Working the Pole Pt. 09

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Futanari, off-screen sex, slow growth, relationship drama, chubby, schoolgirls, size difference, big penis, big breasts, big ass, lesbian, kissing, size praise, transitory chapter

All characters are entirely fictional and all above the age of 18!


“You know. I will never question your maids ever again,” April grinned happily.

“Maybe mom could hire some as well.”

“Because they are cleaning your car or because they brought you your clothes?” Gina asked.

“Both… and for keeping things under wraps.”

“Oh, they will, April. They always do.”

The brunette shifted in her seat, her relieved balls for once not obstructing her meaty thighs as she did so, and looked over to Gina’s widening smirk.

“Sounds like this wasn’t the first time something like that happened,” April mused.

“It’s never been this sticky afterwards, that I can assure you,” Gina chuckled and kept her eyes firmly on the road ahead of them.

The futa’s grin slowly turned into silent admiration as she looked at her gorgeous friend. No, by now even girlfriend and wondered how she could have overlooked that part of her for this long. But who was she to judge? She kept her own secret under wraps until her body left her nowhere to hide. She prepared to feel exposed for what seemed like the most challenging days of her life, but the whole journey proved nothing but liberating — just like Irina told her.

April sighed contently and leaned into the comfy leather seats of Gina’s Porsche. This was what life was all about she thought. Having the morning off and turning up at the institute just in time for dinner. Beef Wellington was on the menu — one of April’s favourites. The perfect continuation to a day she and Gina spent screwing around all day until both were no longer able to continue. Even her morning wood felt quite satisfied by that unexpected turn of events and seemed much more manageable than the days prior. For the next few hours at least, and after that they would drive back to Gina’s place and get back on where they left off that morning.

“What are you thinking?” Gina asked, her own cheeks rising with content and joy.

The futa smirked and kept mindlessly observing the houses rushing by.

“That life is good sometimes. Today is good,” April said and winked over to Gina.

“Especially now that my girlfriend is driving me over to school, after she already took care of me in the shower.”

“You say that like it was a sacrifice I wasn’t willing to make,” Gina chuckled but kept her eyes glued to the roads.

“Oh, a sacrifice?” April laughed. “I didn’t know it was that bad. Me and my big bad cock, huh? But I think I returned the favour still. I still have your taste on my tongue.”

Gina’s cheeks reddened and almost rivalled the traffic light that prompted her to stop.

“I enjoyed it too, April. How about we start every day like that. Well… at least until our moms are back,” she said.

“We will tell them as well. Today the gals. And soon our mothers,” April said without hesitation.

“I am not sure if that’s a good idea,” Gina said and grabbed April’s hand that was resting on her slender thigh.

“So, you want to keep it a secret? Is it because of me?” April asked.

“No. Well… yes. I know Lizzy and Akari won’t like to hear about, well … us, but I am more worried about my mom,” Gina said and threw her head back into her cushioned seat as the cabs in front of them honked relentlessly at the truck carefully and agonizingly slowly turning into the intersection.

“Would she mind me being a futa?”

“She would mind you not being someone she chose herself.”

Gina’s emerald eyes eventually dared to fight back April’s hazel gaze. With resignation triumphing over frustration.

“What do you mean with that?” April asked.

“That she got big plans with me, April,” Gina sighed. “She would only want to see her ‘heir’ to a multi-billion company with someone befitting ‘her status’. Her words not mine. I am convinced she has some people in mind already. Especially some that would align with her own business endeavours. It’s politics, April. And I am just a pawn in her game. That’s why I never came out and why I would rather keep that a secret. For a bit longer.”

April’s fury rose almost to the level of the cab drivers in front of them as she heard that explanation.

“She is your mother! She can’t be that oblivious about what her own daughter wants! Have you tried talking to her at least?”

“Why bother? I already know the answer.”

The redhead shook her head, but forced a smile as her hands returned to the steering wheel.

“It is how it is, April. I wished it would be different too, but that’s what I have to deal with,” Gina said and put her foot back on the gas as the traffic light turned green.

