You Will Not Forget This

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You Will Not Forget ThisAfter a night out on the town, we find ourselves in one last pub. We had both had a few drinks that evening. Our thinking is that the dark, quiet atmosphere of this newest club would help us clear our heads for the drive home. The music hums in the background as we settle down across from one another at a corner table. It is the perfect spot to smoke a joint, people-watch and commiserate about the evening thus far.”I know I already told you this, Alexandria, but you look super hot tonight baby girl,” I say with a look of absolute approval.You planned the outfit with me in mind, of course. A very low-cut black blouse and a push-up bra have your breasts more exposed than usual, while the short skirt left little to the imagination. If you bend over, the view would be spectacular from both sides….cleavage pouring out the front, your firm round ass peeking out from behind. Raising an eyebrow, you wiggle out of your four inch heel stilettos.”I am so glad you like it,” you reply as you run your foot teasingly up my right leg and between my thighs. Wiggling your toes up against my dick, you notice that it is its normal hardness.”Well damn! It still pleases me knowing I have such an effect on you!” you giggle while saying that. Still rubbing your soft foot a little more against your twitching prick, you love teasing me in public, As par the course, you are feeling quite horny. Rather than reply, I stare at you, clearly deep in thought. I study you for several moments, simply admiring your beauty as I ponder over what I have been planning for a long time. Suddenly, my hand reaches under the table, gripping your foot. Peering sternly into your eyes I finally speak in a low, controlled manner.”Did I give you permission to do that?” I squeeze your foot tighter.At the sound of my voice, your heart races and suddenly you are taking more ragged breaths. You observe warmth spreading across across face as your cheeks turn red. Now you look down at the table, unable to maintain my gaze. I rarely speak that way outside of our bedroom so you do not know quite how to respond. I know it is a fantasy of yours to play out one of our usual scenes in public, but here…now? You quickly look searchingly to see if anyone has heard me, though you realize that no one has. Your heart feels as though it is going to beat through your chest.”Do you plan on answering my question?” That query rips you from your thoughts. Until that moment you have not responded. Finally looking up at me, you are able to tell instantly that I am completely serious. Your mouth is dry so you take a sip of your drink hoping that you will find the courage to get through this.”No,” you softly say, barely recognizing your own voice. Closing your eyes, you are imagining yourself back in our warm bed.”No, what?””No, you did not give me permission to play with your dick, Daddy.””Open your eyes and look at me, slut.” Upon hearing that, you immediately make eye contact. I see that you are nervous. This turns me on further. Pushing your foot from between my thighs, I shove your firm leg onto the floor. “Put your shoe back on whore and listen well.”You scramble, reaching under the table and slip your shoe back onto your foot. Even though mentally you are horrified at what is happening, your body deceives you. Your cunt throbs, getting wetter as you listen to what I will say next.”What happens to bad little girls, whore?””They get spanked”, is your timid response.”That is right. In this case, you have displeased me more than once and you have to learn your lesson. From this moment forward, you will not speak unless I ask you a direct question. You will do whatever I say, when I say it. Any hesitation will only lead me to punish you further and trust me, you do not want that. Do you understand, slut?””Yes, I understand.””Good. Now stand up and come over here next to me.” I lean back in my chair, taking a final toke off of the joint before putting it out in the ashtray.Obediently you push your chair back from the table and stand. Upon weak knees, you feel unsure that you can go through with this, but you know you must. When I speak to you this way, you are reminded that I own you. Every part of you belongs to me, you must oblige my every whim. Inhaling a deep breath before slowly moving, you see that I have pushed my chair back. I rotate it so that it is facing the rest of the room. You stand before me as my eyes go down your body, bursa escort taking in every curve, every crevice.”Turn around and face the room, slut…and keep your eyes open!” I growl.You do as I instruct. Although you are not facing me, you note my eyes inspecting you from behind. Already you feel completely exposed and we have only just begun. With a scanning look around the bar, you try sizing up the situation. As it is almost closing time, the place is winding down. There are two older gentlemen sitting at the bar, a couple who appear to be about our age at a table across the room and a group of middle-aged men and women who are clearly drunk and speaking rather loudly. At this point, you are almost wishing that the bar was busier, so that we could possibly go unnoticed. In this winded-down state, you know that is impossible.”Look at all those people, baby girl. Shortly they are all going to be looking at your bare ass and pussy.”With that, I grip your solid waist with both of my firm hands. Next I yank you down so that you are sitting in my lap. Snatching hold of your long, dark hair, I yank your head back. Now I am breathing heavily into your ear as I begin to speak.”Don’t even pretend as though you don’t like this, slut. Dressed the way you are, you are simply begging for people to look at your whore body. I am going to give you exactly what you want. You are going to show all these people what a little slut you are. Thank me, whore.””Thank you for letting me be your whore,” you