Working out

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Working outWhen I was 16 I decided I had a lot of questions about sex and related things but not enough answers and the web wasn’t helping me much. I decided to turn to my aunt, an understanding lady who’s around 40 but single. I called her and asked her if she could help me with some of my questions and she said sure and invited me over.Walking to her house I did not know what to expect, I felt like I was doing something horribly wrong but the curiosity of my questions didn’t stop me. When I got to the door, I knocked and she greeted me dressed in a black sports bra, black tights and a pair of yellow ankle socks. I couldn’t help but notice how perky her breasts looked even for her age. We sat down in her living room which was a really cozy place, and then we began talking.”So what’s up?” she asked normally”Nothing much, I had a few questions about sexual stuff and I was wondering if you could help””Umm sure go ahead, what’s the first question?””Well I wanted to know if it’s normal for me to be very horny all the time” I asked nervously.She laughed and replied “Of course, even though your 16 you have a cock that’s growing which means you’re a guy and have male hormones that act up””Oh okay because I get erections randomly and …. Well I have one now and it’s for no reason really….””Well, you get erections when your body thinks it’s ready for a good fuck but you’re a boy and erections help your cock grow as well” she said as I watched her eyes look down at my crotch.”Right but it happens often and it looks really swollen though” I said worried.”Well that’s quite all right, it does tend to happen” she said calmly.”But it gets really swollen and my foreskin doesn’t move back when I get hard” I said sadly.”Hmmm, well you know not all foreskins naturally pull down when guys get boners…. hmmmm not too sure if that’s a bad thing though””Well, I could do it manually but… I wanted to know if that’s all right””Should be, as long as it goes back” she said laughing”I’m nervous about the size too, I’m not sure if it’s big enough””Well, it’s not the size that matters, its how you fuck to be quite frank with you, so don’t even worry.” she replied with a wink.At this point my penis was at full mass because she kept looking down at it and also I saw her hard nipples through the tight sports bra but luckily it was hidden between my legs.”Hmm I’m still not sure if it’s big enough””You haven’t measured your wanker?” she asked surprised”Nope, I’m not even sure how to, but I think it’s small, I’m nervous about it and even though I’m 16 and I am supposed to have growing to do, I don’t know how it’s going to turn out…””Give me a second, let me go find something” she said as she got up and left the room.On her way out I watched her walk out and I could tell she wasn’t wearing panties because the tights formed an outline of her ass and lips and that drove me to full length. A few minutes later, she returned with a ruler but my cock got soft again.”Okay, if it’s okay with you, ill help you measure your dick and show you how to do it for the future” she said.”Yea okay but how will you measure it without seeing it?” I asked confused.”You lost boy, stand up and let me take charge” she said with a wink.I stood up and gave her full access to my crotch area.”Hold this” she said giving me the ruler. Then she stood in front of me, got on her knees and unbuttoned my jeans. Then she pulled my jeans down leaving my gray briefs on.”You know what, I don’t want to touch your pee covered cock, go into the bathroom, take off the briefs and wash your dick off with soap”I obeyed her orders, fully took off my jeans and left it on the ground and walked into her bathroom not even bothering to close the door. Then I took off my briefs to reveal my cock which I shaved clean because I hate pubic hair. I took my shirt off, went canlı bahis into the shower and slowly washed my cock as I watched it grow in length and width. In a matter of seconds I was fully hard. I got out the shower and realized I had nothing to wipe my dripping lower body dry with. I looked around and found a clothes hamper in which I saw only underwear. I picked up a pair of smallish black laced pink panties and wiped my cock and the rest of my lower body with. Then I picked up my brief, shirt and the now wet panties and walked to the living room, with my shaved brown cock proudly erect and shaking back and forth wildly with every step I took.”Holy fuck, you’re worried about that big brown cock?!” She asked laughing at me”Uhh yea, it looks so small and thin” I replied nervously”No you dumbass you have a cock fit for a porn star and yes it does look very swollen and does look full of veins” she said still laughing”No I don’t stop teasing me; I know its small…””Okay fine get your ass over here and let’s measure you so you can see how big it is.”As I was walking towards her she said”It’s flopping so wildly! Looks like a fish out of water!” And started laughing again.I stood next to her and put the clothes on top of my jeans as she grabbed my cock and pulled me closer to her. She kneeled down