The Porsche’s roar thundered through the streets as Gina switched through the gears, kaçak iddaa but April was left speechless. How could any mother be like that? It didn’t make sense to her at all. Just to imagine her own mother like that was a nightmare she wouldn’t wish upon herself — and that especially during her growth spurt.

It almost sickened her that while hearing something this horrible, all she could think about is how grateful she should be for her own mother. And that she deserved much more appreciation at times. How egoistic — but nevertheless true.

“We can still tell the gals though,” Gina said eventually and broke the silence.

“Good. I really wanted to tell them,” April grinned.

“We have to. Otherwise, they would not stop trying to get their hands on you,” Gina mused with a cheeky look to her side to see April’s response.

She was right. April was well aware about that. And also noted that it was wise of Gina to see a futa’s reaction to hearing such a proposal. Futas were not known for staying faithful during their growth spurts. And while their reputation was not nearly as stigmatized as it was in Irina’s youth, there was truth to the prejudices. Many were outright consumed by their desires as their urges grew more desperate.

So much so that neither the efforts of their lovers were enough to satiate their growing hunger. Some were so insatiable that an entire harem of women was barely enough to keep up with their libido. Others simply found relief in dozen, sometimes even hundreds of one-night stands and left without a trace after a passionate night or two — April’s mother fell into that category.

Those were ordinary futas, not one with an X-Value off the charts like April.

Whatever that might lead to and no matter how big she would grow, one thing was certain — following her mother’s example would never be an option. She would not allow herself to become like her. Never.

“It’s good to set things straight early,” April said cautiously, without offering a promise she couldn’t know she would be able to keep. But she would try.

This seemed to suffice for now. Gina neither looked too content or at unease, but both knew that this topic would come up again someday in the future. Possibly soon. Unless the redhead would manage to keep up with April’s growing desires.

The cantina was brimming with life by the time they entered. Usually, the atrium where the students ate would be left mostly deserted. Most preferred the comfort of the nearby restaurants over the institute’s dishes, but today the students flocked to the counter as they prepared themselves for a feast. The campus had gained quite the reputation for many things; Sparing expenses was not one of them, as it was expected from an institute sponsored by multi-millionaires. And while the students grew accustomed to such splendor and luxury a long time ago, having a Michelin star chef come over just to prepare lunch proved one of those rare occasions that could manage to make them turn up in droves.

April stood in line with Gina in front of her and felt the other students gazes all over her body. No wonder, by how much she tested the fabric of her restrictive uniform. Especially her vest and blouse, although her by now even bigger ass lifted her skirt quite a bit more than it used to as well.

She kept her eyes locked onto the counter at first and forced herself to ignore all those curious eyes, but the longer she waited the less she cared. For what little she could pick up amidst this maelstrom of diverging conversations and chitchats there were quite a few students openly gushing over her growth spurt.

Most were clearly in awe of her new height and rightfully so. April towered over most students already and while many were not able to see her bigger assets past the other students blocking the view, all could see a 6’3″ woman stick out from the masses.

Only very few reached such a height and all of them very either athletes or at the very least part of the cheerleaders … and neither of them grew by several inches just within a few days. For all the fascination about her newly gained height advantage, the ones that stood closer to her seemed to be drawn much more towards other measurements regarding the futa.

“They are all staring at you,” Gina whispered while turning around.

The redhead herself barely reached April’s nose with the 6 inches that separated the two — for now. Soon she would be staring at the brunette’s big rack at eyelevel and after that … maybe just her waist.

“I know,” April said behind grit teeth as she swallowed that livid image. “Let them stare.”

She made it sound like she was frustrated by all the attention she got, but dipping just a few moments into exploring that fleeting fantasy of hers, she realised that a part of her clearly didn’t mind hearing those words and enduring those gazes.

Quite the opposite.

The lunch lady, Julia, a stocky but always elegantly dressed brunette in her late forties almost dropped her plate when she saw April waiting in front kaçak bahis of her.

“Is that you April?” she asked.

“Yeah. Just good ol’ me, Julia,” April said with a weak grin.

Julia shook her head to shake off her amazement and reddened as she plated up April’s meal.

