Young blood Runs the Hottest

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Young blood Runs the HottestIt was Friday night. The weekend. Most people were excited to have thesegolden days arrive, but they didn’t mean much to me. I had no plans -again. The weather was supposed to be fairly decent and I was thinkingit might be a good time to work in the yard to prepare it for theupcoming summer.Sitting there in front of the television, I was staring mindlessly atthe countless images that flashed in front of my eyes. Eventually Ideciding it was too nice a night to be sitting inside so I grabbed theremote control and turned off the TV as I stood up. Quickly placingabout eight bottles of beer in my cooler and loading it with ice, Iheaded out to the back yard. About a hundred yards or so behind thehouse, in a very secluded area of the back yard, I had a fire pit inwhich I immediately went about building a fire in as soon as I opened abottle of beer.Within minutes I had a nice, medium sized fire going and sat down on thelawn chair, stretching my feet out in front of me. The early springtimeair was refreshing and surprisingly quite warm. With the heat from thefire wafting across me, it was becoming uncomfortably warm very quickly.Enduring the increasingly uncomfortable warmth for as long as I could, Istood up and removed my shirt and pants. Sitting down again, I watchedthe mystical dance of the flames jump and dance in the air as thedelightful night air played with my privates. “Ahhh. That’s better,” Isaid to one of the cats that had decided to join me. He just looked atme for a second then after deciding my pile of clothes was a perfect bedfor him, he laid down. I lit a cigarette and began to relax.I don’t know how much time had elapsed but I knew the fire neededtending so I leaned forward to rearrange the wood in the fire pit andtossed on a few more pieces of wood for good measure. The cat stayeddozing on my clothes even as I sat back down and grabbed another beerfrom the ice chest. I heard the neighbor returning home but with itbeing dark and their driveway about one quarter mile away, I knew they’dnot see me so I didn’t think anything about it.It was probably about forty-five minutes later when I heard a veryslight noise behind me, off to the right. I turned to see a person thatI could tell from the light of the fire was Sandy, the eldest of thenext door neighbor k**s. She was about twenty or so I knew, but I didn’tknow why she’d be coming down here at this time of night. Leaningforward to cover my male anatomy, I greeted her as she steadily approached.”Hi!” she exclaimed cheerfully as she quickly spread a blanket on theground beside me. “I saw the fire when I came home but I didn’t know youwere out here,” she continued as she sat down Indian style on the blanket.”No problem, but why’d you bring the blanket if you didn’t know I was here?”Without hesitation she told me she thought she’d just relax and watchthe fire. “You don’t mind if stay, do you?”The light from the fire illuminated her young beauty. Her face wasnearly perfect and her long blonde hair sparkled in the firelight.”No, I don’t mind a bit,” I said, realizing at that instant my clothes,now abandoned by the cat, lay out of my reach and that I was sittingthere stark naked with a raging erection being held down by my arms thatwere crossed over top of my lap.We talked for several minutes, all the time with me leaning forward. Sheshocked the living hell out of me with she said next. “Ya know, you canlean back and relax. I’ve seen hard cocks before, and I’ve enjoyed a fewas well.”I just looked at her. What I was feeling was a mix of extreme sexualarousal, uneasiness because of her being less than half my age, andconfusion as to why she was coming on to me. She just sat there, legscrossed and leaning gaziantep escort back on her outstretched arms. I scanned over her.Her face, those large and so firm looking breasts, her flat stomach, andher legs. The shorts she wore were very, very short and exposingeverything up to her crotch.Eventually, I did lean back but I crossed my right leg over my left,still trying to hide the thick and throbbing shaft of lust. Finishing mybeer, I asked if she was old enough to drink beer. She said yes, so Ihanded her one as I took another for myself. After she opened it andtook a swallow, she said something else that sent both the fear of Godthrough me as well as a torrent of desire for her.”Maybe I should warn you,” she said softly as I rearranged the wood inthe fire again. “If I get drunk, I usually end up naked and attackingsomeone.”Still facing the fire, I couldn’t prevent a huge smile for covering myface. Having beaten the dilemma I had earlier about her age, I let myhormones and humor take over. As I sat back in the chair, I didn’t crossmy legs this time and looked at Sandy. “You want another beer?” I askedwith a grin on my face.She produced one of the sexiest giggles I’ve ever heard, but saidnothing so I leaned back and stared at the fire