manage to say meekly. I bet you can feel my hard, black dick pressing up against your firm ass. I know you can tell that I am enjoying this immensely. You are as well, in spite of yourself. You have craved this type of direction for a long time. So you are truly am thankful to have a man who knows this without having to be told daily.”That’s a good girl. Now, stand up again and face the room. You will take off your panties and place them on the table.”Releasing your sweet scented hair, I allow you to stand again. Between the loud music and the sound of your own heartbeat pounding in your ears, it is a wonder you are able to hear my commands at all. With your adrenaline steadily pumping, now you feel light-headed. Still, you are afraid to disobey. Reaching under your skirt, you nimbly hook your thumbs into your satin panties and begin pulling them down your shapely legs. Bending over slightly, you remove them all the way. As you do, I extend and run my hand across your ass cheek. My touch feels nice, it causes you to feel a slight shiver run through your desirable body. Finally stepping out of your underwear, you return to a standing position. Without turning, you place the deep red boy shorts on the table.With your peripheral vision, you see me pick them up. You cringe inside, wishing you could curl up and die. You know that one glance at the crotch will give you away, revealing to me just how much you are enjoying your predicament. You can tell you are very wet and see evidence of that on your panties. Sure enough, my voice’s directness hits you as hard as you expect my hand will in a few moments.”I see you are enjoying yourself, slut. You have made quite a mess of your panties.” Just then, I toss them on the floor about six feet in front of you. “Pick them up baby girl.”Taking a few steps forward, you then bend over to fetch them. Your skirt pleasurably rides up slightly. You realize that you are fully exposed to me from behind. Even in the darkened room, I possess a clear view of your round ass and dripping pussy.”Hmmm…you have shaved your pussy. That is just how I like it, Alexandria.”Once you have the panties, you pause. Part of you wants to allow me, your Daddy, a second to enjoy the view. Another part does not know what to do next.”Stand up and bring them back to me, slut. Quit stalling”Standing, you create eye contact with the bartender, silently panicking. He is talking to the gentlemen seated at the bar and you spot him nodding in your direction. Lacking discretion, both men turn at the same time, so that all three are looking. Quickly turning around, you walk back to me recognizing that you have been seen. You look at me and I smile, pleased that they have taken notice of your situation. Handing me your panties without saying a word, you see me place them back onto the table.”We officially have an audience, baby. Soon everyone in here will know what a bad little girl you’ve been. Are bursa escort bayan you ready for your spanking, slut?””Yes, I am ready for my spanking”, is your proper reply.Even though the words are coming out of your mouth, you are not sure you mean it. Terrified is your feeling at being spanked in front of all these people. However, you correctly feel there is no turning back now, not that you would want that. Together we have fantasized about this for so long. Now it is finally coming true. You are so completely turned on that you could cum right then and there if I ordered. Your small pussy aches for my almost always ready dick.You can count on after being punished, I will surely reward me. You right now long to feel my skilled tongue on your small clit…my nimble fingers in your snug ass as my length of black dick pounding into needy cunt. You hunger to please me so badly; you yearn to make me proud of my dirty little slut. You picture this will be the best spanking you ever received.”You are doing very well, slut. I want you to come lay over my lap.”Inhaling a deep breath, you move so that you are standing next to me. Glancing over at the bar, you observe the three are still watching us. You even notice a growing bulge in the one gentleman’s pants. Clearly he is appreciative of the show. Before you lay over my familiar lap, I shift my chair so that when you are in proper position, your full ass will be facing outward towards the bar. Everyone will see your bare ass and pussy.”Its time, slut.”Biting your lip, you bend over so that you are d****d across my lap. Of course, my dick is so hard beneath you. Sweetly, you are almost afraid that you will cause me discomfort. I do not seem to mind though. Grinding myself against you, I reveal how hot this is. Your thick legs are still on the floor. You reach your left arm out, grabbing hold of the leg on the table. Shutting your blue eyes, you prepare for what is upcoming.My firm hand runs up the back of your thigh and under your skirt. Raising it up over your wide hips, I adjust it so it is completely around your waist. Presently your curvy ass is completely bare now. I see that the insides of your thighs are soaking wet. Alexandria you are so excited.”Spread your legs wider, whore. Show our friends what a dirty slut you are. Show them how wet your pussy is.”You comply, doing as I command and spread your legs apart. You feel your pussy open slightly as my hand quickly finds its way to your sopping slit. My firm fingers slide easily inside as my other hand caresses your plump ass. No longer do you care that people are watching. You are full of lust. Continuing to fuck you with my fingers, I press deeper and harder with each thrust. Caught in the moment, you forget that you are not supposed to speak.”That feels so good, Daddy.”Rapidly, my hand pulls away from your soaking pussy. It comes down sharply upon your ass. The suddenness of it all surprises you. This causes you to squeal. I grab hold of your long hair once more, jerking head up.”I told you not to speak slut. I do not know why you insist on making