“Sorry. I had no idea… you were a…you know,” she said cautiously.

“Don’t you worry. I feel like I will get that a lot the next few weeks,” April said in a soft tone.

It was almost comical to see these reactions. From people she knew for so long and how they ranged from paralyzing amazement to embarrassed admiration. Was it really that surreal to meet a futa in her growth spurt after all?

“I made it a double portion. You… can probably use it,” Julia said with a simply adorable shyness in her usually cold gaze.

“Thank you,” April chuckled and almost wanted to laugh.

There were many reactions she expected. Getting two slices of Beef Wellington was none of those. If that was the worst people would confront her with, then she would rightfully feel stupid for fearing her growth spurt all those years.

Gina waited for her, her food tray in her hands, at the end of the line as she looked for the gals.

“Hungry, aren’t we?” the redhead mused when seeing April’s portion.

“Julia probably thinks I could grow some more I guess,” April grinned and spotted Lizzy first.

She, Akari and Isabella were sitting at the end of the atrium since their usual places were already occupied. The Asian and the former blonde waved back at her with an endearing smirk on both their faces, while Isabella looked downright starstruck.

She did not see April since Saturday and judging by her widened eyes nobody told her what a difference three days can make for a growing futa.

Each step April took towards her friends table the more her awareness about the delicate jiggle of her bigger curves manifested. It dawned on her how much her heavier breasts shook within her infuriatingly tight bra and how her seemingly perkier asses’ curvature was on display with every motion — as well as what reactions that entailed.

Never did Isabella look more impressed when eying another girl on the campus. Why would she? She was the bombshell to end all bombshells. But even someone with her looks and her aura, could not help herself but be in awe of such rapid developments.

Her luscious lips parted further the more of April’s 6’3″ frame came closer for a proper inspection. Her fiery hazel eyes lingered far longer on April’s breasts and hips than the futa would have ever expected … and she loved every second of it.

Everyone around her could get a good look on her blossoming body and it wouldn’t count nearly as much as seeing Isabella’s jaw drop further and further. For all the blissful sensations of the past few days this sense of sheer amazement from her long-time crush was unmatched. It made her feel powerful and swell another foot in height just by that puzzled look alone… and made her hips sway just a bit heavier to see how far Isabella’s mouth can drop.

“Careful, Isabella. Not that you have to pick up your jaw from your plate,” Lizzy laughed next from the Latina.

The cheerleader had to collect her thoughts and only slowly rose from her seat when Gina and April stood right in front of them.

“Isabella?” Akari asked with a knowing grin.

“Sorry but I have to,” Isabella muttered and walked up to April and lined up.

The futa immediately realised what her friend was up to and straightened her back to allow a proper comparison. The newly grown three inches were on full display once Isabella stood in front of her, just close enough to see her go through her emotions.

She took some pride in her figure. All would agree rightfully so, but rarely anyone thought that she was this sensitive about height. 6 feet were befitting for the leader of the cheerleaders, not too freakishly tall or too small compared to the other members, but seeing her standing on her toes and still being shorter than April was something that made her almost gush in awe.

“Dios mio. April, you are so much taller,” Isabella muttered in utter disbelief.

“Good you noticed, otherwise I would have questioned your eyesight,” April returned with a cheeky grin that made Akari and Lizzy erupt in loud laughter.

Their reaction made Isabella snap out of her state of utter amazement and did the impossible — made her blush.

“I am sorry. This was inappropriate. Of course, you have grown. I was just surprised by how much,” Isabella said and slowly retreated back to her place.

April’s cheeks were still constantly rising until they almost hurt. Akari and Lizzy did not tell Isabella for a reason: To see the composure of their group’s leader crumble when faced with something this unbelievable and clearly amazing.

“Don’t sweat it. I am sure we all will get used to it. On the bright side, I won’t have to make a public announcement at least. Guess most have picked up on it already,” April chuckled and took her illegal bahis seat on their friends table, with Gina next to her.

