You only live once

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You only live onceYou know every guy has always wanted a hot sexy young thing once or twice in his life. Well I had that chance and took it. I should say it was presented to me and I took it. I use to be a kitchen manager and it was a tight crew. We all pretty much hung out and partied together including the wait staff. All of the girls were young and sexy in their own way. That’s when I took noticed of one. She was a bit young for my taste 19, but she was beautiful.  5’2″, size 2, 36C’s, long blonde hair and the most innocent looking face. One night I caught up with her at a gathering and got to talking with her and got to know her a little bit more. From that night on, @@@ seemed to come around the kitchen more, hanging out and taking with me. I really didn’t think much about it till one of my friends, asked me what’s up with you and @@@. I must of had a puzzled look on my face because he slaps my arm and says; Dude, she wants you BAD! I just laugh it off, telling him he’s crazy. But then a few weeks later. I was in my office getting ready to close up when @@@ walks in. Being one of the waitress I thought she had a question for me. And boy did she. She closed the door, pushed aside my paperwork and sat down on my desk. My only thought was I’m in trouble. Then in one of the hottest, most innocent sexy voice say; How does one get your attention. Like this maybe?@@@ slowly starts spreading her legs while her hands pull the hem of her skirt up, revealing the cleanest shaven pussy I have ever seen. Two fingers spread her lips open as she says; I want you to taste my pussy. I was lost in a cloud of lust. I just leaned down and started licking her clit. I quickly started sucking it, drawing it out from it’s hood. This young girl had a huge clit as it grew in mouth. Once her clit was fully exposed I flicked my tongue all over it. She was biting her lip, trying to be quiet. Suddenly she pushed me back, panting and says; I get to loud. Come by my place in an hour. She hops off my desk, pulls her skirt down and leans down, giving me a hot kiss. Then casually walks out of my office. OMG! What just happen!?I bailed out early, leaving the bar manager to close. I flew home, took a shower, trimmed and shaved down there. I was new to wearing cockrings and just had purchased my first metal one. So what a better night and wear it with @@@ .I pull up to her place and find a note on the door telling me to just come on in. As I open the door a rush of her perfume fills my nose. Mmmmm. The lights are dim and in walks @@@ from the kitchen. Damn she looked so HOT! She’s wearing a tight sports bra, so tight her nipples and areola are clearly visible. She had on even tighter shorts, they barely covered her perfect ass and it clearly displayed a thick cameltoe. She ask if I wanted to smoke a joint and offers me a tempobet yeni giriş sit on her couch.She lites the joint and straddles my body and sit in my lap.  We start kissing as we share the joint. Once the we finish the joint our kissing turned more passionate. Our tongues dancing, both our hands exploding the other.I feel her hips slowly grinding down on me. I reach down and hold her small hips helping her grind down on me. I start kissing and biting @@@ neck. She starts moaning and grinding harder. I slide my hand under her top, sliding it up and over her head. Damn she had firm breast. She cups her breast and quickly starts flicking a finger across her nipples. Slowly squeezing her titties, her areoles started getting puffy, swelling up while her hard nipples on top looking like pencil erasers. She cups her breasts, leans forward and feeds me those puffy nipples. I sucked and nibble on her nipples. She grabs the back of my head and we start making out again. Between kisses she tells me we should go to the bedroom. I slowly slide forward, to where I could stand.I tell @@@ to wrap her hands around my neck and hold on. Cupping her ass cheek, I stand and picking @@@ up at the same time. She wraps her legs tightly around my waist and between kisses guides me to her bedroom. When I set her down on the bed, she unbuckled my pants and pulls them down underwear and all. Standing at the foot of the bed, I’m kicking off my pants and shirt. When I look up, @@@ is laying back naked and OMG she looks so damn hot and sexy. I slowly crawl up her kissing my way up her legs. She is twitching and moaning, getting louder the closer I get to her pussy.And what a pussy it was, clean shaven displaying the thickest labia I have seen, her lips hanging low with a hood,  covering a large clit. She reaches up, takes a hold of her headboard as my mouth reaches her pussy. @@@ is breathing heavy and holds her breath when my mouth covers her clit and hood. I suck her clit into my mouth and @@@ let’s out her breath followed by a deep moan. I suck her clit up into my mouth as I flick my tongue all across her clit making @@@ moan louder. Opening my mouth I flick my tongue across her clit, lips and opening of her pussy. I dip down low, tongue the opening of her pussy. I feel @@@ hand, caressing my head running her fingers thru my hair. Telling me how good that feel. I look up and her nipples were so hard as her aureola were swollen and puffy, looking like mushroom caps. I dance my tongue all around her pussy, sucking and pulling at her lips and now her clit is swollen and exposed from it’s hood. I suck it in and sucking it as it I was sucking her nipples. I draw into my mouth, as my tongue is dancing all over her clit. @@@ is moaning heavy and taking in deep breaths. Her hands are running all through tempobet giriş my hair and talking dirty. Her hips lift up, grinding her pussy into my face