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Subject: Young Ballers Chapter 7 Hey guys, sorry for the delay. The real world gets in the way of fantasy. Please email me. I love hearing from you guys. The first vignette focuses on Cole from Chapters 1 and 2. I get back to the professional athletes in the next two vignettes. I just have a special interest in Cole. Also please find a few bucks to donate to Nifty to ensure that this archive keeps entertaining our cocks for years to come. None of the figures in this story are real people, nor should anyone try to do what’s depicted in this story. It’s just fantasy, so enjoy. ******************************** Dried leaves crunched under Cole’s knees, the sound loud in the quiet of the park. There was a chill in the air causing the 11yo blonde boy (the little slut from Ch1 and 2) to shutter a bit. The boy was kneeling among the leaves and grass after school in the middle of October, kneeling in front of a large black man. Cole was kept very busy by the Service and his dad who whored him out often, but Cole loved being naughty and sneaking in random black cock. A wide detour on his walk home from school took him through a predominately-black part of town and largely deserted park except for the dealers, users, and men with hard cocks needing relief. Today’s lucky bastard was Brad, 28yo father of two and car salesman and a 6’2 210 sexy former high school basketball player. He was good back then, not “Service giving him money and free pussy”good, but the years and fatherhood had stolen his ripped physique. His black cock was still just as long and thick though, 9inches and cut. With the lack of pussy he’s had, it was just as hard lately as when he was 18 plowing his way through most of the girls at his high school. He looked down at that 9 inch piece of nigga dick, hanging with his balls from his suit pants. The cool air dancing around his cock was soon interrupted by the warm hands of an 11yo boy. Normally it was some little black fag trolling for cock among the trees, a quick blow job before heading him to his family. Today it was a very needy looking 6th grader leaned up against a tree and rubbing his crotch while licking his lips. Brad knew it was wrong, his own sons were 7 and 12 but nowhere near as sexy as little Cole. Thoughts of morality left his mind as his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of Cole’s warm hands slowly stroking his hard black cock. He could feel the precum forming at the head. He looked down to see those small white hands holding onto the tube of black flesh. His engorged head was inches from the little blonde tyke’s mouth. His lips were so pink and innocent. He’d never imagined in a thousand years he would have sex with a young boy, but at the moment it felt so right and so beautiful. “That feel good daddy?” Cole looked up at the strange black man he had enticed, loving the thick fleshy black cock in his hands. Brad moaned as Cole reached out with his tongue and sampled the clear sap. Cole smiled, loving the taste, and slipped more of the cock into his mouth. Brad looked around, realizing he was in the middle of the park getting a blow job from a 6th grader. He was molesting a little boy in broad daylight. Brad took his large black hand and ran it through the boy’s silky blonde hair, the hand tracing down over his baby smooth cheek, flush from the cold. Cole held the black cock at the base, licking up and down, smearing it over his face. “Will you fuck me daddy?” Cole pleaded, giggling and smiling up at the black man he now wanted inside him. Cole turned around and laid in the leaves. He pushed his track pants down over the pale white ass that entertains so many men. Brad had no idea he was getting the same white boy pussy that professionally athletes and teams paid a high dollar to enjoy. Brad let his pants drop and pushed his boxer briefs down, freeing his cock. He trembled. Letting a kid blow you was one thing, but Brad realized he was about to fuck a 11yo boy. The boy wanted it, sure, but Brad’s brain was trying to rationalize it all until his cock took back over. It was probably when Cole wiggled his butt and whined “fuck me daddy.” Brad crawled on top of him, pressing the small boy’s body into the leaves and ground. Cole felt so warm, the black man’s body on top of his. Brad pushed inside the boy, never considering to go slow as his 9 inches pushed inside the perfect and tiny boy butt. Sure, Cole could easily take it, but Brad had no way of knowing he was fucking a well-trained whore. Cole cried out, the sounds of a young boy in sexual pain filling the park. Brad’s body covered the boy, his large black ass raising up and down as he pounded Cole’s butt. Cole moaned and cried out as Brad pushed him into the moist ground. The young blonde was at the complete mercy of this stranger, a beautiful black man raping his hole, experiencing his first little boy ass. Brad was now pounding the young boy balls deep, the warmth of the 11yo hole giving Brad more pleasure than any pussy ever had. Cole cried out for more, begging the man for more, for deeper, for harder. Brad couldn’t believe how wanton the boy was, how depraved, and it made his nigga dick throb. Brad bred the small boy’s hole, grunting, panting, and thrusting into the boy. He collapsed for a moment, keeping the small half-naked boy under him. Cole couldn’t move, but he patiently waited, breathing hard, and feeling the large black cock