It was not long until the excitement, mostly Isabella’s, came back down to manageable level. The same could not be said about the other tables surrounding them. Even while sitting, April’s height advantage was obvious to anyone who knew her just by seeing. Gina’s 5’9″ were also a perfect reference point if someone didn’t catch the difference straight away.

Everyone at the table tried not to bring up the obvious debate at first and focused on the delicious meal in front of them. But as soon as the plates were emptied there was nothing else left to do.

“So… how was the weekend, girls?” Akari said with a wide smirk.

“Good, exhausting,” Lizzy muttered while on the last bites of her Beef Wellington.

Isabella looked over to Gina and April to see who wanted to go next and eventually nodded at Gina.

She was the only one besides April to be aware when Gina was about to speak up. Lizzy and Akari for all the fun they were to have around often didn’t notice when they … overpowered … the quieter people at their table. While April learnt to accept that a long time ago, she knew for a fact that Gina did not like that one bit. Good, that at least Isabella took it up to herself to balance things out between their group.

“It was quite an eventful weekend. Mostly company related stuff, but nothing too exciting,” Gina said and looked over to April. “Unlike yesterday. Yesterday… was special.”

The brunette’s face turned feverish when Gina smirked almost triumphally as Akari and Lizzy exchanged questioning looks.

“What was yesterday?” Akari asked.

“April and I discussed what happened on Saturday and worked things out,” she said and made Akari and Lizzy almost turn another shade of white.

“O… okay,” Lizzy said and looked at April nervously. “And… what have you … talked about?”

Gina revelled in this moment and for once stood firm and tall above Lizzy and Akari who didn’t know how to react. She left the two dwelling on what was hidden behind this sharp-tongued remark and if she knew what occurred on that beach on Saturday. And she looked like she enjoyed every second of it.

“We are together now,” April interrupted and slowly reached for Gina’s petite hand.

The redhead was surprised by that interjection but did not show any anger at least. Regardless of what kind of hostility was brewing between her and Lizzy and Akari this should not be a moment that was tarnished by their animosities towards each other, nor would April want to be a pawn in this powerplay. They were her friends after all. All of them, and they shouldn’t feel bad because of her… even by proxy.

“Yes, we are a couple now,” Gina reassured and smiled warmly when feeling the futa’s warm fingers encircling hers.

Akari and Lizzy were stunned by this sudden turn of events. Eventually they managed to smile and laugh, but all four knew that things were quite complicated after last weekend. All but Isabella who sensed the tension but could not connect the dots without knowing any details.

“These are great news. I am happy for you,” Isabella said warmly before Akari and Lizzy would join.

“Yeah, congratulations,” Lizzy said with not even nearly the same enthusiasm.

“Best wishes to you two,” Akari continued, but at least managed to fake a smile.

The air between the two and Gina was pulsing with fury but Isabella’s genuine appreciation managed to take some steam off the cooking pot that their table was slowly turning into.

“For once I am three days gone and so much is happening. Better warn me before I go on vacation next time, don’t wanna miss all the important stuff,” she grinned, earning a chuckle from April and Gina at least. “Anything else in the locker you two?”

“Not for now,” Gina said and for once diverted her gaze away from Akari and Lizzy.

“Nah. Well, sure a lot happened, but details I keep rather to myself for now,” April grinned.

“Understandably,” Isabella smiled.

That was one of the many strings to the Latina’s bow that made her so admirable. Even when a topic intrigued her and clearly made her want to dig deeper, she would never be curious if it meant putting someone else into any situation, they don’t feel comfortable in. Yet, she could offer an open ear for hours upon hours if one of her friends needed someone to share their emotions with.

She shone with empathy where someone like her could have gotten away with just being focused on herself and that would possibly never change. Isabella could put herself second if the situation required it, despite being a person who rarely found herself not at the top of the podium. And she made it look effortless and genuine at the same time.

“How was yours? You were on vacation?” April asked, still caught in the softness of her crushes’ gaze.

Isabella smirked knowingly and cracked her knuckles like she often did before dropping some news of which she knew were exciting for the whole gang. The sound of popping her joints alone was often enough to draw everybody in and succumb to their anticipation of something they knew would be of utmost interest to them.