Young blood

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Young bloodMy parents divorced about 4 months before my 15th birthday. It had been on the cards for a while and so I guess I wasn’t too surprised when it finally happened. The fact of the matter was that dad was just too busy to have a family. Mom was 36 when we left. She had only had one c***d (me) and hadn’t worked a day in her life when we left Boston. Most of her time had been spent in fitness clubs and beauty salons, and it showed. Fortunately, she did pretty well out of the divorce and we were able to buy a place, albeit in one of the less desirable parts of town. Mum managed to get a part-time job and I transferred to a new school.Our new life took a bit of getting used to. Leaving our house and walking past blocks of dilapidated apartment buildings and dodging homeless veterans and youths on my way to school seemed strange at first, but I got used to it. The other difference was that we had moved to a predominantly black neighborhood. Actually, virtually everyone there was black. That in itself didn’t bother me although at the start I remember feeling a bit odd when I saw mom walking, a lone white figure surrounded by. Most of the k**s at school were black. All the k**s in my class were black or Hispanic and, after a while, I gradually found myself changing to fit in with them. I fell in with a group of black guys headed by Dominic, 16 years old and built like a tank. Once I had established myself as part of the group, things got easier. I wasn’t so self-conscious and I started having some fun, I even got a girlfriend who was black. A little friction developed between me and mom as she didn’t altogether approve of my new music and fashion tastes. She also seemed to feel uncomfortable when any of my friends were over at our house. Funny thing was that I found myself inviting them over more and more often. Sometimes they would come over to just hang out, sometimes to watch cable. This story really begins one day when all the guys were over at our place to watch a new release on cable. Mom was keeping her distance but had conceded to providing some snacks and drinks. We had all settled around the TV in the living room and nothing special happened until Dominic disappeared to go to the toilet. I saw him leave the room but then turned my attention back to the TV. After a while I noticed that Dominic still hadn’t come back. The other guys appeared to have forgotten about him, but I was curious. I slipped out of the room, heading towards the bathroom. As I passed the open kitchen door I saw Dominic talking to my mom in the kitchen. I’d never even seen mom talking to one of the guys before and I was about to approach them when something stopped me. They seemed just a little too close, speaking a little too softly. Dominic said something that made mom laugh and she put out a hand as if to stop him from continuing when Dominic stepped up to her and kissed her on the mouth. I gaped as I saw his face pressed up against hers. Mom seemed a little uncomfortable but didn’t freak. She broke the kiss but didn’t push him away. They didn’t speak, just stood there looking at each other. Dominic put his hand on her hip and then leaned up and kissed her again. She didn’t return his kiss, but she didn’t break the kiss either. Dominic’s hand slid around onto her ass and he pressed in closer against her. Mom didn’t resist.I was standing behind the doorway, my cock erect as I quickly made a plan to see just how far this would go. I slipped back out into the hallway and took out my mobile phone. Walking back to the living room I dialed the home phone number and I got back there just as the phone rang. “I’ll get it!” I called out. I picked up the phone and pretended to have a conversation with my girlfriend, making it obvious that she needed me for something. By the time I got off the phone, Dominic had reappeared. I told the guys that I had to go over to my girlfriends place, but they were welcome to stay and finish watching the program.I grabbed my jacket and left. I walked out the front of the house then when I was out of view, I doubled back through my neighbors front yard, climbed over the back fence and suddenly I was peering into my house through the kitchen window. My mom was there in her red sweater and white track-pants. She was alone, wiping the top of the kitchen bench. I think that was the first time I really looked at her objectively. Suddenly she did look hot. Suddenly I found myself getting hard just watching her bending over that bench. My gaze shifted as I sensed some movement behind her. I saw Dominic come into the room. Mom didn’t notice him and he walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. I saw her head jerk back in surprise, but Dominic just pressed his body against her, trapping her between his body and the kitchen bench. Mom’s hands stopped moving and she seemed to be frozen to the spot. The blackness of Dominic’s hands was accentuated