things difficult. For that, I am going to enjoy ripping your ass up with my belt when we get home. Is that understood?””Yes, I understand. I won’t speak again”, you plead.”Now do as you are told and shut up. I want your hands behind your back NOW!”Pushing your head back down, I release your tresses. You swiftly put your arms behind your back, allowing me to grab both wrists with my left hand. Holding you tightly, I could careless that you are quite uncomfortable. You sense me doing something above you, but are not sure what. Afraid to turn and look, you simply keep your enticing eyes squeezed shut. Seconds later, you realize what is happening. I have removed my necktie and have commenced to tying my wrists together. Tying it in a strong knot, I am certain there is no way you could pull your hands apart.”I did not want to have to do that to you in front of all these people, but you asked for it slut”With that, I begin spanking you. My hand slaps your right cheek, then your left. The sting spreads across your ass as I smack me harder, alternating sides with each turn. I do not let up, giving your burning ass no quarter. Instead I fall into a steady pattern of slaps. Just when I start falling into rhythm and you attempt anticipating each swat, I bring your hand down between your thick legs and strike your pussy. Jumping, you squeal escort bursa but are careful not to say a word. Hear me let out a satisfied laugh.”I bet that one hurt, did not it slut?””Yes,” you moan, spreading your legs even wider.Your hot, wet pussy still stings from my strike when I bring my hand down repeatedly in rapid succession. Another yelp erupts from your throat when you realize that you chose to do so at the exact moment that one song is ending and another begins. Though it is only a split second, your cry echoes through the bar for what seems an eternity. Now you feel anyone who has not noticed us yet must surely be looking now. The music floods the bar once more. And yet the group of people over to our left had become quiet for the first time that evening. You could only assume they are watching now too.Your hand returns to my stinging ass. Smacking you over and over, I relish each blow. By now your ass is bright red and tender from the punishment I am delivering. You are in such delicious pain now. Your brilliant blue eyes have long since filled with tears, but that is not the only thing getting wetter. Your tight pussy, despite all of this, burns with desire and is wetter than you imagine it has ever been. It is honestly throbbing with lust.Slowly, my spanking lets up. From now on I am delivering blows more slowly and gently until I finally stop. My hand rubs your crimson ass as I fondle the welts which have risen all over. You breathe contently with the spanking being over, smiling at the wonderful sensation. Currently, your whole body resonates with pleasure as it recovers from the powerful spanking. Right now you want to cum so badly, but know that will only happen if you continue to do as I say.”You have done very well, Alexandria. You are now going to suck my hard, black dick like the whore you are. Get on your knees.”Scrambling off my lap, you kneel in front of me. Your wrists are still tied behind your back, so I unfasten my pants and yank out my hard prick. Bending your head forward, you inhale my length of black dick. I enjoy the sensation of you sliding it all the way in until it hits the back of your throat. I love hearing you barely able to breathe. Slowly pulling off, you let your tongue swirl along the length of my shaft. This time, it is MY turn to moan. Your sexy lips wrap around my meat. Teasing just the head, you twist your tongue in circles around it before taking it deeper.Fucking your Daddy’s dick with your soft mouth, just as you would with your snug pussy arouses me. Using long, solid strokes that engulf me deeper and tighter, you increase the pace as your head bobs on my hard, dark dick. Grabbing the back of your head, I force it down so that my shaft is shoved down your throat. Pressed even further, you must open your throat wider to keep from gagging. I am fucking your mouth, thrusting harder and deeper than ever. Practically choking you, I literally **** your mouth out of excitement. With your hands secured, I enjoy complete control of you as I glide my manhood in and out.Without warning, I yank my dick out and tug your head backward so that you are facing up.”Open your mouth, slut”, I bellow.You do as you told. I jerk my prick off for a few more strokes and you see that I am about to explode. When I cum all over face, it shoots into your mouth. You entice me by rubbing my jizz shooting dick against your lips as I do. Some of it drips off your chin, but you catch most of it either with your tongue or on your face. Pumping the last few drops of it into your mouth, you then relax. I supply a smile down at you as I place my meat back in my trousers. Remaining kneeling on the floor in front of me, with a cum coated face, you want to cum so badly yourself. I reach over and retrieve your panties from the table. Though they are small, I begin wiping your face with them. You feel so dirty as I clean my semen up with your panties. It reminds you of just what a Daddy’s girl you truly am.Once your face is clean, I shove the panties into my pocket and stand. I lift you to your feet and adjust your skirt. I have no intention of untying you. Dragging you closer, I compress my mouth up to your ear.”We are leaving now, Alexandria. You are going to walk out of here with your hands tied behind your back so that everyone knows I am not finished with you. Do you understand?””Yes, I understand”, you comply.Spinning you around and we head for the door. You cannot help but look over to the bar to see if you are still being watched. Sure enough, they are captivated by what they have just witnessed. Rather than feeling embarrassed, you offer them a smile. Turning away, you let me guide you out the door.