inside him twitch and soften. “Fuuuuckkkkkk” bursa escort Brad let out a loud groan as he rolled over and off of Cole. His black cock slipped from the small boys ass and swayed as it slowly softened, cum still oozing from his cock. Cole turned over, leaves and grass plastered to his body and face. He brushed the grass from his face and slid over to Brad. “You enjoy molesting me daddy?” Cole teased the still heaving man. His small hands rubbed up and down the man’s chest, watching it slowly rise and fall and loving that he had this effect on black men. Cole leaned in and kissed Brad softly, his tiny pink tongue tracing those beautiful black lips. A smile spread across Cole’s face. He popped up and redressed while brushing the leaves and grass off him, then scampered away giggling. He stopped for a moment and looked back at the 28yo father of two laying in the grass. His cock and balls were hanging out as the man stared up still trying to process that he fucked a 6th grade little white boy. Cole grinned revealing those beautiful white teeth and ran home. It was only a few hours later that Cole was being gang “raped” by a group of college basketball players about to start the season. The young teens slid their long slender cocks inside Cole’s butt, enjoying the lube already there from the man Cole met earlier. They fucked him, shoved his little 6th grade face in their asses, pissed on him, raped his throat, called him a little fag as they filled every hole with one or two cocks. After three hours Cole laid asleep yet still moaning and surrounded by 5 naked and sweaty teen jocks, their bodies entwined. As Cole was swallowing his sixth load of basketball jock cum, Brad was home with his boys, rough housing on the floor, his jogging pants obscenely filled with hard, black, daddy cock. And as Brad pinned his 7yo son down on the floor, the boy giggling and thrashing, Brad smiled and wondered how much tighter his son’s hole would be than the blonde he met in the park. ******************************************************** Steve rocked back and forth on the black cock deep inside him. His mind reeled looking around the bedroom he shared with his wife for the past 9 years. He was straight, a serious lover of pussy. His wife was hot, a fine tight pussy he had started fucking when she was 16. She was a little whore who hung around college baseball players, and Steve was happy to let her take a ride. Multiple rides that produced his son. A gym regimen and a nice tit job still made her a hot piece of ass. Yet here he was, naked, and sitting on a large black cock…the large black cock of Brandon the 6’2 wide receiver from the team Steve was a grounds keeper on. Even more bewildering to Steve was looking down and seeing his 9yo son making out with the large muscular black man, seeing those black hands roaming over that smooth white skin. Brandon let his large tongue slide into little Joey’s mouth, the boy kissing back eagerly. The boy had come a long way since Brandon and JD had accidently raped him, though he still resisted having large black cocks shoved up his ass or even his dads slightly smaller cock. Brandon grabbed the small boy’s ass and pulled him in tighter, kissing him deeply. One of his large black fingers pushed into Joey’s hole causing him to gasp into Brandon’s mouth. “Yeah buddy, you like watching me molest your son?” Brandon looked up at Steve smiling. Steven slowly ground his married ass down onto that black cock while stroking his own cock. Steve’s throbbing cock was the answer to Brandon’s question. He loved seeing it the first time. The initial shock had quickly turned to deep guttural lust as he watched his son be molested and violently raped by two beautiful black athletes that he often admired as they practiced on the field Brandon kept his eyes locked on Steve as he smiled and deeply French kissed the 9yo brown haired tyke. Steve shuddered as he watched this top star athlete’s tongue slide slowly in and out of his young son’s mouth. Brandon picked up the boy and sat him on his face. The boys smooth white cheeks spread wide as Brandon pulled the boy down onto his mouth. His tongue licked and probed the tiny white hole and Joey moaned in that beautiful boyish way. Steve looked at his son while stroking his cock. Joey’s eyes were shut, and he was moaning, grinding his ass against the black tongue molesting his hole. Steve reached our and let his hand trace the soft features of his young son down to the small cock. He stroked his son’s cock a few times and then left his hands glide back up. Steve’s finger traced those soft pink lips. Joey opened his mouths slightly, and Steve slid his finger inside. He could feel the moist warmth of his son’s mouth, and then Joey began to suck, every so lightly on his father’s finger. “You’re so beautiful,” Steve let out a barely audible whisper, a sound filled with fatherly love and the lust of a newly minted boy lover. Joey heard it and opened his eyes. He smiled at his dad and let his small tongue swirl around his dad’s finger. Joey enjoyed the new games that his dad and his friends from work played with him. Joey enjoyed that many nights his dad would crawl into his bed after bedtime, caress him, and sometimes fuck him. Sure it hurt, but Joey was slowly getting use to it. In the afternoons after school his dad often laid him over the arm of the couch, his legs dangling and ass bare, bursa escort bayan and fucked long and slow. “Pull off