Your a Bottom Bitch Pegged

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Your a Bottom Bitch PeggedI broke down and finally called the number of an escort service I got online. I was very nervous having never done anything like that before. I had a very particular fantasy I wanted to indulge and thought this was the best way. A sexy sounding lady answered the phone.“As you might already know we specialize in making fantasies come true, so what are your fantasies?” She asked in a sultry sounding voice.“I … well … one of my favorite videos is ‘babes balling boys’ and I well …” I stammered out.She said, “I’m familiar and you’re in luck because every single girl here absolutely loves strapon play. That is what excites you isn’t it? Girls with strapons right?” I mumbled yes. She asked, “Do you have any experience?”I said some with my ex girlfriend. She replied, “So your not cherry then?” I said no. She asked, “What is it that excites you the most about it?” I was jacking off and knew she could tell from my breathing. I said, “I don’t know just the thought of it I guess … you know … being taken.” She said, “I know just the girl to send over but one more thing I need to ask. It is a very delicate question but it is important because it can make the experience more enjoyable if you answer honestly.” I said I would. “Good, now which do you prefer girth or length? Perhaps both? Is size important and if so how big?” Overcome with desire I blurted out, “I like it huge I guess I’m just a size queen.” She seemed encouraged by my honesty and said, “She’s on her way so why don’t you conserve your energy for when she gets there understand?” I stopped masturbating and agreed she ended the call by promising me a night to remember.Later, there was a knock at my door. I opened it to reveal a gorgeous Latin woman with long black hair and soft brown eyes. I held the door open and invited her in. She had a shapely petite figure and was dressed in tight jeans that accentuated her ass perfectly. When she turned around I noticed a large bulge running from adana escort her crotch down her leg. She noticed what my eyes were focused on and said, “Like what you see?” I nodded enthusiastically.She kissed me passionately running her fingers through my hair then down my back. She whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to fuck your little tight ass after tonight you’ll never be the same.” I was breathing heavy as she kissed my neck and grouped my ass. She moved my hand to the huge bulge in her pants. I grabbed it wondering how big it was and softly traced the outline along the inside of her leg. She pushed down on my shoulders until I was on my knees then she began to unzip her pants. Her pants fell around her ankles and the enormous life like cock sprang forward. She looked at me saying, “C’mon baby suck my cock.” I proceeded to lolly- pop the head and lick it down one side then the other. I tea bagged the fake rubber balls looking up at her. She ran her hands through my hair getting a good grip with her other hand she dick slapped me lightly across the face then pushed the cock into my mouth and began short thrusting motions face fucking me. My cheeks were bulging out barely able to accommodate the huge dick.She gave me some encouragement, “You suck cock real good but lets see if you can deep throat.” She thrust her hips forward as she pushed down on my head with both hands. I gagged harshly as the enormous cock pushed down my throat. I couldn’t believe it fit. She hissed, “Look at that throat bulging out. I can see my cock going down your throat baby. You can handle a lot can’t you?” I mumbled a reply and started to resist the gag reflex. She really started to pump my throat saying, “Oh yeah faster, faster – that’s it, take it bitch – you fucking whore, suck that cock!” It was like she was a real man face fucking me on the verge of orgasm. Finally she let out a moan of ecstasy making one final powerful thrust that ended the blowjob.She adıyaman escort stepped back started pulling her clothes off quickly saying, “You suck cock like a good little slut now take your clothes off.” I did as she instructed then she bent me over the couch. She commented, “You have a sexy ass baby!” She pulled my cheeks apart and spit rubbing her cock up and down my crack. I let out a moan that was answered by “You want it baby? You want my big cock up your ass?”I said, “Yessss please fuck me.”  She poured some into my ass and on her strapon cock.She pushed the head until it just kissed my asshole and swirled it around in a circle. She said, “Beg me baby. Let me know how much you want my cock.” I said please between labored breaths. She pushed the head into me slowly. I exhaled loudly.She kept popping the head in and out slowly saying, “There we go your starting to loosen up a bit aren’t you?” I said yes through clinched teeth as I grabbed handfuls of the couch. She made one long thrust until she bottomed out her hips grinding against my ass cheeks. She said, “That’s a good slut I knew you could take every fucking inch I’ll give you a second to get used to it then we’ll really go for it baby!” I said, “O-o-oh my god it’s huge.” She gently pulled the enormous cock out of me it felt like I was being turned inside out then pushed it in splitting me in two. She commented, “Your ass doesn’t want to let go does it?” The long slow thrusting motions continued forever as she kept up the raunchy talk.“You suck cock and take it up the ass like a seasoned whore. Later on after I break you in I’ll need some help fucking you. You’ll be on your hands and knees’, taking it from both ends soon – I promise! How many guys have fucked this ass anyway?” She asked. I replied, “None, just my ex with a strapon.” She slapped my ass and said, “You make a perfect bottom bitch I can’t wait to set it up for you. The real thing will feel almost like escort bayan what you have up there now.” She punctuated her sentence with a powerful thrust causing me to arch my back in pleasure. I said, “I’m not gay.” She replied, “It doesn’t matter if your gay or not. Who cares? You’re a bottom bitch and that’s that baby!” She began to pick up the pace slamming me harder and harder saying, “Close your eyes baby and imagine I’m a real man back here working that ass of yours. Picture real balls slapping up against you ass. Imagine there’s a line waiting to fuck your brains out – a real gangbang.”You could hear her body bouncing off my ass fucking me like a porn star. The slap, slap, slap of our bodies set up an erotic rhythm that lasted for a long time, I looked over my shoulder and saw her long black hair matted with sweat sticking against her breasts that were bouncing up and down. She had a light sheen of sweat all over her tan tight body. Eventually I came hard without even having to touch myself. She continued to pump my ass sending shooting orgasmic spasms with every thrust until I couldn’t take it anymore and begged her to stop. She pulled out and patted my ass saying, “You look like you’ve been ridden hard. You should see your ass its gaping wide open, so your satisfied right?” I was exhausted and enjoying the after effects I said, “My god yes I’m satisfied I’ve never been fucked that hard in my life I loved it.” She detached the strapon letting it fall to the floor with a heavy thump and laid on top of me. We kissed and then she said, “Next time I can bring a friend would you like that?” I said I didn’t know.She continued, “I can set it up if you want to try the real thing. If you are feeling really slutty I can set up a gangbang, so what do you say wanna try some real cock?” I made a noncommittal shoulder shrug and mumble. “I notice the idea interests you!” She was looking at my growing member that betrayed my desire. “Next time I can bring another girl and we can do a double anal penetration and do you from both ends would that interest you?” I said yes.“I’ll stretch that ass out until I can fist fuck you.” She said. I was fully erect and she was jacking me off. I agreed to whatever her depraved mind wanted to do to me.