and she moans out; I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.Pushing her hips up, she holds still as I keep teasing her clit making her cum. She pumps her hips as I take her thru her orgasm. I keep sucking her pussy when she tells me she need to feel my cock in her pussy. She pulls me up and we end up kissing as @@@ rolls our body and I end up on my back. @@@ starts kissing my neck and lightly biting. The lower she get though the harder her bites get. My head was spinning. Her is this HOT young girls, kissing her way down my body. My body twitches as she takes my cock into her mouth. I just moan out as @@@ takes my cock.She might of been young but she knew how to give head. She quickly was deep throating my cock. Bobbing her head like a porn star. Suddenly she pops up, gripping my cock as she slides up, straddling my cock. Throwing back her long blonde hair she looks down and says;I’m gonna get back to that but first my pussy is on fire, and I cant take it, I have waited to long to fuck you.Then she lowers her body as my cock get buries in her pussy. @@@ moans out; oh god you have a thick cock. This is better than I have imagine. She collapses down on me, kissing me passionate before sitting and places her hands on my chest, She is slowly rocker her hips, digging at my chest moaning out, her long blonde hair d****s over shoulders, arching her back and pushing out her titties. Those big puffy nipples begging to be sucked. She looked like a porn star riding my cock. She cups the back of my head, leans down and feeds me those puffy nipples. As I start sucking @@@ moans for me to suck them harder and harder.  Her hips grind down harder and harder.  When she sits up and moans out taking my cock deep. I hold her hips and start pumping mine forcing my cock deeper. @@@ is moaning louder. She slides her feet up and holds the head as she squats over me, bouncing her ass up and down. She grunts out; here I cum, here I cum. Then with hard downward thrusts she starts slam down on my cock. I’m cupping her ass pulling her ass up as she slams back down. With one hard downward thrust, she sits on my cock and grinds down. One hands slips between her legs and rubs her clit.Sitting on my cock, rubbing her clit, twisting her body she tells me; mmmmm I like your cock. Her hands slowly starts caressing her own body and moaning softly. My hands replace hers, as I start caressing her body. I pull her down and we kiss. My hands are all over her ass. I slide her to one side, I roll up on my knees as @@@ rolls up on her knees and gets in the doggie position. OMG her ass looked so damn hot bent over as her thick fat labia pushing out from between her legs. I slide tempobet güvenilirmi up behind her, gripping the base of my cock, I rub the head of my cock between her thick labia and can feel that her pussy is dripping. I feel @@@ hand reach from between her legs, taking a hold of my cock and rubbing the head around the opening of her pussy. I grip her hips, pushing forward as I watch the head of my cock disappear between her thick labia. @@@ grabs the headboard and pushes back as I push forward burying my cock in her pussy. @@@ let’s out a loud moan when my cock bottoms out. I hold her hips and pull back, then slamming forward. I starts fucking her with hard deep thrust. She is bracing herself on the headboard pushing her hips back to meet my forward thrust. @@@ moans out to start fucking her faster. I push forward burying my cock and start pumping my hips quicker and quicker till @@@ is moaning; Thats how I like it. Fuck this pussy hard and fast. The room is fill with the echo of bodies slapping together, heavy breathing and moaning. I hold @@@ hips tight as I pump my hips upward causing my balls to swing forward, slapping her pussy. @@@ moans out; oh god your balls are slapping my clit. Fuck me hard, OMG her I cum again. @@@ starts gripping at the sheets bracing herself as she starts moaning, groan and bucking under me.Im making this little slut cum and cum hard. I grab a hand full of her hair, pulling her head back and grunt out;That’s it my little slut, cum all over my cock. @@@ let’s out a loud grasp and moans, bucking saying; I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming. She bares down as I keep pumping my cock in her, riding her thru her orgasm. @@@ is twitching as I feel her hands pushing on my hips slowing me down to a stop. She collapses under me, rolls to her side and says in the most innocent sexiest voice says; Hmmm, I see my cock hasn’t cum. I know what will. @@@ lays me back and gets between my legs. Twisting her long hair up, she lowers her head as her mouth engulfs my cock. Quickly her head starts bobbing. My cock is slipping in and out of her mouth. Her hand has a firm grip on my cock twisting up and down. Soon I feel the head of my cock slipping in her throat and soon enough @@@ lips are wrapped around the base of my cock. Oh god she is repeatedly popping my cock in and out of her throat. She is moaning all around my cock. Her hands lightly caressing my balls.Suddenly I could feel my cock swelling up.  @@@ slips off my cock telling me to cum in her mouth. Then buries my cock down her throat, bobbing her head till I can’t take it. Gripping the sheets and pushing my hips up, I let out a huge groan as the first load of cum fills @@@ mouth. She slides off my cock and takes a big swallow. Then takes my cock again bobbing her head as I fill her mouth again with more cum. She keeps deep throating my cock till I have to pull her up from the intense sensation. As @@@ lays on my chest, I can’t believe I just had sex with this sexy young thing. @@@ and I stayed together for a couple years. I knew it wasn’t gonna last but I can say, I had some wild sex.