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Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 89 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 89 By JJ [ jjrockwood000@ ] NIFTY IS GREAT PLACE TO READ GREAT EROTIC TALES. PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN TO KEEP THIS ALIVE!! THANKS Chapter 89 Time is flying by it is Tuesday December 20 work hasn’t been bad. Today is my last day till next year but I will be here the next two days for my workouts. The shutdown schedule is set and today is our Christmas party. I got Jim a bottle of Absolut vodka it is his favorite the guy has been a great boss and friend. The food arrived around noon and more than likely the only work that will be done would be priority jobs seeing the guys would be working an hour over. At the end of the shift I said my goodbyes and holiday greetings and told them to call if there was a problem. On the way home I asked Zachary if we needed to stop anywhere and he didn’t need too. The weather has been seasonable no snow which is good for the travelers and shoppers. Zachary says ‘Noni sent me a photo of Stephen’s angel costume. She isn’t sure if he will wear it. It is one of my cousin’s white altar boy cassocks and he will have to wear long johns underneath. But he has a nice pair of wings and a gold trumpet and halo.’ I say ‘Well I don’t know it will be up to him but you better find pics of altar boys so he can see that it what they wear. I think he will wear it. Maybe we should head over there first.’ When we got home we left our stuff on the back deck and went right across the street. I followed Zachary who unlocked the door and walked right in. To our surprise Stephen was standing on a kitchen chair in the cassock he had the halo and wings on and Maria was tying the rope belt around him. Andrea was checking the length. I say ‘Grandson you look just like an angel.’ He looked at me hesitantly and says ‘Papa you aren’t just saying that.’ Zachary says ‘No you look good.’ I say ‘Stephen when have I ever lied to you.’ Stephen stood a little straighter. Zachary says ‘I wish I could go see it tomorrow someone better record it.’ Once the women finished fussing with the length he was allowed to take it off. I say ‘What time is this thing tomorrow?’ I was told at 12:15 so we said good bye and left. I grabbed the mail as Zachary brought in our lunch and gym stuff. I ask ‘What do you want for lunch tomorrow?’ He answers ‘What are we having for supper?’ I answer ‘Pork chops with peppers and a salad.’ He says ‘Make an extra and I will take it for lunch.’ Zachary started laundry and I the oatmeal for breakfast and he announced ‘I’m going up to wrap presents knock before oyu come into my room.’ There was a message on the home phone that the gingerbread houses will arrive on December 22 instead of the 21 due to high volume and to make sure I had the freshest ones possible. After I got things settled I went up to wrap presents also. I had my list and everything and everyone was crossed off. My plan for the rest of the week was to help where I could. Other than grocery shopping on Thursday and Stephen’s program the only thing I had to do was clean the shrimp. Christmas morning we would see the grandparents than go to Andrea’s for presents and breakfast. I told her I would make two big French toast casseroles that she could bake off. I wish we could have snow like we did last Christmas but the only thing in the forecast maybe something Christmas day in the afternoon and at night. We ate supper cleaned up and took a nice long hot shower and were in bed for 8pm. In bed he says ‘My Dad may come home for Christmas day he isn’t sure but he will rent a car at the airport and surprise my grandparents. If he gets an experiment completed he will be here for almost two days he will fly in on Christmas morning and will leave late in the day on December 26.’ I say ‘That will be the best present they can have.’ Zachary adds ‘He is flying into and out of Hartford there was nothing in White Plains.’ I say ‘There will be no traffic either time. It should only take about 45 minutes if that.’ It wasn’t long before we were both asleep. The next morning I got up and got everything ready and let Zachary sleep till the last possible minute. We got to the gym and Sebastian came in half way through our workout. He says to me ‘Jared you are a good influence on this young man if oyu don’t mind me saying so. Stanley and Hector gave me the story on how you have always been there for him. You are a good man. I hope I can be as much to my sons and grandsons.’ I say ‘I think you are already there form what I can see in meeting all your children.’ Sebastian turned red and quietly says ‘Thank you.’ Again Sebastian jerked himself off in the shower. The two of smirk at one another as we walk out and without anyone around I pat his butt an leave. I got home and throw the gym clothes in the wash and have my breakfast. Zachary texts me ‘Do you think all his sins are as big as him?’ I reply ‘Well we know the one in high school is.’ Zachary writes ‘Oh yeah I forgot about that what do they call him Meat or something?’ I reply ‘Something like that.’ Lastly he texts ‘I miss you.’ With a big tear emoji. I got a text form DJ asking if I would pick him up at the high school he is getting out early so he can see Stephen. We get to the school at 11:45 everyone has to sign into the office before we can go to the auditorium. This is the way things are today. Maria and Andrea are already there and they are both surprised that DJ is with me. He explains ot all of us how he wasn’t sure he would finish his exam on time and asked his last two teachers if he could be excused to come to this. We are all sitting in the third row center. All of a sudden there is Stuart followed by Eric they are recording this for the school to post on YouTube later. DJ whispers ‘This is really turning into a family thing.’ The program starts right at noon. They do the higher grades first there is caroling, little snippets of ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘A Night Before Christmas’, then finally the kindergarten class were due up. Stephen’s teacher is young, pretty and energetic. She and some of the older boys are setting up the scenery the curtain opens and there is a stable with kids dressed as animals, shepherds, Mary and Joseph. The teacher is narrating the story and as she comes to the part of the shepherds Stephen appears apparently standing on a set of portable stairs by the huge star. He looks a little flushed then you can hear someone from behind him whisper ‘That’s your cue.’ Stephen yells ‘Fear not for behold I bring you tidings of great joy. For unto you in the city of David is born a Savior etc.’ Amazingly he got through the whole verse and the audience applauded and cheered. The principle came out and made the kindergarteners take a bow that is when he spotted us and smiled and waved. The two women started crying. Andrea and Maria went backstage to help him get out of costume so they could take it with them. They were staying for cookies and punch and DJ and I were going home. On the way home I asked ‘Do you need to go anywhere or get anything?’ DJ answered ‘No Papa I am good actually I am all set I just have to wrap some stuff and this is a good time to get it done with no one around.’ I got home just as the UPS guy was leaving he was dropping off the two gingerbread houses. I opened up them both and they were perfect and I thought even a little bigger than what I expected. I called DJ and asked he wanted to take a ride with me to get Zachary. I was kind of surprised when he said yes. I swung by and picked him up and we got there a few minutes before Zachary came running out of the plant. Zachary was surprised when he saw DJ. Zachary asked ‘Is everything okay?’ DJ says ‘I took off the last two classes to see Stephen’s play or whatever you want to call it.’ Zachary asks ‘How was it?’ DJ says ‘It was the best thing out of the hour or so we were there.’ I laughed and say ‘Honestly it was.’ Zachary asks ‘Did you record it?’ DJ says ‘We didn’t have to Eric and Stuart and a few others from the AV club did to post on the school’s you tube page. I’m sure they have a copy just for us too.’ Just like I did to DJ I ask Zachary ‘Do we need to stop anywhere on the way home?’ He answers ‘No I’m good but maybe when oyu are out tomorrow I have to check something. I’m glad tomorrow’s the last day.’ I drop DJ off and we head home. Today is Wednesday and that means Stephen comes for supper. Zachary says ‘Are you going to make him something special?’ I answer ‘I should but what? Zachary says Pizza and a meatball grinder. I’m sure the next two nights for everyone is going to be soup and sandwiches with all the cooking and prep for Christmas Eve.’ I say ‘Order it and we will go and get it and that could be your lunch for tomorrow too. You know I have been thinking have you or your father thought about what you guys are going to do for Christmas dinner aren’t they going over your Aunt Roseanna’s? Maria is not going to be happy not having anything for your Dad.’ Zachary laughs ‘Yes I thought about that but of course my Dad doesn’t think like that. Geez he is happy with take out. But as it turns out they are staying home only for the fact that my Aunt Roseanna is having manicotti with meatballs and braciole and we are having pasta the night before. So she is making a roast lamb with a couple of sides she knows it won’t go to waste between Stephen and me plus the fish from the night before.’ Stephen was napping at Maria’s and I ordered a pizza and two meatball subs for them.’ We left to go get the food and by the time we came back Zachary went out to meet Stephen. I heard them talking all the way from once they reached the deck. They came in and I say ‘Here is the angel Gabriel.’ Stephen hugged me and says ‘Papa stop making it a big deal.’ I say ‘It is a big deal you were great you didn’t mess up once.’ Stephen says ‘I was surprised when I saw DJ with you I almost cried.’ While they were gone Andrea texted me that the program was posted on the school’s website. I say ‘Zachary go get the lap top we can watch it while we are eating. Stephen was surprised at what we were having for supper some of his favorites pizza with mushrooms and meatball subs with mozzarella. They kind of fast forwarded through most of it till they came to the kindergarten class. Zachary says ‘Stephen your whole class did a great job. You really did look like an angel. What did you do after the program?’ Stephen says ‘After it was over we went back to our room with some of the parents and grandparents and we had cookies and milk. Mom and Noni came then my teacher says ‘Whoever wants to leave with their parents can and we all left after they cleaned up everything so we got home early. Mom was going to text Eric that I was leaving with them but I had to remind her it was Wednesday he has his meeting. I got home a lot earlier and got to watch TV and still take a nap. Tomorrow we get out early too I think at lunch. Papa am I staying here tomorrow night?’ I say ‘Yes we have a lot to do Friday and you can help us or go home.’ Stephen says ‘What do you have to do?’ I say ‘Zachary and I have to clean shrimp and stuff some of them and get a few other things ready for the big Christmas Eve dinner.’ Stephen says ‘Mom is making the lobster sauce now.’ After dessert Zachary and I walked Stephen home and I told Andrea I was going shopping in the morning for 7am if she needed anything to text me. She says ‘I can tell you now two gallons of milk and 4 half gallons of eggnog DJ drinks it now too. Stephen goes down and sees how much milk in the fridges down there.’ Stephen comes back there are three milk and three egg nog. Andrea says ‘Make that three milk I have enough half and half for coffee for the two days.’ I tell her the lobster sauce smells good and how I will clean the shrimp and my house and leave them there till we need to fry them and I will also stuff them and keep those there. Maria has the sauce and trays of manicotti and stuffed shells at her house and will cook them there. All of this will be easier on Andrea as far as refrigerator space. Stephen takes Zachary up to his room to show him his tree and then we leave. When we get in I text Anthony to see if he is still coming shopping with me and Zachary and I go up to shower and have sex. As we were drying my phone was pinging like crazy. I assumed it was Anthony, Andrea or Stephen wanting to say goodnight again. Zachary runs off into the bedroom and I go lock up and grab bottled water. Zachary says ‘Jared you must have six messages.’ I look and I have a missed call from Stephen, one from Anthony, three from Charlie. Just then the house phone rings and I know it is Stephen. Zachary gets up and answers the phone and I can hear him say ‘Papa was in the shower he will be here in a second.’ I tell Stephen goodnight again and yes he can come over after his nap tomorrow.’ Now to take care of the rest of the texts, I tell Anthony I will pick him up at 6:40. Charlie wants me to call him as soon as I can and I think maybe my brother has come around. I get into bed next to Zachary and call Charlie. I was on the phone a good five minutes and the conversation was not at all what I expected. Charlie knew it was late for us and we would finish the conversation tomorrow he just didn’t want me to get blindsided. Zachary turned to me asks ‘Is everything okay?’ I say ‘I really don’t know. Geez I hate drama. Remember Charlie saying how he has been seeing someone for a few months well you never guess who he has been seeing? Zachary shrugs ‘I don’t know who?’ I answer ‘Sebastian’s oldest son Sebastian Jr.’ Zachary laughs ‘Talk about a small world.’ I say ‘Well the thing is they are going away for New Years and Sebastian doesn’t know his son is gay and when Jr. says who he is going with Sebastian wants to know if we are related. Charlie completely ankara escort baffled says I have an Uncle blah- blah but I couldn’t tell you what he does etc. Charlie isn’t about to out us and he doesn’t want Sebastian to know about them. Geez I don’t want to get involved with this crap. Like I said Charlie doesn’t want us to get blindsided that is all. He isn’t mentioning anything to Jr. about us as Charlie says it is none of his business who knows how long this thing will last. At least Charlie plays everything close to the cuff and isn’t into true confessions. I wonder if he is you know like his Dad and brother.’ Zachary giggled ‘I was thinking the same thing.’ The next morning I get Zachary packed for his last day of work and we head out the door. I say ‘Just think in January you get three weeks’ vacation, one week sick time, two perfect attendance days and a birthday holiday.’ Zachary says ‘Wow I forgot all about that.’ We have a good workout knowing we will not get here again till next Monday. Sebastian comes in while we are on the treadmills and waves to both of us. We all shower at the same time and are getting dressed when Sebastian wishes me a Merry Christmas and I do the same to him. Sebastian then asks ‘Jared do you have a son named Charlie by any chance?’ I answer ‘I have a nephew named Charlie. Why do you ask? Were you a patient of his?’ Sebastian says ‘No my oldest son is friends with him, they and a few other friends are going skiing for the New Year.’ I say ‘That sounds like fun. Charlie is a great guy he is very dedicated to his profession.’ Sebastian says ‘Oh I don’t know I haven’t met him.’ With that I say ‘I got to get going and you guys have to get to work. Have a good day.’ Zachary says ‘Bye.’ I leave and on my way through the parking lot I think Sebastian is a great Dad and these are guys what if they were girls the poor boyfriends that poor daughter of his. I went home started laundry made the bed and put on coffee. I picked up Anthony and we went shopping and you think it was a Sunday with the amount of stuff we had. I dropped him off and then he came over for coffee once he unloaded his groceries. I told him what was going on with Charlie and he laughed. Anthony says ‘You never finished telling me about meeting up with your boss at the Plaza.’ I laughed ‘Oh yeah everything has been crazy with hunting and the holidays coming. Basically he knows we are a couple. He advises us to keep it under wraps because of the harassment and bullying. He has a brother who is gay so he knows how much intolerance doesn’t work in the workplace. I am not management there is nothing that states that Zachary and I can’t stop working together or getting married unless someone complains. Even that is hard to prove.’ Anthony says ‘That is great are you guys going to get married?’ I answer ‘To be honest we really haven’t discussed it.’ Anthony asks ‘How was hunting?’ I answer ‘I didn’t tell you we got two bucks. All four of us shot two in each one. Good thing DJ and Zachary were there it would have damn near killed me to drag the two of them out.’ Anthony says ‘DJ and Zachary had no problem with hunting. I know Zachary wasn’t keen on going.’ I laugh ‘They both had quite a workout but it wasn’t till later that I had to talk to them.’ I explained to him about the doe and fawn and how they pictured it as what we see in stories and the movies. The circle of life goes on. I say ‘In all honesty I don’t know if they will continue to hunt after I stop or am gone.’ Then I showed him Stephen’s play. Anthony laughed ‘The boy reminds me so much of me it isn’t funny. It has to be your influence on us.’ I answer ‘Or could just be our genes.’ Anthony asks ‘Do you need help cleaning the shrimp? Remember I know how to do it.’ I answer ‘An extra set of hands is always welcome. Be here at 9:00.’ Anthony has to leave he has a few things to do before little Ant’s Christmas program. I go over my list and make sure I have everything done. I decide to walk and meet the school bus it should be here by 12:30. I let Maria and Andrea know I am meeting the bus. Maria tells me Stephen has to come right over they have cookies to finish up. I think that is good that will give me some alone time with Zachary after I get him from work. The bus arrives just as I get there and I watch the all the kids get out you can feel their excitement for the upcoming vacation and holiday. Eric and Stephen get off and they are carrying a lot of stuff. Stuart is behind them saying goodbye to his friends. They spot me and smile and say Hi. Stephen says ‘Eric says no school for 11 days. Woo-hoo.’ I ask ‘What is all this stuff and they both answer ‘Things from our party and stuff we made.’ Stephen says ‘I have to go to Noni’s to finish making cookies then I will be over for supper.’ I say ‘Well why don’t you go home and change and I will bring you and take home whatever you want to bring for tonight.’ I’m walking with Stephen and the other two boys are walking behind us talking quietly and smiling, I’m assuming some Christmas plans. Andrea has snacks out for the older two while Stephen runs up and changes. He comes back down with his backpack filled kisses his Mom goodbye and we leave. I drop him off at Maria’s and take the backpack home. I have less than an hour before I have to get Zachary and I get things ready for a fast session downstairs. Zachary and I get in and I take him by the hand and bring him downstairs. I settle down on the small couch and he gets on my lap. I say ‘How was your day?’ He answers ‘Geez it was pandemonium in the morning then after lunch it dragged. I helped Hector set up for what he had to do Monday.’ I ask ‘Sebastian quiz you?’ Zachary laughs ‘Jared what a pain in the ass I feel sorry for his kids especially his daughter. Every time Hector was gone he would ask me about Charlie. I finally had to tell him I only met him twice. What about his Dad blah-blah. I told him I never met the guy. Finally Stanley tells him how Michael married and moved down south and never came back and if Jared and Anthony helped the nephew come up here and get settled he has to be a good person. After all he is a professional and works for UCONN. Geez what is he going to do when he finds out his son is gay.’ I laugh ‘Maybe send him back to Poland.’ Zachary says ‘Not funny this may be trouble for us.’ I say ‘Don’t worry he will be let go before Jim gets rid of either of us. Between you and me Jim told me last week that he is hiring one son for his Purchasing group and is trying to find a job for the other one in the shop. Now just on observing Sebastian he would bring one in with us but he is afraid that Sebastian would hover over him and make him crazy. He knows he is an old school Dad. Now kiss me before the phone starts ringing.’ Zachary giggles. I have missed having him on my lap. There was a time when it seemed he was never there now it seems it is only a few minutes at a time our lives have gotten so busy and hectic and there aren’t many times when we are alone. (Lol) I wanted this to be long lasting but I don’t think it will be. Zachary is tugging at my sweatshirt and he already has his off. He gets off my lap, stands up and drops his pants. He pulls me up off the couch and pulls my sweats off grabs me by my boner and leads me to the weight bench and pushes me down on the bench. Zachary grabs the Palmers lubes his ass and my boner and straddles me. Zachary leans forward and sticks his tongue down my throat. Meanwhile riding like mechanical bull. He jizzes all over my belly and chest and rubs it in my hair. I am nowhere near ready to cum and plan on enjoying the ride. Zachary is still hard and leaning on me both our stomachs are matted with his jizz. I am slowly stoking his hardon and can tell he is getting ready to cum again. His sweet ass is tightening around my cock. I’m getting close and I can’t hold back any longer now and as I shoot I see he is cumming again. Zachary collapses on me and we kiss long and slow. The both of us run up and jump in the shower and wash up fast knowing we will still shower again later. With nothing on except slippers we go down to the cellar and to get our clothes on straighten up. It is near four and still haven’t heard from Stephen. I grab a water and Zachary eggnog and sit at the island. Zachary again is on my lap and I ask ‘Are you all set for Christmas?’ Zachary answers ‘I sent my Dad his gifts two weeks ago and my grandparents did too now there is nothing here for him. Should I get him something?’ I ask ‘Then he is definitely coming?’ Zachary says ‘At this point more yes then no. He has already got his tickets.’ He will be here by ten in the morning on Christmas Eve if he is coming. Can you tell Andrea there will be one more for dinner?’ I say ‘That is great he is coming in a day early and there is plenty of room for one more in fact I will text her now.’ Andrea texts right back saying she is thrilled and there is plenty of room for him and she is very happy Maria will have him home. I ask ‘When is he going back?’ Zachary says ‘He has 6am flight on the December 26. He is going to work.’ Zachary says ‘You never answered my question there is nothing here for him on morning should I get him something?’ I say ‘Tomorrow go get a good bottle of wine or champagne he would like that. He can fly with that. Actually you don’t when we got the champagne for Christmas I also got some for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day we can always replace it.’ Zachary says ‘Are you sure we have enough for Christmas Eve and Christmas day and for us?’ I laugh and say ‘More than enough for Christmas and we have plenty of time before the New Year.’ I start nuzzling his neck as I go through the mail. Zachary just moans and says ‘It was nice being at the Plaza for all those days but if we go next Christmas it has to be earlier and for not that long it seems to me that we really haven’t enjoyed the holiday at home between work and hunting and getting things prepped.’ I say ‘See I enjoyed every moment being there and I can see your point, I have been home for the past few days where you had to work. So next year we will definitely do it the way you just said.’ The phone rings and it is Stephen. He says ‘Maria wants us to come for supper she has to get rid of all the leftovers she needs room for Christmas and she is not taking no for an answer and to be there in 15 minutes.’ I say ‘Let’s go now and help her get ready.’ We cross the street and go in, Mario is downstairs emptying out the refrigerator there and Zachary goes down to help him. I set the table with Stephen helping. We have barley soup, chicken cutlets, pork chops, carrots and some left over pasta and a big salad. Maria says ‘I have ot make room for leg of lamb to thaw and I want to get my sweet potato casserole and soup out of the way tomorrow. So I don’t have to go crazy Christmas Day except for making the lamb. Plus I have manicotti for an appetizer here in the freezer.’ I laugh and say ‘Hey I understand completely I’m doing the same I have all those shrimp and I have to make French toast for Christmas morning ahead plus I’m keeping milk for Andrea.’ Stephen is in his glory with the barley soup and Mario with his pasta. Mario being born in Italy will eat pasta everyday if he can. Whatever we don’t finish Maria insists we take home for Stephen tomorrow. I was going to object but knew better plus it would feed Zachary too. There was no dessert Maria says ‘Stephen you have been picking at the cookies that didn’t turn out right no more sweets today. Have eggnog when you get to your Papa’s.’ Stephen never gives her a hard time for that matter he doesn’t do it to anyone except for maybe Stuart. Then when he wasn’t looking she put four cookies in with our stuff for Zachary and him. We are leaving and Maria asks ‘When are you cleaning the shrimp?’ I reply ‘I am planning on nine. Anthony is coming over to help.’ Maria says ‘Zachary be here for 8:30 then and we will make the stuffing it needs to cool before you can stuff them.’ Zachary answers ‘Yes Noni.’ He and Stephen kiss her goodnight. On the way home Stephen asks ‘What is the stuffing for are we having turkey?’ Zachary says ‘For the shrimp you will see Christmas Eve. This year I have to learn how to make it since I eat them that way the most.’ Stephen says ‘Ok if you like them then I will.’ Zachary rubs his head and I just smile. We head inside and get settled they have two cookies each with eggnog. I ask ‘What are you watching tonight?’ Stephen answers ‘Christmas cartoons and the Petticoat train, Green Acres and the Hillbillies.’ Zachary says ‘Last year you didn’t like Green Acres.’ Stephen says ‘But DJ and I have been watching it so I like it. I say ‘Only thing Lisa knows how to make is hot cakes. The other show is Petticoat Junction’ Stephen says ‘Yeah and even those are bad they are always making fun of them. They look like yours Papa but I think they don’t taste the same. In this one she makes a fruit cake Papa it is funny and they have your Christmas lights everyone has them.’ I say ‘You have to tell Uncle Anthony he likes Green Acres and the Beverly Hillbillies too.’ Stephen says ‘He does! It must be shows guys like, Andrea tells me and DJ they are dumb.’ Zachary laughs ‘Maybe you are right.’ Stephen says ‘Zachary do you know that in Dennis the Menace and Father Knows Best, and The Nelsons they have the same lights that Papa uses outside.’ Zachary says ‘No I didn’t know that.’ Zachary winks at me. Stephen says ‘I showed DJ and they use either the big ones like outside or the little ones like on the trees.’ I say ‘How about getting your shower out of the way?’ Stephen says ‘I guess so. Woo-hoo no school for eleven days.’ He runs upstairs and Zachary gives me a fast kiss on the lips and rubs my ass and says ‘I wish he could stay this age forever.’ escort ankara I smile and kiss him back and follow Stephen upstairs. Stephen is naked his clothes piled in the bathroom he is looking out the window in his room at his house he is singing ‘Good King Wenceslas’ and knows most of the words. I say ‘You know that is one my favorite carols.’ Stephen says ‘I know my Mom told me and so did Zachary and I like it too.’ I say ‘Let’s get you in the shower.’ He runs and I get him in and he starts singing again. I help him with hair he gets anxious when his eyes start to burn. Zachary comes up with warm towels and Stephen says ‘Thanks swamp butt’ and runs into his room to get dressed. Zachary says ‘I heard him singing your favorite carol.’ I nod and grab him and give him a deep kiss. Stephen is still singing and Zachary gets in the shower hard and I give his boner a fast lick and squeeze. Stephen ran up with warm towels for Zachary and I hear laughing. Stephen comes down singing ‘Good King Wenceslas’ again. I ask ‘What was all the laughing about?’ Stephen says ‘Zachary says ‘I took over most of his drawers in his bureau he couldn’t find his sweats they were buried under my clothes. I told him he has that whole big bureau none of my things are in that I’m too short. But Papa I did sneak some things in the bottom drawer.’ I laugh. We start watching Green Acres I have to admit it is funny. As we get near the end Stephen yells ‘Papa look there are the lights and hey they have the same thing on the top of their tree like we have in our classroom.’ I think this kid is going to be a Christmas fanatic like me. Zachary comes down and they start watching Petticoat Junction and it is time for my shower. I say to the both of them ‘While you guys are on vacation you should straighten out those bureaus in your room. You can put some clothes in my room if there isn’t enough space.’ Without looking at me I get a ‘Yes Papa’ and a ‘Yes Jared.’ I roll my eyes and go upstairs to shower. I shower and Stephen is waiting with warm towels. He says ‘Papa hurry you have to come down I need to show you something.’ I say ‘Okay and still take my time getting dressed. Downstairs I hear them talking and laughing Zachary is imitating Lisa from Green Acres. I go down and ask ‘What do you have to show me?’ Stephen says ‘Look they have the same ornaments as you do. They really are old.’ I say ‘Ha I never noticed that before.’ But then again I was never a big fan of Petticoat Junction. I watched a little TV with them then told them goodnight and went up to bed. They followed not long after. I heard singing on his way upstairs the two took turns going to the bathroom and said goodnight. Stephen comes in looks at the tree then at me and smiles and climbs into bed. Stephen says ‘Papa I feel funny.’ I ask ‘Sick funny or excited funny?’ Stephen says ‘Papa I feel all warm and kind of happy inside.’ I say ‘I think that is because Christmas is coming. You are getting older and enjoying and understanding it more.’ I could see the wheels turning in his mind. Stephen says ‘I think you are right Papa because last year after I was here for that long time I got a sick feeling too all over I missed you that much and my Dad told me that I was sad because I missed you and everyone else. So I guess it is when you are happy too. Papa I can’t wait.’ I say ‘I’m glad I hope you will always feel like this.’ Stephen says ‘Are you excited Papa?’ I say ‘I always am for Christmas ever since I was your age. I always liked it; soon there was Uncle Anthony to share it with and now you and Zachary. Of course your Mom and Uncle Chris when they were little.’ Stephen says ‘Wow you have had a lot of Christmas’s.’ I chuckled ‘Yeah I guess you can say that. It’s getting late let’s get to sleep.’ Stephen says ‘Ok love you Papa.’ I answer ‘Love you too.’ I am up at 5:30 but stay in bed for another hour listening to Stephen sleep and listening to Zachary’s whistle. According to my phone it is 25 degrees out and they are still calling for snow for Christmas morning. I decided that I was going to make oatmeal for breakfast with blueberries and English muffins if anyone wanted them. I would let Zachary sleep till eight seeing he has to be at Maria’s for 8:30. I would let Stephen sleep as long as he wants. It was now 6:00 and I couldn’t stay in bed any longer. Up and dressed I went down and got on the treadmill and did nearly forty- five minutes I put coffee on and ran up to take a fast shower. I checked and neither one of them moved in all that time and I made the oatmeal and put on some Christmas music. I went upstairs near eight and Stephen was still sleeping and I went in to wake Zachary. I kissed him awake and he smiled and says ‘I feel like Sleeping Beauty being awakened by my Prince Charming.’ I put my finger in my mouth like I was going to gag and he laughed. I told him get up and get dressed and I tell him there is oatmeal but I am sure Maria will want to feed you. I slap him on the butt and leave and look in again on Stephen still sleeping. Zachary comes down dressed and ready to go across the street to Maria’s. I get the shrimp out of the fridge and get bowls out for them. We have a lot to clean but with the two of us doing it we should be done in ninety minutes if even that long it is only 25lbs. I bought another 5lbs last week in BJ’s that were already cleaned and deveined I wanted to see how they were they weren’t that much more then what I had paid at fish market for the ones we had to clean. Zachary grabbed a tangerine sat on my lap while he ate it. Anthony knocked at the door and came him. Zachary was going to get up and I held him fast on my lap. Anthony smiled and says ‘I’m early but I knew you would be up.’ Then with a sneer says ‘Am I interrupting anything?’ I laugh ‘If you were the door wouldn’t have been unlocked.’ Zachary gets up and says ‘See you guys in a little bit.’ He grabs his coat kisses me, nudges Anthony and leaves. Anthony says ‘Oooh domestic bliss.’ I say ‘Fuck off you are just jealous.’ He answers ‘You are right. Becky and the boys are all still sleeping I was lucky to get a kiss when I left.’ I ask ‘Are oyu hungry? Do you want coffee?’ Anthony says ‘I will eat with you after we finish and I just want water for now.’ One last time I run up and check Stephen he is sleeping soundly and I check to see if he has a fever or anything. As I am feeling his forehead he wakes up and says ‘Morning.’ I tell him ot come down when he is ready and of course he is right behind me. I give him a bowl of oatmeal and a tangerine and some milk. I put the Christmas music on and we started cleaning the shrimp. Anthony was as fast as I was and we were making good time. We will be done in less than an hour. There was an instrumental version of ‘Good King Wenceslas’ playing and Stephen began to sing it and Anthony joined in. I was amazed they knew all the verses. Anthony says ‘You know that is your Papa’s.’ Before he could finish Stephen says ‘I know that is why I like it my Mom and Zachary told me. Papa says that it is yours too.’ I say ‘Stephen tell Uncle Anthony what you watched last night.’ Stephen says ‘We watched Green Acres, the Hillbillies with the Petticoat train and some cartoons. You know Zachary and DJ make fun of the way Lisa talks she is ‘shoosting’ everything.’ Anthony roars and says ‘What about her hot cakes?’ Stephen answers ‘You know sometimes they make me hungry when I see them but then no one can eat them. Hey do you know that they have the same Christmas lights like Papa and so does Dennis, Ozzie and Harriet, a lot of the other ones too. They even have some of the ornaments Papa has and the tree topper that is in my classroom.’ Anthony says ‘I know and how did you like her fruitcake?’ Stephen laughs ‘She just threw the fruit in it. Then everyone ran home when she brought it out to eat.’ Anthony asks ‘Are you getting excited about Christmas?’ Stephen answers ‘Yeah is Anthony?’ Anthony answers ‘He is and his brother’s keep telling him, he better watch out Santa can still not bring anything.’ Stephen says ‘Yeah there are some kids on the bus that say there is no Santa and my friend Jacob is getting scared. But Eric said those guys are tools. Papa they are Stuart’s friends. I told Jacob not to worry my brother Stuart can be a tool too.’ Anthony laughs ‘I guess everyone has a Michael.’ Stephen says ‘Who is Michael? Anthony answers ‘That is Charlie’s dad and your Papa’s and mine brother. He is always a tool.’ Stephen says ‘Papa?’ I say ‘Your Uncle Anthony is correct. Don’t you remember from my home movies I have another brother you have watched them enough.’ Stephen says ‘Yeah I forgot. Can we watch them after you finish the shrimp?’ Anthony says ‘I will with you.’ Without looking I know Stephen is beaming. We are finished in forty-five minutes, there are three bowls one for frying, one for stuffing and the last bowl of the shrimp I bought at BJ’s. We sit and eat our oatmeal. I ask ‘What are you doing today? Anthony says ‘I was going to go to the cemetery. Now that I live closer I go every few weeks or at least when once a month. It kind of makes up for the years I lived farther from here.’ I say ‘Do you mind some company I haven’t gotten there since we put down the Christmas pillows.’ Anthony says ‘I would like it.’ I say ‘Okay after you watch the movies with Stephen we can go.’ The two of them are talking and laughing watching the movies. I Hear Stephen ask ‘Uncle Anthony do you miss seeing Papa every day?’ Anthony answers ‘Sometimes but I have my work, family, and things can get pretty busy at times and now that I live down here now we go shopping every Sunday. Why?’ Stephen says ‘When Zachary and him were away I missed them a lot but DJ and me did things and the school play. So I didn’t miss him that much and I still get to sleep here on weekends.’ Anthony says ‘When I was your age the same thing happened, you go to school you make friends and want to do things with them and at the same time I wanted to do things with Jared. The two of us still slept together every night so it wasn’t like I didn’t see him but there were days that was the only time we saw each other.’ Stephen asks ‘Was Papa mad at you.’ Anthony says ‘Oh no not at all. You see he started working where he does now and was going out with friends and I was starting to play Little League. Jared came to my practices when he could and my games and would help me when he could with my chores and every night we talked in bed.’ Stephen says ‘Oh.’ Without being in the room I knew the wheels were turning and so did Anthony. Anthony says ‘Stephen you are getting older and are going to make friends and do things Jared isn’t going to be mad if you do and neither will DJ they both love you and want you to do things.’ Stephen says ‘How do you know?’ Anthony says ‘I asked my Mom and Dad and they told me and they were right.’ Stephen says ‘Okay that’s good.’ I yell from the kitchen ‘Are the movies over?’ They answer and I say ‘Okay let’s get going Stephen if you don’t want to come to the cemetery you can stay at Maria’s till we come back.’ Stephen says ‘I’m coming. I’m going to get dressed.’ Zachary came in with a bowl of stuffing and went up to help Stephen. I turn to Anthony and say ‘You never told me that.’ Anthony says ‘I felt guilty and at the same time I was hurt that you weren’t around that much anymore. First I asked Ma and she says that it was all part of growing up and there wasn’t anything to worry about it will all work out Dad on the other hand.’ I stopped him and say ‘Geez I can just imagine.’ Anthony says ‘No he says Anthony what are you worrying about Jared has to work and I know for a fact you are like a son to him he loves you a lot now go weed the garden.’ I laugh and say ‘The two of us did get the best side of him. I know he loved all of us.’ Anthony finishes ‘But we were his favorites I heard him tell Mommy once the oldest and the youngest are our shining moments the other three will put us in a home without hesitating and they both laughed like crazy.’ The other two came downstairs with dirty clothes in their hands and Zachary started laundry and we left. We stopped at my wife’s and Zachary’s Mom’s graves first. Stephen I noticed took Zachary’s hand; Anthony noticed too and nudged me. When we go to our parents Anthony got quiet and I tried to keep things light by cleaning around the stone and Stephen kept the conversation moving along. On the way back Stephen asked ‘Uncle Anthony do you use the same Christmas lights as Papa?’ Anthony says ‘On the tree in the house but on the outside I use the mini lights. But I’m going to look on line to try to buy some for next year.’ Stephen says ‘Do it they are the best and easy to see the bad ones. They don’t shoost out like the little ones.’ We all laugh. Anthony doesn’t stay for lunch and tells us he will see us tomorrow night for dinner. When we get home Zachary and I get busy with our weekend chores that we won’t be doing changing sheets, cleaning bathrooms, etc. DJ calls and asks Stephen to come home he needs him to wrap presents. Stephen asks ‘Papa can I sleep here tonight? Please.’ I answer ‘It is up to your parents. If they say it is okay you can.’ Stephen grabs his backpack with his movies and I walk him home. Sr. and Andrea have everything under control we decide we will try to eat for 5:30 so there is no rushing. The two youngest are Stephen and little Anthony and they are five. The boys set the table downstairs and everything is set except for the cooking and between Maria and I we gave her a time schedule as when to start things. Basically everything has to be kept warm everything is coming prepared except for the stuffed shrimp and boiling of the angel hair pasta. Stephen asks ‘Ma can I sleep over Papa’s again and maybe DJ too?’ I say ‘Whoa hold on there, ankara escort bayan Bucko when did DJ get into this?’ I wink at DJ letting him know I am not serious. Stephen says ‘Papa he likes staying there too and him and I can stay together I haven’t done anything with him in a couple of days.’ I say ‘Okay that will be fine.’ DJ says ‘I can’t there is a Christmas dance at the high school tonight that I wanted to go to. But Stephen we have ten days to be together and I promise one or two of those nights I will stay with you at Papa’s but we can be together here also. My workouts are early and not every day.’ Surprisingly Stephen says ‘Okay, now Ma can I stay at Papa’s tonight?’ Andrea says ‘Okay if it is okay with your Papa.’ I say ‘Fine I will see you later on this afternoon or at supper.’ I head back home happy I am going to get some time alone with Zachary. We change the sheets, vacuum floors, laundry, straighten up and clean the bathrooms. I take him by the hand and lead him downstairs I sit on the couch and he gets on my lap. I say ‘If my calculations are right we have at least two hours before the phone rings.’ Zachary laughs and kisses me deeply. He says ‘We have done it in every room of the house except the office and attic.’ It feels good to hold him and even though I am horny as hell I am very content at the moment. Zachary says ‘The only thing that would be better this Christmas is if Chris and his family were here. I am really enjoying it this year. My Dad is coming home and Andrea and Anthony and their families are here and we don’t have to travel or go anywhere if we don’t want everyone is here.’ I say ‘Chris feels bad but the girls with their gymnastics aren’t getting that much time off. I told them we would go down for a weekend when they have a big match. I do miss my granddaughters and my son. I haven’t seen them since two Thanksgiving’s ago and DJ’s graduation.’ Zachary is nestled in my arms and I am rubbing his upper arm. I lift his head up to kiss him. Zachary lets out his familiar moan. I take off his shirt and lick his neck and work my way down to his nipples. He is not as hairy as me but will be in a few years what use to be a cute treasure trail is expanding to cover his entire stomach even the hair on his pecs is expanding. Zachary always had very hairy legs and ass. You would think between the hairiness and the build he was blood. I am rubbing the inside of his thighs and the moans and sighs are getting louder. He starts to shimmy out of his sweats and before you know he is naked except for his white socks. He then starts to undress me and once that is done gets the Palmer’s and lubes himself and me and lays back down. I enter him and he whimpers and calls my name. I always try not to rush this but there are times that Zachary wants it hard and fast. (Ah Youth)He is whispering for me to go faster. I obey his orders and I feel his ass tighten as shoots a load between our stomachs. I slow down so he can catch his breath and I am taking long deep strokes. He is getting hard again and the moaning is stating again. Zachary is biting and sucking on my neck I know there will be a ‘love bite’ it is winter and I will be able to hide it. I give him one in return and it sends him through the roof he loves getting his neck sucked on. My strokes are getting faster and I can feel my own orgasm rising and I am trying to wait for him to cum again. Just as I thought I couldn’t wait any longer I feel his ass tightening on me again and he starts to jizz I fill him with my own. We lay there holding each other and kissing I stay in him till I soften and with a pop I am out. We run upstairs to the bathroom and I jump into the shower while he sits on the bowl. When he finished he joins me and we wash each other. We throw the same clothes on minus underwear and go downstairs. The ‘love bites’ aren’t that bad and the hoodies hides them on both of us I grab a coffee and him eggnog and he is on my lap. I ask ‘What should I make for supper?’ Zachary says ‘In the next few days we will be eating almost everything. Let’s do turkey burgers, baked beans and a salad there won’t be any leftovers.’ I say ‘That is perfect it is kind of light and healthy. Now breakfast tomorrow I figure oatmeal and English muffins there will be big breakfasts for the next week or so.’ Zachary says ‘No muffins for me I think will stick with fruit.’ As I rub his flat stomach I say ‘Yeah like you are putting on weight.’ Zachary says ‘Hey I plan on gorging on cookies and what not till New Years and you should do the same.’ I laugh ‘Are you calling me fat? I don’t have the sweet tooth you and Stephen have but then again I have that gingerbread house.’ Zachary says ‘No you are not fat but I know you are health conscious.’ I say ‘We should get supper started it is after four, I’m surprised Stephen hasn’t called.’ Zachary says ‘Maybe he is doing things with DJ.’ Just then the house phone rings and we both laugh. Zachary goes out to meet him and help him cross the street. I hear him singing as they come up the stairs to the back deck. I yell to start the grill while they are out there. Stephen comes in and says ‘Papa what are we eating?’ I answer ‘Turkey burgers, beans and a salad.’ Stephen says ‘Oh I thought maybe rigatoni with ricotta.’ I laugh ‘There will be stuff shells and manicotti tomorrow night.’ Zachary comes in and says ‘There are a couple of bulbs out. Where are the spares?’ Stephen says ‘I will get them let me help and we should go check Noni’s and Mario’s.’ They both take off again. The salad and beans are finished and I’m waiting for them before I put on the burgers. While they are outside Stephen says ‘Zachary I’m glad you live with Papa?’ Zachary asks ‘Why?’ Stephen says ‘Cuz this way Papa isn’t alone, I have to go school and so does DJ and DJ says you and Papa are real close like brothers so it is good that you stay here. You and I are like brothers right?’ Zachary answers ‘Stephen I think all of you guys are my brothers and I do like living here with Jared.’ Stephen beamed ‘Good we are thinking the same things.’ Zachary hugged Stephen as they crossed the streets to the grandparents. Stephen started singing ‘Good King Wenceslas’ again as they were looking for burned out bulbs. Maria came out and says ‘I thought I heard someone caroling.’ Stephen says ‘Noni it was only me we are checking for burned out bulbs.’ Noni asks ‘Did you find any?’ Stephen says ‘No but upstairs in my room there is a candle out.’ Maria says ‘Thanks I will take care of it. Do you boys want to come in for something?’ Stephen says ‘We can’t we have to go home for supper Papa is waiting. Thank you.’ Zachary says ‘Goodnight Noni I will see you tomorrow.’ They both kiss her and cross the street. Jared hears the two of them singing and goes out to meet them and put the burgers on the grill. He says ‘Wash up and set the island please.’ They both just nod still singing. When I get back in I ask ‘How many bulbs were out?’ Stephen says ‘Two blue, one red, one green. Noni had none out except for a candle in a window.’ Ask ‘Did you check my candles?’ Stephen says ‘No I will go do it now.’ He runs upstairs from room to room then down here. Stephen announces ‘You are okay.’ I go out and get the burgers and come back in and we sit and eat. I ask ‘What movies did you bring tonight?’ Stephen says ‘Your old movies.’ I laugh and say ‘You just watched them this morning with Anthony.’ He answers ‘So.’ Zachary says ‘Anything else?’ Stephen answers I got ‘The Bishop’s Wife’ for you swamp butt and ‘The Honeymooners’ for Papa and ‘The Homecoming’ for me. Zachary says ‘Thanks that is Noni’s and mine favorite Christmas movie.’ Stephen says ‘I know that.’ I ask ‘Does DJ need a ride to the dance? Stephen says ‘Dad is taking him and two friends then another Dad is bringing them home. I told him he better not have any ‘love bites’. I’m gonna check Papa.’ Zachary choked. I say ‘What did DJ say?’ Stephen answers ‘He laughed and says don’t worry about it.’ Zachary asks ‘What did you do while you were home?’ Stephen says ‘DJ and I had to wrap some presents and we helped Eric and Stuart with some. You know Papa Stuart is okay sometime. Then we ate lunch and then DJ and I watched ‘Elf’ and both of us fell asleep watching ‘The Santa Clause 2′. You know Papa DJ says I got a pretty nice tree Papa did a good job getting it. Thanks Papa I’m not taking it down for a long time.’ I say ‘Stephen you can’t leave it up too long only for the fact that it will start to get funny because of the snow on it. I would say only till the end of January just like we do with the one in my bedroom.’ Stephen looked disappointed. I say ‘After we eat I will show you on the calendar. You will see it is over a month that you will have it.’ We clean up after dinner and neither one want dessert but I bring out the gingerbread house and Stephen is amazed then shocked when I break off a piece to eat. I give him a piece and he likes it. I say ‘You need milk or coffee to dunk it in.’ He and Zachary have a good piece. Then they go watch the first movie. I sit there nibbling on gingerbread making my list and time schedule. When the first movie is over I take Stephen up to shower. He is in the Christmas mode singing and dancing. Zachary comes up to shower and they whack each other on the butt as they pass each other. After Zachary showers I shower when I come back down they are watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ it is playing on TV then they watch the Grinch cartoon. I say ‘Hey guys I’m going to bed everything is locked up.’ Stephen says ‘But Papa you didn’t watch ‘The Honeymooners.’ I answer ‘We can watch it after breakfast don’t stay up too late.’ We say goodnight and I head up to bed. I wasn’t in bed that long when I heard them come up Stephen went into the bathroom first and Zachary came in and sat in the bed and kissed me goodnight. We listened for the toilet to flush and the sink then Zachary got up and left. I could hear the two of them laugh and say goodnight. Stephen climbs into bed and turns toward me and whispers ‘One more morning and it will be Christmas.’ I say ‘I know.’ Then he says ‘Papa we will all be home together for ten days.’ I answer ‘Just about.’ I say ‘You know if your friend Jacob or anyone else wants you to do something with them you should do it if you want to. Do you know what I am saying?’ Stephen quietly says ‘Yeah Papa me and Uncle Anthony talked about this, this morning. I guess it happens.’ I had to think hard how I was going to answer this. I say ‘Stephen I will never say to you that I don’t want to see you or any of my grandsons or do anything with you unless I have to work. But I also don’t want you to feel you have to spend all your free time with me if you want to do something else. A good case DJ went to is dance tonight that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like us or want to spend time with us, he has other friends too just like Eric and Stuart with their clubs and friends. You get what I’m saying.’ Stephen says ‘I guess you want me to do whatever I want to do.’ I say ‘Exactly, I don’t want you not to do something with DJ, or Eric or even Jacob because you think I will feel bad.’ Stephen says ‘Ok but I will probably be here most of my vacation.’ I laugh and say ‘Ok if that is what you want, I love you grandson.’ Stephen says ‘I love you too Papa.’ He rolls over and I and I put my arms around him. I think this one will always be close maybe even closer than DJ. We both sleep through the night without getting up. Of course I am wide awake at five and will myself to stay in bed. Finally I decide to get up at near six and get on the treadmill for at least forty-five minutes. I go up and put coffee on and make oatmeal and get out some frozen blueberries and strawberries so Zachary can make a salad or a smoothie. Check on both of them and neither one has moved. I watch the weather they are calling for mood snow tonight with little or no accumulation but two days from now they are calling for a major event. I go up and shower after I finish cooking and will let them sleep till eight. A little after eight I go up and wake up Zachary first and after a few minutes of making out and manhandling him I go and wake up Stephen. Stephen sits right up and says ‘Papa its Christmas Eve.’ I say ‘It certainly is.’ He gets up goes and pees and then goes in to see Zachary. I hear him telling him to get up its Christmas Eve. Zachary asks ‘Why?’ Stephen says ‘I don’t know it’s just that it is Christmas Eve.’ Zachary tells him he will down in a minute. At the island Stephen is singing and Zachary is just watching him. I ask ‘What are you guys going to do today?’ Zachary says ‘My chores.’ Stephen says ‘I’ll help you both with them and then we can watch TV.’ I laugh and ask ‘Do you both have all your presents and everything wrapped?’ Stephen says ‘DJ and I finished yesterday.’ Zachary says ‘I hope I am finished.’ Then Zachary gets a text and says ‘My Dad will be here in thirty minutes he is just leaving the airport. I better get a move on.’ Stephen says ‘Your Dad is coming home for Christmas.’ Zachary says ‘It is a surprise for Noni and Poppi.’ I say ‘Go get ready, Stephen and I will do your chores. Won’t we?’ Stephen says ‘Yeah go clean your swamp butt.’ Stephen and I make my bed and Zachary makes his own then Stephen swifter’s the floors upstairs and I get clothes ready for the wash once he gets changed. Zachary leaves to go across the street and Stephen stays by the window to watch for Dan. Not long after Stephen yells ‘Papa he’s here, come look.’ We watch as Dan gets out and grabs his bag and before he can get on the porch Maria and Mario are out the door. Maria is hugging him and you can see she is crying. Stephen whispers ‘I think Noni is really happy.’ I answer ‘Yes I think so.’ JJ I want to thank everyone for their great emails and messages without them us writers don’t know if we are doing our job or not. Feel to free to write, comment, or question to [ ail ] EVERYONE YOU KNOW THE DRILL WITHOUT YOUR DONATIONS NIFTY WILL NOT SURVIVE. PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN!!!!