that nigga cock bud, I need some tighter hole,” Brandon ordered, his face covered in the sweat and ass juices of a 9yo boy. Steve’s ass had done a good job at getting Brandon hard and primed to fuck. Joey slide down Brandon’s smooth black body towards the cock covered in his own fathers ass. Joey licked and suck the black cock in front of him, enjoying the feeling in his mouth and the taste of his own fathers ass. He knew the taste, his father often sat in his recliner stroking his cock while he pushed Joey’s face into his ass. Brandon moaned feeling his newest white boy conquest licking his cock, but he needed little boy hole. His large black hands grabbed the boy’s body and twisted him around until that beautiful 4th grade butt hovered above his cock. Brandon wrapped his large hands around Joey’s tiny waist and pulled him down, down onto his thick nigga dick. “Get down on my nuts Stevie boy, suck on `em, while I fuck your sweet little boy like a little whore,” Brandon laughed as he began using the boy like a fleshlite, pulling him up and down on his cock, faster then slower…harder,slower…edging him closer to heaven. Steve crawled between Brandon’s outstretched legs. He watched as the black man used his son like a sex toy, the black tube stretching that 9yo butt wide, the sounds of little boy skin smacking against that of a grown man, a professional athlete. Steve pulled in until he was close enough to suck the wide receiver’s smooth balls into his mouth. His hands massaged the massive thighs on either side of him as his eyes stared at the point where Brandon’s 9 inch cock invaded his son’s butt, raped him, used him like a little slut. The thick black shaft slid in and out of that tiny hole, his 9yo son’s hole stretched obscenely around the fat perv cock “Uhhhh,mmmmmm, daddy,” Steve heard his son moan, unsure of whether Joey was moaning for him or the large black man that had become his pedo daddy.Brandon began to fuck up into Joey faster, as he felt the boy’s father lick his sweaty smooth balls. The fat black cock slipped from the boys ass for a moment, and Steven let the cock invade his mouth, the taste of his son’s ass filling his mouth. Brandon quickly pushed his cock back into the whining boy, loving that his new buddy Steve had become so depraved. “Fuck him dude, fuck him hard,” Steve heard himself say. It wasn’t conscious, just came out. It made his cock throb. As much as Steve loved fucking and using his little boy like a sex toy every day after school, nothing made his cock as hard as what he was witnessing now, what he witness that fateful day after the game. The rape of his son by big black cock, massive-veiny-nasty black cock dripping with precum. Brandon’s fat cock pounded that little 9yo hole. Joey was whining and moaning like a whore. Steve’s tongue bathed those sweaty black balls that bounced. All of this depraved sweaty boy fucking continued until Brandon’s cock shoved balls deep into Joey, the boy crying out as the pain of being deeply fucked by nigga dick hit him. The black cock inside Joey twitched and throbbed, spilling its pervy seed deep inside. Steve stared at the base of the cock so deep inside his son, marveling at how it jerked, how it seemed to pulse as it delivered its white yummy goodness. “That daddy cock hard buddy?” Brandon taunted as he laid there recovering. Steve watched as Brandon’s cock slipped from his boys ass. He licked at the head, tasting cum and his boy’s hole. “Stand up fucker,” Brandon ordered. Steve stood up his white cut cock sticking straight out. Brandon pulled Joey to his father’s feet, the boy in a daze from the intense fuck. The large black hand wrapped around Steve’s cock. The other hand slid into the sweaty hair of the young boy, guiding the sweet little 9yo mouth to his dad’s throbbing cock. The boy woke up a bit as his father’s cock invaded his mouth, Brandon pushing until Steve’s cock was buried deep inside the 9yo throat. Steve looked down, watching his cock slide into his son’s mouth. He had fucked his son’s mouth many times since the day he was introduced to little boy sex by professional athletes, but watching this large black jock push his little boy down on his cock, holding the boy’s small head and pushing it down was just so…wrong. “Fuck yeah buddy, fuck this little whore’s throat,” Brandon smiled, looking up at his new buddy Steve. Steve moaned and fucked deep into Joey. “Feed him that load Steve, feed him his daddy’s load that he needs so bad,” Brandon continued to taunt. Steve looked down at his tutor, his taunter, his sex partner with his son. Steve looked on as Brandon licked the side of his son’s face, a long slow lick of a black tongue along his son’s beautiful pale face. Steve blew his son fucking load into that sweet little mouth, filling that angels belly full of adult cum. Brandon let Steve finish then pulled the long white cock from the boy’s throat, Joey coughed as his father’s cum drained into his cute little tummy. Brandon looked up at Steve, licked the last drop of cum from Steve’s cock, and gave him a wink. Steve smiled. The two began to clean up and lay Joey down for a well-deserved post-fuck nap. ********************************************* Calvin sat back in the king sized bed of a luxurious suite. His lean 6’6 black body naked, except escort bursa for a tight pair of white boxer briefs, Calvin Klein. He did a photo shoot for them a few months back that included a big check and all the underwear