and was literally inches away from my cock head.”Okay look, normal size of a penis is 5 and 1/2 inches… now we’ll measure your crotch monster”She put the ruler on top of my penis, and measured from where the beginning of my shaft started to the end. The read out was 7 and 1/2 inches.”See you loser, its 7 and a half inches long and so fucking fat in width””Oh so that’s good right?” I asked kind of revealed.”Hell yea! It’s really good especially since your only 16 and didn’t you mention on the phone you’re a late grower? That means your cock will grow till your 21… Your one big boy…””Oh okay thanks for the help” I said happily.”No problem, now you do me a favor and don’t put your clothes back on. It’s interesting watching such a big thing flap around, it’s actually making me horny and I like that” she said.”Umm okay sure if you don’t mind” I said feeling quite horny myself.”So now what, anymore questions?” She asked staring at my cock still in the same position.”Umm, yea actually, I’m bored of jerking off, anything else I can do?” I asked slowly not knowing how she would respond.”Uhh, let’s see, how do you masturbate, there are many techniques she said as she got up and sat down on a chair across from me.””Oh okay ill search them up” I said feeling content”Let’s do it now” she said as she sat down at her computer and told me to stand next to her as we looked.”Well according to this description, you can try all these” she said pointing to a video playing which she selected with a big black guy who was wanking his cock different ways.At the end of the video, she took my erection with both hands and pushed my foreskin back which sent shivers down my back.”Yea your cock is okay since the skin can fully go back” she said in a matter of fact tone.”Have a seat” she said”Uh I don’t want your chair smelling like cock””Oh trust me, my chairs don’t smell, I clean them or they would smell like pussy all the time””Oh really why is that?” I asked surprised”I hate wearing underwear day and night, I actually stay nude sometimes and I’m not even wearing panties right now and the two cocks made me wet so it is going to start smelling a bit musty now” she said normally”Oh awesome, I hate being constrained too” I said in agreement”Mind if I get comfortable then?””Not at all please do” I said sitting down as she stood up, pulled off her sports bra revealing her perky tits and then turning around to pull off her tights in a way which showed me her pussy.”Nice I said with my boner standing strait up””I can tell bahis siteleri you think it’s nice” she said laughing at looking at my boner. “Did you workout today?””Uh nope, I wasn’t going to, why do you ask?””Well I got this game and the basis is pretty sexual but the positions give you a good workout””Hmm okay let’s do it””I was hoping you’d say yes because I haven’t had fun in a while and I needed some entertainment” she said seriously as we walked to her bedroom.She took out a box which contained a game called Kamasutra and the pictures on the box showed a couple in different sex positions.”I’m not forcing you, its sex positions but they are good workouts even if we don’t fuck, we can hold the hard positions for 30 seconds and that would be good” she said.”Alrighties” I replied nervously but kind of excited because the positions looked fun and I was sure as hell horny.”Okay, let’s see let’s do the hard ones, pun intended if you wish” she said laughing and then pulled out a card. “Its called the arm chair, look at the picture and let’s do it, no sex if you don’t want to but as you can see I’m open” she said pointing to her legs and laughing.We got into the position, I laid down, put my legs out and my hands back and she laid down on top of me, with her hands laid out by my feet and her legs on my shoulder. My penis was on top of her crotch poking at her stomach as we held this position for about 30 seconds. During these 30 seconds I keep full contact on her eyes while she was busy looking at what she called my fat cock. Then the time was up and on her way up she stroked my cock once which sent shivers down my back.I choose the next card without looking and it was “The Ballerina” a position in which we both stood up except one of her legs would be on top of my shoulder and I would balance her by holding her leg and hip. We got into the position but my cock grinded on her pussy lips and she jumped back causing me to fall on top of her. Weirdly enough my cock went straight to her ass and grinded her crack.”Oh my god, please watch where you poke that thing and warn me!” She yelled at me”I didn’t mean to, it happened by itself” I said nervously as we were getting up.”Well, I didn’t mention this but I’m on birth control so if you want you can put your cock into without fucking or you could fuck or as you are doing right now stay out but don’t grind on my pussy unless your going to fuck.””Ok, well I think from now on I’m going to push it into you so we can hold the position” I said nervously.”Too pussy to fuck my pussy? She teased”No!””Then do it, for every position for 30 seconds so we get a better workout” she said demandingly.”Fine, I never thought I