by the redness of mom’s sweater. I watched canlı bahis as his hands moved up from her waist until they cupped her breasts. They remained there, like two great black spiders, gripping her breasts more tightly. Mom let go of her cleaning cloth and I saw her hands on Dominic’s hands. She gripped his hands as if to remove them but as I watched her intention seemed to change. Her fingers flattened out and seemed to be holding Dominic’s hands against her. Her eyes closed and I saw her fingers, settle between Dominic’s fingers- black and white interdigitating on a red backdrop. I could only see the top half of Dominic’s head from over mom’s left shoulder, but it seemed like he was saying something to her. She responded by arching her back and pushing her ass back against him. Her right hand left her breast and she reached behind her ass. Dominic moved back a little and I guess she was checking out his size. A smile appeared on her face and she turned to say something to Dominic as her hand came back into view and he closed in behind her again. Mom managed to slip around so that she was facing him. They were still jammed against one another, their hands still clasped now resting on mom’s thighs. Their eyes were locked together and my cock felt like it would burst as I watched my mom bend forward to meet his kiss. She guided his hands to her ass, where the remained, stark black on her white track-pants. Their hips started to move against each other as they kissed. My mom’s white, thirty-something face seemed to end abruptly in the blackness of Dominic’s 16 year old face.They pulled apart suddenly and mom’s head shot back up. I wasn’t sure exactly what had happened but I guessed that one of the guys must have called out something because Dominic turned and yelled back towards the living room. He turned back to my mom and after few words seemed to convince her to go back with him. They moved back from the bench together, giving me a good view of the huge bulge in the front of his pants, and he pushed her in front of him. His eyes were glued to her ass as he followed her out of the kitchen.It took me a while to get moving, but eventually I scaled the side fence and moved through the shrubbery around the side of the house. Our living room had two windows- a large front window that looked out onto the street, and a smaller side window that was generally ignored because the view was obscured by our trees. I paused when I reached the side window then cautiously peered in through the half open blinds. The guys were still gathered around the TV. My eyes skirted around the room. A couple of the guys were in chairs a few had sprawled out on the floor. Dominic had found a place on the sofa directly in front of the TV and was sitting there quite relaxed between Trey on his left and my mom on his right. Dominic’s right arm was d****d possessively around mom’s shoulders and she was sitting there, legs crossed towards him, looking happy as can be. I knew it was her house, but still she looked so out of place there, surrounded by black teenagers. The movie was still going on the TV, but I noticed that a lot of the interest in the movie seemed to have disappeared. Instead, the guys were all furtively trying to check out my mom sitting there on the couch. Mom seemed oblivious to it all as she listened attentively to Dominic, who was talking loudly about something with Trey. Apparently frustrated by something, Dominic turned away from Trey. He looked at the TV screen for a couple of seconds, then turned his attention to my mom. He leaned up towards her ear and spoke to her. She giggle as his left hand settled on her thigh. He took her hand and guided it only his lap. His black hand remained over her white one for a few minutes then he took his hand away, leaving hers cradling the bulge in his jeans. He said something to her, which was loud enough to cause everyone in the room to look towards him, then rested back on the sofa. The guys seemed to have forgotten about the movie. They were all looking at my mom. She paid no attention to them, just turned toward Dominic, rolled toward him and kissed him. I imagined my mom’s tongue dancing with Dominic’s tongue, her soft pink lips on his large, deep red ones. Dominic’s right hand moved to the back of mom’s head, holding her to him. His other hand reached across lazily to cup her breast. Then mom broke the kiss. Her face remained only inches from his, her eyes locked on his, and then I realized that her hands were moving on his jeans. Mom’s body prevented me from seeing exactly what was happening down there, but suddenly I saw her smile. I saw her arm move up then down, and she slowly slid back off the sofa, her eyes still locked on his. As she slid onto the floor I suddenly saw that Dominic’s jeans were open and that his huge, black cock had been freed. It stood there, bolt upright, at least 8 inches of hard black meat, with my mom’s white hand bahis siteleri wrapped around the shaft.I forced myself to