Winter time at the gym.

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Winter time at the gym.Looking to buy a car I took a part time job at the location gym. Winter time brings in less members, so my hours were cut back to two days a week. I was cleaning up the locker room when I first met Tom. He was a nice man about fifty, not that tall but in good shape for his age. We talked everytime he came to the gym. He heard about my hours being cut and said he was sorry to hear about it. Making light of it he said at least you have more time with your girlfriend. I said it would be if I had one. Tom said a fine looking boy like you should have loads of girls chasing you. I laughed and said as if. He asked if I masturbated, I said no. I don’t feel right about it,thinking I’d get caught and kicked out the house, or fired. He smiled and said I’d never tell, half joking I said I know and thanked him. It was a few days later when I was cleaning up around the sauna when Tom came in. He just had a towel around his waist. He stepped into the sauna and pulled the towel open. When I looked in the window I froze. From the waist up he had a line of hair running up his stomach to his chest and spread out. Almost a T shape with a touch of gray. Waist down he was completely hairless, save his legs. When I seen the biggest cock in my life hanging between his legs. Tom motioned for me to come in. The heat was nearly unbareable. He made no attempt canlı bahis to cover his huge cock. He asked what I was doing later, and what time the steam room closed. My shirt was soaked and sticking to me. The thin uniform shirt was nearly transparent. He must have seen me staring at his cock. He moved his legs letting me see his large balls. I snapped out it when I heard him asking if I was alright. Yes thanks I finally mumbled. I said the steam room closed at seven and the gym closed at eleven. I said I had school tomorrow and was going home after work. He said ok. After work I went home and straight to bed. I’ve seen hundreds of naked men before and I never had a second thought about them. But Tom’s cock wouldn’t leave my mind. I didn’t consider myself as gay or even bi. The next week Tom came to the gym. Asked how I was and went to work out. A couple of hours I was by the sauna cleaning up and he came in. As I swept the floor I’d steal a look in the window. Tom was laying back in all his glory. After the third time he called me in. He said he was going to the steam room and wanted me to follow him. He didn’t even wrap the towel around himself as we walked. He said he knew of a good car not to expensive and wanted to know if I was still interested in one. He stepped into the steam room and sat at the back corner. I was still talking to him when he said bahis siteleri the heat would ruin your clothes, I said you’re right and I should be going. Then everything changed. Not realizing the time, the lights started turning off. I said we should be leaving, Tom said no, you need to get out of that wet uniform. I said excuse me? In the most authoritative voice, he said strip. Nervously I untucked my shirt and pulled it off. Tom took it from me, now the pants he barked. I kicked off my shoes and socks, then pulled off my pants. He said to come closer. I stepped up in front of him. He reached out and grabbed my dick and balls tight. The pain shot through me. I wanted to call for help, but my throat went dry. He pulled me closer by my balls and squeezed tighter. I was on my toes,he ran his other hand across my chest and pinched my nipple. After a minute I thought I was going to pass out. Holding on to my nipple tightly he said now the underwear. Frightened I pulled them off and handed them to Tom. Grabbing my other nipple he pulled on my dick. Surprising I started getting hard. He stroked my dick slowly for a few minutes. Releasing my nipple he held my balls tight and pulled on them. I felt myself getting excited and said I was going to cum. He let go and grabbed me by my hair. He pulled me down and lifted his cock. Knowing what was expected of me bahis şirketleri I opened my mouth and sucked it in the best I could. That’s it birch, suck it. He pushed my head down farther and I started to gag. He stroked his cock as he moved my head up and down. After a few more minutes he said to turn around. I thought this was my chances and started to run,but he was quicker. He pulled me over to him and said to spread my ass open. My head laying on the bench he came up behind me. I felt the pain as he pushed in me. He fucked me slow at first then sped his pace. Reaching around he started stroking my dick again. The pain shooting through me turned to pleasure. He said if I came before him I’d regret it. I started moaning loudly. He pulled his cock out of me and said to turn around and kneel. I got on my knees and Tom stuck his cock in my face. I opened my mouth and he pushed it in till I gagged. He said to keep stroking yourself. I gagged as he pulled my head back and forth. I felt his cock swell and start spraying thick cum into my mouth and down my throat. He said I can cum now. I shot my cum all over the floor. Tom let me go,and I fell back. When I recovered Tom said to follow him to the locker room. Wet,naked, and shaking I followed him. As he dressed he said to put on the clothes in his gym bag. Surprising they fit me like a glove. He said to follow him to the garage. When we got to the level his car was on he handed me the keys and said you earned it. Today I have a new sports car, a fancy house to live in, and I don’t have to work anymore. Tom owns me body and soul.