again. Before I knewwhat was happening, I felt her soft, warm, smooth fingers wrappingaround my erection. A moan escaped me as she skillfully massaged my nowmore anxious than ever skin. I was enjoying every second of her touchesand without too much more coaxing, could have proven it without a word.She suddenly pulled her hand back, wrenching me from my elation. Iturned to look at her and saw she had stood up and was now stripping.Less than a foot away from me, this firm, young, shapely female wasstripping!! Her shorts were down around her ankles and I saw a neatlytrimmed strip of hair emerging from between her firm thighs. Mesmerized,I watched eagerly as she slowly pulled her snug tank top off, exposing amost beautiful set of breasts. So full and firm, I reached out andrubbed the back of my hand over her hard nipple.”Oh God,” she gasped. “Don’t do that or I’ll go totally nuts!” shepuffed softly. Ignoring her warning, I allowed my hand and fingers toenjoy the firmness of her body, allowing my hand to roam freely over hernakedness. Her sighs and moans were combined with a silent invitation asshe parted her legs. My finger slipped easily into the hot pond ofarousal I found in her trough of pleasure which I massaged gently for afew seconds before standing up and stepping over to her.I put my hands on her narrow waist and just looked at her for a second.Almost instantly, she had pressed herself against me, easily raising herleg high and trapping my rod in between her legs as she lowered it. Asmy cock throbbed wildly from the enticement her body produced, it easilyworked it’s way in her equally anxious slit.”OH MY GOD!” she moaned as she rocked her hips slowly but rhythmicallyback and forth, forcing my shaft to massage her clit. Incredibly, shecontinued getting wetter and wetter until I knew she was there. Herconvulsions of satisfaction gave me sensations that are difficult todescribe as I felt her continued release. I held her tight enough toprevent her from falling but loosely enough to not inhibit hermovements. I honestly began to wonder if she was ever going to stopcumming, but I admit I enjoyed every drop of her juice that my cock wasbeing engulfed by.”Oh shit! You’re so thick!” she whispered as her body went lip in myarms. “I’ve never felt anyone as wide as you! That was incredible!” shemanaged to vocalize while she panted heavily, trying to catch herbreath. Slowly lowering her to the blanket, I was treated giresun escort to having mygleaming flesh brush against her several times before she was on theblanket. She laid down on her back, still panting heavily from her orgasm.I knelt down by her hips and stroked the length of her thigh. She knewmy cock was still screaming for some more attention from her and I againfelt her hand wrap around me and with a most enticing teasing way, shestroked my full length.From the fog of delight that I was in, I heard her ask, “How do you wantto get off?”I remained silent for a while, enjoying every molecule of her skin thatembraced my flesh.”You can do anything you want,” she stated softly. After a brief pause,she reiterated, “And I mean anything.”Without a word I moved myself to between her legs, which she parted widefor me as my head slid down between her thighs to the juicy sweetness ofher young pussy. I was on my knees, bent down so I could begin enjoyingher. I was savoring her every drop and soon, somehow, she had slippedher feet under me and was giving me one of the most extremely pleasingfoot jobs ever. The satin smooth flesh on the soles of her feet, thedelicate and erratic tickling her toes gave my shaft and my balls,combined to shove me deep into the world of utter and grateful disbelief.Her foot massage slowly terminated as her hips lifted higher and higher,signaling to me that my mouth and tongue was hitting all the right spotsfor her. Our tempo increased in unison until she was grabbing my hair,almost pulling it out by the root as she climaxed again. She let goseveral huge gushes of the drink I had craved for years as I had watchedher mature into a young woman.When I thought she had descended about half way from the pinnacle of hersexual hike, I moved my body over top of hers. The heat seeking missilebetween my legs easily found it’s target. The head of my cock pressedagainst her slippery pussy lips, met slight resistance, and when shemoved her hips just a little, my entire thickness and length becameinstantly buried deep inside this sexual gift underneath me.We both were moaning, groaning, and gasping with gratification as Istroked back and forth. I was enjoying the perfect tightness of her bodyaround me as she was enjoying my mastery at coaxing her to yet anotherorgasm. The sensation transmitted to me as my body brushed against hersmooth skin added to my enjoyment.”Oh, please!” she whimpered as her body tensed rapidly. “Oh please! Ohplease!! OH SHIT!!” were her last words before she was bucking like awild a****l under me as I continued to ride her. It was all I could doto refrain from cumming, but