look away. All the guys were openly staring at Dominic and my mom. I don’t know whether they were as excited as I was, or whether they were just surprise, but none of them moved, they just watched. Following their cue I directed my gaze toward the sofa. Mom had moved across and was kneeling on the floor between Dominic’s legs. Her hands were around his black love pole, the head of which loomed larger and blacker than life, only inches from her face. Her eyes were glued on the head of that monster, she seemed almost hypnotized by it as her face moved forward slowly. Her lips touched the tip of the head and she kissed it. I saw her tongue flash out and then she took it inside her mouth. I cant describe my feeling as I watched my mother’s lips slide down his ebony pole. She took an amazing amount of his black meat before she reversed her motion. I watched as Dominic’s cock slowly reappeared from my mother’s mouth, black, shining and wet. She allowed her lips to pause at the tips as her tongue explored its new territory. Her eyes flicked up towards him, looking for approval, but Dominic, his eyes closed just put a hand to the back of her head and pushed himself into her again.Mom knelt there for ages, her mouth filled with Dominic’s manhood. Straining forward to accept him as he tried to force his blackness deeper and deeper into her. It was an awesome sight, my mother kneeling at his feet, servicing him like he was her master. Dominic had opened his eyes and was looking down at her. She withdrew, and Dominic’s shiny black piece stood erect before her eyes. Staring straight back at him, she reached down and then pulled her sweater off over her head and let it fall to the floor beside her. Then she knelt before him, her full breasts held tightly in place by a red sports bra. She reached behind her back, undid the clasp and allowed it to fall forward. Once freed, her heavy breasts hung forward, her nipples pointing stiffly toward him. She moved her body forward until the head of his penis was touching her chest. She leaned down into him, pushing her breasts to him and I could see the indentation where the soft, pale skin of her breast yielded to his erect sex-tool. His black shaft stood out so dark against her white skin. She grabbed hold of the top of his jeans and eased them down till they were at his ankles. I saw her white hand slide across the dark skin of his thigh as she rose from between his legs. She stood before him, topless, his face buried in her breasts, his hands, black as coal on her snowy back. I watched them moved down to her ass and hook around the elastic of her track-pants. Her pants came down but his hands remained on her ass. She was naked before him, his hands were on her, his ebony pole was erect, straining towards her, almost touching the white skin of her stomach. She stepped out of her track-pants and, with her hands on his shoulders, eased her body up and forwards. I watched as his young, black cock seemed to almost slide down over her white skin toward its target. Then suddenly it was there. Mom had got a knee up on the sofa, and the other now joined it as the head of Dominic’s monster strained against her opening. I saw her fingers curl, gripping his shoulders tightly as she slowly impaled herself on his cock. Her ass slowly came down to him as his ebony pole disappeared, inch by inch, inside her. His hands were still on her ass, his eyes closed, as she accepted all of him. The white skin of her thighs came to rest on his black skin and she sat there, astride him, legs apart, filled by him. Then she started moving again. Her back was arched as she rode him. She squeezed her pelvis against his, then retracted, then squeezed against him again and again. Her rhythm grew faster, and I noticed his movements against her were becoming more frantic as they neared climax. I watched in awe as mom fucked him. Her heavy breasts swinging in front of her as she ground herself against the young, black boy beneath her. Suddenly Dominic stopped moving. I saw his hands squeezing mom’s ass, holding her pelvis to him as her rhythm became slower and softer. I knew he was shooting off inside her. I knew that he was spraying his black cum deep inside her, filling her. And I knew, that she accepted it inside her. Her body sank down his, her breasts pressed against his chest and they began kissing passionately. My face was pressed against the window in an effort to optimize my view. Mom was still astride her black lover, and I watched the muscles in her neck contract as she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. Then as the kiss was broken, she raised her head and turned it to the side for him to kiss her neck. His face was buried in her neck, lower, lower, searching for her breasts, but for a moment I almost completely forgot about Dominic because mom had turned bahis şirketleri so she was looking directly at the window. She seemed to be looking directly at ME ! I froze, too scared to move. For just a