would fuck my aunt though””Oh with a big wanker like that?! Why didn’t you come earlier” she said laughing.She picked a card called Prison Guard and then bent over, put her hands behind her back and waited for me to grab her hands, and enter her from behind. I slowly pushed my dick into her pussy in fear of hurting her and she moaned loudly.”Oh fuck, feels so good please move back and forth Hun” she begged as I stood still with all 7 1/2 inches submerged into her tight pussy. I moved slowly as if I was teasing her, but in all reality I was breaking my virginity and enjoyed it so much that I went slowly so it could last. After about 2 minutes of pumping slowly she started screaming;”OHH fuck I’m cumming ahh yea I’m a dirty bitch fucking my little nephew uhhhh cumming hard on his big dick uhhhh yea please fuck me harder babe your fat big dick in my small walls uhhh yea babe”Nervous about her shaking body, I followed her orders and starting thrusting a lot faster and our bodies were hitting so hard it was making slapping noises and she kept screaming louder.”Grab my tits! Grab your aunts tits you dirty fucker, we’re so dirty it turns me güvenilir bahis the fuck on uhhhhhh biggest dick I had and it comes from my nephew uhhhhh” she screamed.I was totally lost at this point but I kept going afraid to stop whatever she was feeling. After another 3 minutes she finally stopped yelling and got off my cock.It was soaked in her juices and was leaking all over the floor.”Oh yea that’s a good fuck she said kissing my cheeks and then she licked my cock clean, kept it in her mouth, opened my lips, kissed me and put her juices and spit into my mouth which I swallowed.”Your not cumming yet, were not done, onto the next position and I came twice on your magic stick” she said tracing her finger on my cock.I drew next and got a card called Jack Hammer. She had to sit under me, her mouth facing forwards, and I came from behind and I had to shove my cock into her mouth and thrust back and forth. We got into position and I pushed all of it down into her throat which caused her to gag but she kept my cock in. After about 10 seconds I pulled it out and then pushed it back in. We did this until I was ready to start thrusting hard into her throat. She was enjoying this and started fingering herself as I kept pushing down. Slime and precum was falling all over her body and the floor and she squirted once as well and bit my cock but we kept going. After 10 minutes she got off and said she was bored and it was time for the next position.She picked the next card which was stand and carry, a very fun position but hard to keep going. She pushed my whole cock into her pussy as I lifted her up and bended my knees. To help support myself, I braised against a wall and she began jumping up and down on my cock. It was a matter of seconds before she starting screaming again and begged me to fuck her harder, I thought I was in heaven but I still didn’t feel like cumming yet. She kept jumping until her orgasm died over and she casually got off and sucked the juices off my cock and swallowed them. So far, there were pools of her juices everywhere we fucked and it was actually funny.”Okay last position because if we keep going I’m going to be sore as shit tomorrow, let’s do something where I can fuck your brains off for a change.”She sat down on her bed, shuffled the cards and rubbed my dick with her yellow ankle socks.”Ahah, found it, we’ll do rodeo that way we both get a mind blowing orgasm” she said happily.”Uh fuck you rubbing me with your socks feels good, I sort of have a foot fetish to a point and dam it feels good””O yea? Then next time I’ll wear stockings but now lay down with that big weapon and let your dirty aunt fuck your brains out”I laid down and turned her back to my face, pushed my cock into her pussy and began riding me much like a horse. It was fucking mind-blowing how she moved her ass so perfectly and how it felt. I played with her tits and tickled her feet as she fucked me and my orgasm slowly built up. She came a few times in this position. The first time she came I felt her pussy contracting, I forced her into a standing up doggy style position and fucked her mercilessly hard while she rode out the waves of pleasure and started moaning sensually.We slowly went back to the rodeo position without leaving each other’s organs and kept fucking, she hit another orgasm instantly then. Finally my orgasm built up from her mashing into me so hard and I moaned loudly and lowly said told her I’m cumming which made her fuck me even faster. She too built up another orgasm and we came on each other came at the same time. As she got up and we got off each other there was a huge pool of our mixed juices on the floor. She took off the ankle socks and wiped it up with that, then hung them on my still hard cock and said”Let’s go shower big boy”During the shower she sucked my cock again and we ended up having another sex session in which we both came powerfully and hard onto each other in a victory position ironically. After that day we became very close and had many more sessions which I may or may not write about.