I wanted to extend the pleasure for bothmyself and her for as long as I could.Thankfully, her body soon went limp, signaling the completion of mymission. I pulled out immediately, knowing if I took even one morestroke within her tightness, I’d be a goner.Feeling her body still trembling and twitching under me as I straddledher, my full sac pressed firmly against her thighs, I saw she wassmiling. I tried to see her face more clearly but the fire had burneddown to a low glow and it was all but impossible to see her clearly.I felt her hands on me. They were still shaking from her intense releaseas she ran them down over my chest to my navel. After pausing a second,her hands traveled those final few inches. Her fingers engulfed me asshe began a hand job on me, much to my enjoyment. She manipulated me tothe edge of release and pulled me back, time after time. All the timeshe was watching me intently.”So, why haven’t you told me how you want to get off?” she asked as herhands skillfully continued to please me.”Because I don’t know,” I honestly admitted. escort bayan She never broke her rhythmas she continued to massage my cramped crotch muscle with one hand asher other hand reached for something at the edge of the blanket. Sheheld up the item in front of me so I could see it was a bottle oflubricant.”I told you, you can do anything, and I enjoy anal in case you’rewondering,” she giggled while waving the bottle back and forth. Herother hand continued to stroke my pulsating flesh rod as she added, “OrI can suck you drier than a dessert,” she continued as I heard her lickher lips.My brain was sizzling as it tried to determine which way I most wantedto enjoy the ultimate pleasure this firm, young, sexy, naked presentunder me offered.Did I want a blowjob?Anal?Doggie style?My torment was soon relieved when she told me to lay down and patted theblanket. Quickly positioning myself on my back, she went down on mefaster than a jetliner with no engines.After her tongue had teased me a few times, her wet, slippery lipssupplied the perfect tension around my thickness as her mouth took mein. Her head lowered. I felt her tongue stroking the sensitive undersideof my cock. She massaged me with her lips as her tongue continuedpleasing me. Her head slowly lowered more. I was now over halfway intoher mouth and I felt the softness of her hands touch myballs which were full to the point where my sac was tight and on fullalert. I raised my hips from the mind-blowing delight of her hand on myballs, forcing my pulsating pole the rest of the way into her mouth.The head was being pressed into the top of her throat, but that lastedfor only a second or two. She relaxed her throat and pressed her facedeep into my crotch, forcing the tip of me well into her throat.”Oh fuck!!” I groaned as my control left me. Instantly I was firing shotafter shot of my thick cum into her throat. She not only took every dropeagerly, but she was moving her head rapidly in short up and downmotions, coaxing more and more from within me as the ever so slighttouch of her fingertips against my balls forced me to give more than Ithought I could.She didn’t release me from her mouth until my cock had completed it’stransformation from the hard and throbbing mass of flesh it was a fewminutes ago, into the limp, glistening slag it now was.”Why didn’t you want to fuck my ass?” she asked, laying down beside me.”I’ve seen you staring at it often enough that I thought you’d want toenjoy it.”Since my brain was still trying to get reassembled in my head, I made areply that I couldn’t believe I was saying. “We can save that for nexttime.””It’s a deal!” she exclaimed as her hand began playing with myembarrassingly small and lifeless cock. “None of the young guys seem tolike it, but I want to try it,” she added as a slight twitch of lifere-entered my penis.Noticing the effort my body was voluntarily making to produce anothererection for her, she rose to her knees and swung a leg over me. Herstill saturated pussy took me comfortingly into the warmth between thesoftness between her lips. Feeling the smoothness of her pussy slidingrepeatedly over my slowly but steadily stiffening cock, she told me shewas hoping she could have it before she had to leave.After what seemed like an eternity for me, I was soon hard once againand was positioning myself behind her raised ass. It’s shape, firmness,and the satin softness of her skin all combined to finish getting meinto full hardness once again.She reached between her legs, capturing my dancing cock and coated itheavily with the lubricant she had brought. I grabbed my rod and movedtoward her as she separated her ass cheeks. The tip of my cock waspressing firmly against the puckered flesh guarding the sanctum sheoffered to me. Pressing firmly but slowly against her rectum, she washelping the cause by pushing back toward me.Feeling her body surrender the virgin tightness of her young, heavenlyass, I was on my way to helping fulfill her desire, but that’s anotherstory…..