moment her eye met mine and I was sure that I little smile crossed her face as she turned back to Dominic. I could feel my heart pounding as I continued watching from the window. My attention was then drawn away from them by some movement in the surroundings. I hadn’t noticed before, but the circle of guys around the TV was now a circle of guys around the sofa and the circle was growing smaller and smaller as I watched. Most of the guys had discarded their shirts and some were completely naked, their black dicks standing out proudly before them as they crowded around the sofa. Their skin seemed even blacker than I had noticed before as they surrounded the white figure on the sofa. Trey had remained next to my mom and Dominic on the sofa through it all. He looked across at the other guys, all standing behind my mother. There were four of them there- Brian, Jake, Mike and Dickson. All my classmates, all very black and all very horny. The four of them stood there, naked, their black rods pointing directly toward my mother’s smooth, white ass. Trey smiled up at them and I saw his hand appear on mom’s back. This was the cue the others were waiting for, and suddenly they all moved forward. Their hands were all over her, touching her white skin, reaching for her breasts. I could see their stiff, black tools bobbing around, nudging against her as mom slowly vanished into a sea of black skin. For a while I could only catch momentary glimpses of mom’s white body as my friends poured over her body. Then I watched in amazement as they pulled her off Dominic and carried her between them. I couldn’t see her face but I saw Dominic smiling lazily as she came off him. Mom allowed them to carry her without resisting. They dumped her on the floor and she lay there on her back at their feet, looking up at them. Mike and Brian were standing over her, stroking their long black dicks as I saw Trey clamber on top of her. He positioned himself between her legs and drove his black cock deep into her. He started humping her, hard and fast. Mom’s head rocked back as she took all of him inside her. Her hand went to his muscular shoulder then hooked around the back of his neck. His hands grasped her knees, forcing her to bend them up higher. His hands slipped on to her thighs and he continued to push them back until she was almost folded in half, her feet in the air on either side of him He leaned forward over her and continued hammering her, forcing himself deeper and deeper. His rhythm stopped abruptly and he squeezed his pelvis against hers and he emptied himself inside her. He remained there while his seed seeped into her and then pulled out, his semi-erect cock, shiny and wet, hanging down like a black snake. He moved out from between her legs, allowing Dickson to take his place. Dickson guided his black cock to her opening with his hand and thrust into her. She received him easily and he proceeded to continue where Trey had left off.I watched from the window as each of my friends fucked my mom in turn. Dickson came inside her, then Mike, then Jake and finally Brian. She lay passively under them as they entered her, fucked her and deposited their black cum inside her. By the time Brian had finished, mom looked exhausted. Brian withdrew his deflating penis an joined the other guys who were putting their clothes on. Mom remained there on the floor where they had left her as they filed out the front door.I didn’t move for about 15 minutes, then I crept around the front of the house and entered via the front door. As I entered the living room I saw mom lying on the floor. She was still on her back and had obviously fallen asleep. Her skin was bruised in places and cum slowly leaked from her, it lay in streaks across her thighs and had formed a pool on the carpet beneath her. My hand went to my own hard cock as I moved closer to her. Sensing my presence, she moved and her eyes opened. She didn’t seem surprised to see me. She looked at me and smiled, “Did you enjoy watching mommy get fucked by your friends?” she cooed. “I’m full of their black cum. Its all through me. Do you like mommy this way?”My cock was about ready to burst. I wanted her and I had to have her. I nodded slowly in response to her question and undid my pants. I stood there in front of her, my cock sticking out in front of me. Mom smiled and relaxed back, her legs opened a little wider causing a blob of cum to drip out of her. I got down onto the floor, moved between her legs and entered her. I felt her hands on my butt as I fucked her. My cock slipped in and out of her easily and I could feel my friends cum welling up around it as it rammed home. I came in a few strokes and lay there on her as my load joined those that had already been pumped into her. I kissed her lips for the first time in years and felt her kissing me back. Her tongue entered my mouth and I felt it soft but firm inside me. We fell asleep there together me on top of her, still inside her, her hands resting on my ass.