangs in wet strands over her green eyes, and rain runs down her black leather jacket in rivulets that gleam when the sun catches them.

She pats the trunk of the tree behind her. “It’s dry under here, ” she says.

I join her under the tree, and we kiss for a long time. There’s noone here to see us now, noone else in the world except us.

Emma slips her arms around me, reaching down to my waist, and clutching at the belt of my jeans at the back. My hands are on her back, sliding down to her tight round ass, and up to the back of her head, my fingers running through her wet hair.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask her softly.

“Yes.” She looks up at me, her eyes are wide and I can’t tell if she’s scared or excited, or both. “Are you?”


Her hands slip round to the buckle of my belt and she shrugs her jacket off as she opens my jeans. Her hoodie follows her jacket to the ground at our feet, leaving just her black tank top, clinging to her tits.

I kiss her neck and her bare shoulders, and as my hands move to her tits and I feel the metal of her piercings she makes that little moan in her throat. In her sleeveless top I have a clear view of the scorpion tattooed on her upper arm and even now, with her tits in my hands and her hands delving into my jeans to stroke my cock to full hardness, I look at that tattoo and I’m amazed again at how much my sister has changed.


Whatever it was I was going to say turns into a long drawn out groan as her fingers wrap fully around my cock. She kisses me again, pushing me back against the trunk of the tree, and grins at me.

“You know last night I said I was going to bite you?” She leans in and whispers in my ear. “How about I suck you instead?”

She sinks down onto her knees and I feel her hot breath on the head of my cock. Her tongue starts to dance around, darting out to take quick little licks all around the tip. Gradually these become longer, slower slides along my length, and all the while the light touch of her fingers teases my shaft and my balls.

“Oh fuck, Emma…” I arch my head back as my sister’s lips close around the head of my cock. It’s still raining, but in the shelter of the tree the fall is lessened, filtered through the foliage above. I reach up to brush the rain out of my eyes, then down to run through Emma’s wet hair as she starts to suck my cock into her mouth.

She’s taking her time, pushing her head forward just a little and working with her lips and her tongue slowly and escort konya carefully, then drawing back until only the very tip of my cock is between her lips, teased by her tongue. Then she pushes forward again and takes a little more in. As she does this she keeps one hand around the base of my cock, fingers pressed softly to my groin, while her other hand roams freely from my chest to my ass to the back of my thighs.

When she finally leans in and takes my full length into her mouth my fingers clench reflexively in her hair, taking a tight hold. Emma gives a low moan and she sucks tighter on my shaft, a shiver running through her slender body.

She’s really working my cock now, mostly just with her lips and her tongue, using her hands to hold onto me and keep her balance. It feels so fucking good. I look down at her, her head going back and forth on me, and she looks up at me, still with my cock in her mouth, her eyes hot and excited.

“Don’t stop, Sis, ” I gasp.

She draws her head back a little, letting my cock slide all the way out of her mouth as she takes a breath.

“Your cock tastes so good, little brother, ” she says in a low, drawn out tone that’s half spoken and half moaned, like a porn star would. My fingers flex in her hair and I push her head back down onto my cock, pushing my hips forward to sink deep into her hot, wet mouth.

She knows. She just knows what to do, what to say to get me going, switching from sister to slut and back again so intuitively it’s like magic. With my hands on the back of her head, pulling her hair as I fuck her mouth until she’s moaning and drooling all over my length, I feel utterly in control. I’m the fucking Vampire King and she’s my gothic slave. God fucking damn.

Until she slowly pulls back, looks up at me and gives me a wild grin before lowering her head back down and then I’m the little brother again, gasping and shuddering as my big sister takes what she wants.

It’s just as good. It’s all so good.

Emma holds onto me tight as my cock finally spurts into her mouth, and then gives me a last touch of slut, looking up at me with an open smile that shows me how my cum fills her mouth, and then she swallows it down.


“Fuck. That was… that was fucking awesome.”

“Better than all those other girls?”

I actually blush. Emma laughs and gives me a playful shove. “I’m kidding! Anyway, I like having you all to myself.” She looks up. “It’s stopped raining.”

It has, though I’m not sure when.

“I didn’t notice.”

“Uh huh.”

She stands there for a moment, looking around, hands on her hips like a punky Lara Croft in her tank top and shorts, then takes off again, deeper into the woods.

“Race you to the Edge!”

I’m still buckling up my jeans, calling after her since her hoodie and leather jacket are still lying at my feet. “You forgot your – “

“Come on!”

I reach down and scoop up her jacket and hoodie, then start after her again, further on into the woods.

The ground levels out up here so it’s easier going, but Emma still keeps ahead of me. I’m okay with that, since the sight of her ass in those leather shorts is more than enough to keep me moving. My sister has a great ass, not too big but tight as hell, and it looks so damn good packed into her black leather shorts.

I do put on some speed after a few minutes of this. Her ass is great, but I still don’t want to lose a race to my sister. That instinctive sibling rivalry never does go away.

When I catch up on her I reach out to grab her hand, miss, and snag her belt instead. She trips and falls into me and we both go down. The only difference from last night is that this time when I end up on top of her I stay there.

“Ow!” Emma mock-glares at me. “That’s cheating!”

“There’s rules?”

I lean down and at the same time as she lifts her head. She clutches at my back as we kiss, pulling me down onto her as our hips push together. I’m already getting hard again, my cock straining against my jeans and her shorts as I wrap my arms around her, my hands sliding up under her top to stroke her back.

“Ow! Fuck!”

She pushes me back abruptly and sits up, rubbing at her shoulder.

“Uh… you okay?”

“I hit a branch or something on the way down.” She shrugs. “It’s nothing.”

“Okay.” I stroke her legs. “Wanna stay her for a while?”

Emma laughs. “Are you always this horny?”


“I’ll bet.” She looks herself over. “Oh jeez.”

We do both look a little rough. My jacket and jeans aren’t too bad, well, except for the back of my jacket when I was leaning against the tree back there, but Emma’s top is wet and stained, there are rips in her black tights and her bare arms are scuffed and dirty. She looks hot as fuck.

I stand up and reach down to pull her to her feet. “You look great, Sis.”

She grins and pats herself down. I give her a hand, brushing stray grass from her ass and giving it a rub, just to make sure she’s okay of course.

Emma slips her hoodie and jacket back on and we start off again, not racing now, just walking. I’ve got my arm around her waist and she leans into me as we walk and talk.

“You’re still a cheat.”

“I’m a cheat? You took off and left me to pick up your stuff.”

“Yeah, I’m a very bad girl.”