he could ever want. His large hands massaged the lump that stretched that silky white fabric to its limits. At the foot of the bed a young 10yo boy was on his knees, naked, smooth, and the picture of sexy innocence. His light brown hair hung down into his face almost obscuring beautiful brown eyes and long sultry eye lashes. His body was creamy with a hint of a tan on his arms, a faint blush to cheeks. A new recruit to the Service with only a couple of weeks experience at being a sex toy passed around by athletes. The boys small hands traced up the arms of a slightly larger boy, his slender white fingers in stark contrast to the coal black skin. The other boy, 12 and beautiful, looked at the small white boy in front of him. His 4inch black cock hard at the way the white boy’s hands felt. “Uhh, what’s your name?,” Rakeem asked. “Brady,” The little white boy responded, looking up at the older boy he was touching, admiring. He was athletic, lean, with the faint beginnings of muscles from a strict training regimen and youth basketball. His hair was neatly cut in a taper fade, his lips full and luscious, his eyes deep and masculine. Rakeem looked up at Calvin, “He’s pretty dad.” Calvin smiled looking down at his beautiful son, his prodigy, the one that made his basketball playing cock fill with pride and lust as he watched his son play. He knew the feelings were unnatural, yet the first he saw his sons tight little 7yo ass bouncing as he jogged up a basketball court his 8inch black cock responded. And then when a teammate shared a 14yo white boy with him after an away game, things heated up quickly with his son. The “talk” followed by some father son porn watching and jerking off that quickly became mutual masturbation. Calvin really enjoyed the new father-son bonding. Switching to some white boy porn had peaked an interest in his son, and a phone call and a week later and here they were. Calvin was giving his son a chance to enjoy the pleasures of white boy hole. “Enjoy him son, make your daddy proud,” Calvin said lustily as he pulled his thick 8 inches from his briefs, waving it and stroking it as his son smiled and leaned into Brady. The two young boys kissed, Rakeem’s tongue sliding into the small boy’s mouth. Moments later Rakeem was balls deep in little Brady, the boy moaning though the preteen’s 4 inch cock was nothing compared to the 10inch monster he had last week. Calvin kneeled behind his son, his hands roaming over his young body. He nuzzled his boy’s neck. “That’s it son, fuck him. Fuck him with that beautiful black cock.” Rakeem smiled, so happy to make his dad proud. Rakeem turned his head and slid his tongue into his father’s mouth, fucking harder into the white boy he assumed his dad bought for him. Rakeem loved having a famous father, one that he knew women and men drooled over. He had seen the Calvin Klein ad, even jerked off to it once. “Flip him over, son” Calvin whispered into his son’s ear. Rakeem flipped Brady over, pushing the boy’s legs back exposing a sweet little bare hole before pushing his cock back in. Rakeem shut his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of Brady’s hole. He leaned forward and let his 12yo tongue trace the soft soles of Brady’s feet until he was sucking on his tiny toes. Rakeem had seen this in a porn once; it had looked hot. It was. Calvin sat back, admiring the round boy ass, so soft yet at the same time muscular. His son was on his way to being one hell of a stud. Calvin dove into his son’s ass, pushing his adult tongue into his 7th grade ass. “Mmmm, son, fucking love your butt,” Calvin moaned as he pulled back momentarily. Rakeem smiled and fucked harder. Another few moments and Calvin could feel his son tensing up, his preteen cock ready to drop his watery cum inside little Brady. Rakeem tensed up, groaned loudly, and relaxed as the cum drew up from his balls and flowed out. Rakeem shook and his father smiled. Rakeem pulled out and flopped down onto the bed next to Brady, his smooth chest heaving. Brady began to lower his legs, but Calvin quickly shoved his face into the white boy’s ass, his goatee tickling Brady’s smooth butt. Calvin dug deep, hungry for Brady’s butt and his son’s cum. Brady’s ass juices and his son’s cum soaked his goatee and made his lips shiny. He licked those lips as he stood up, grabbing his cock, and stroked it the waves of pleasure flowing over him as he looked down at the sexy boys before him. His black muscles rippled and his cock throbbed “Fuck yeah dad, shoot that mother fuckin load,” Rakeem smiled up at his father admiring how sexy and powerful he was. He loved watching his dad play, and loved the status it gave him. Rakeem felt the splatters of his dad’s cum splash across his chest and face. Calvin watched as he painted his son and the little white boy whore he ordered with his cum. Brady went right to work running his tongue all over Rakeem’s body and collecting the cum from the star professional basketball player that had just molested him and his own son. “Fuck boys, how about a shower and round two?” Calvin asked. “Fuck yeah dad, I wanna see you rape this little fuck,” Rakeem shouted. Brady giggled as the three ran off to the shower. Thankfully Calvin still had 5 hours before game time. Plenty of time to drop as many loads into those little boys as he needed. ************************* Thanks for reading. Please email me with comments and suggestions. Love getting to know you guys.